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Chuwi’s SurBook Indiegogo Campaign (Updated)

Chuwi’s SurBook Indiegogo Campaign (Updated)

Update: The SurBook campaign is now live here.

Edit: The Indiegogo page is in draft mode. My order was refunded. Chuwi told me they have some issues with the crowdfunding page and they will launch it again as soon as possible once they sort out everything. I’ll let you know when it’s live again. Seems like it wasn’t quite ready.

Chuwi also said in the email that if you subscribe with your email on their Surbook page you’ll get a lower price offer or some sort of perk (No idea what it is)

Chuwi’s Indiegogo campaign has kicked off for the Apollo Lake N3450 6GB Surface Pro 4 style 2-in-1. It’s starting from $299 which gets you the 64GB version and $399 or the 128GB version with keyboard and stylus. The type cover style keyboard is backlit and the tablet has a kickstand and two full sized USB 3.0 ports with a USB 3.1 type-c port. And the screen is the Surface Pro 4’s 12.3″ panel, a premium 2736 x 1824 IPS screen.

The SurBook looks great, I just wish they offered a Core M3-7Y30 version of it. Hopefully, that will come in the future. Funny how they call it powerful, but it has an Apollo Lake, it’s adequate for light tasks as I’ve seen in the Chuwi Hi13, powerful I would say if it had a Kaby Lake i5 or i7.

The Indiegogo Chuwi SurBook page is here.

So far only 3 orders/backers and one of those is me 🙂

(Thanks David for the Tip)

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  1. Wednesday 24 May Indiegogo campaign page is online here:

    Says that it a preview page, at the moment. Waiting for the 17.00 China time to go live, I guess.

  2. Hi again Chris. Would an i3-4020Y Surface Pro 3 still be a good purchase or is the surbook better? Found a surface for a decent price so I am conflicted.

  3. Would a surface pro 4 screen protector fit this?

    • It should, but the bezels might be a little bigger. So not a perfect fit.

  4. I wonder if upcoming products from the big name brands will be prices similar and give competition? eg, Asus Vivobook Flip 12…

    • The Flipbook looked interesting until I saw 1366 x 768 and 2GB starting RAM option.

  5. what about internal SSD slot?
    what about battery?
    is a pogo datachable notebook style keyboard available as well?
    what about dual os support (eventual bios limit) ?

    • Not sure on the M.2 slot if it has it, so far the only tablet that does is the Teclast X3 Plus. The battery is 37Wh / 10000mah like the Hi13 and no dual OS. The keyboard is a pogo pin magnet clip in style like a Surface pro 3 type cover

      • is there any hind about a possible mixed compatibility with other keyboard-dock from Chuwi?
        I find the kickstand unconvenient to type on while the couch, on the train, etc

  6. Page is not/no longer available 🙁
    I want to be a backer too 😀

    • Got a message they refund us and it’s coming back soon, asap. Apparently, it wasn’t meant to be live yet!

      • Hehe, most probably!
        BTW, how is the early-bird price?

      • My guess is that they set the price too low, as the crowd-funding page was very well laid out & certainly not a draft version.
        A couple of comments on the Chuwi facebook say….’the price has not settled down. Stay tuned.’ Also it looks like a week delay, according to a comment on the Chuwi forum.
        What does this mean?
        They may have finally got all the manufacturing quotes added up. Maybe the real price will $100 more for the 128GB model & smaller increases on the other packages. The pen will be an optional extra, and an increased price for the back-lit keyboard.

      • I just got an e-mail from Chuwi. The indiegogo campaign goes live on the 24th of May at 17:00 Beijing time.
        64GB SurBook 299$ or 128Gb 349$. But sadly Apollo N3450, no core M…

  7. Chuwi has really disappointed me with their lack of upgrade.

    1) They gave the Hi12 a little insignificant bump from a z8300 -> z8350
    2) They didn’t give upgrade options to the Hi13 (only 4gb of ram it’s unacceptable in 13″ devices IMHO).
    4) Now with the “Surface Pro4” Clone, they could’ve gone with a Skylake (widely available) & 8GB of Ram, I know 6GB is better than no upgrade at all…but still… 🙁

    I prefer to pay $500.00 for a Skylake i5 (I would even take the i3 over a Celeron aka “another name for the Atom”) & 8GB of Ram. I think they would have made more money going that route.

    I’m sorry I sound a little sour, but I really wanted them to succeed more than they are now. Also, cause I just returned my Hi13 for a defected Graphics Chip which was getting unusually warm with browsing and working on documents only and also glitches a lot. I also sold my Hi12 because of the terrible Stylus writing. They somewhat fixed the stylus with the Hi13, but unfortunately I can’t hang around waiting for Chuwi to make the proper tablet. I really needed one TODAY…
    So, I ended up getting an used Surface Pro 3 in great conditions for $350.00.

    • I think they really need a Core M3 model and this should have been it.

  8. I would probably consider this if it came with a Core M3. I just picked up an Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 for $474 anyway. Wife would kill me if I got something else so soon, so I can wait for the M3 version. The Switch was a refurb, but has an i5-6200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 2160×1440 12″ screen. Also came with backlit keyboard and stylus. I couldn’t resist.

    • I see quite many refurbished Acer available on Amazon.

      Would you go for one of those instead of a Chuwi?

      Around 500 bucks for the Acer, I wonder what would be the end price considering taxes and stuff for the Chuwi…

      I’d like to buy in the next few days or weeks…

      Thanks a lot!

  9. All I see is
    “Chuwi SurBook: Affordable 2-in-1 Intel PC Tablet” is currently being updated.
    Please check back later and show your support.

    • The page was definitely up a couple hours ago, looks like it’s been taken down for some reason.

    • It was running OK with all the specs of the tablet & keyboard, but the site did not update properly when someone ordered the tablet. I guess their order details were stored OK, but the info was not showing on the site afterwards for very long.

  10. No mention of an M2 slot, so maybe it is inside and the back will have to be removed to get at it.
    Still an excellent travel device & powerful enough for most tasks, IMHO….just not actually ‘powerful’, as you rightly say.

  11. Looks like you bought the 64GB model with the keyboard/stylus Chris? 😀

    Any idea if this device will have a spare M.2 slot? Couldn’t find anything about it in the specs listed on IndieGogo

  12. Any clue about taxes?

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