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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Launched: An Affordable Laptop for Work & Entertainment

Update: Online retailer site Geekbuying has confirmed they will ship with the same CPU as the Mi Notebook Pro, the Core i5 8250U and i7 8550U 9th Genquadc-core CPUs. This is disappointing news, the only reason to go now for this notebook over the Mi Notebook Pro models is for the upgradable RAM and cheaper price. The i5 model will be selling on Geekbuying for $729. After the refresh to the Mi Gami...[Read More]

Xiaomi Notebook Pro Official – 15.6″, i7-8550U, MX150 & 16GB RAM

Remember those Xiaomi Geekbench 4.0 benchmarks that showed up with a Core i7 8550U and 16GB of RAM? Well turns out it was the new Xiaomi 15.6″ laptop. The Xiaomi Notebook Pro. This great looking laptop features a Quad-Core Gen 8 CPU, up to 16GB of RAM dual channel RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage. The new laptop uses the same dedicated Nvidia MX150 GPU as the 2017 Mi Notebook Air13.3″ ...[Read More]

Mi Notebook Air 13 Refresh Review Online

I’ve had the Mi Notebook Air 13 revised 2017 edition for a week now. If you weren’t aware, Xiaomi upgraded it to the latest CPU and GPU. It now sports the Kaby Lake series of CPU’s, either an i5 7200U or i7 7500U (i7 model not out yet) and Nvidia MX150 Pascal GPU with 2GB DDR5 RAM, the GPU is basically the Nvidia 1030. And then a ELAN fingerprint reader now located in the touchpa...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017) Review

Xiaomi’s notebook line the Mi Notebook Air 13 & 12 series got a refresh in June this year. The Mi Notebook Air 13.3 version now comes with a Kaby Lake i5 7200U which translates in my testing to around 14% more CPU performance in Geekbench 4or a Core i7 7500U which is slightly faster again. And a new Nvidia MX150 dedicated GPU with 2GB of Samsung DDR5 RAM. This GPU is based on the newest ...[Read More]

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