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Xiaomi Notebook Pro Official – 15.6″, i7-8550U, MX150 & 16GB RAM

Xiaomi Notebook Pro Official – 15.6″, i7-8550U, MX150 & 16GB RAM

Remember those Xiaomi Geekbench 4.0 benchmarks that showed up with a Core i7 8550U and 16GB of RAM? Well turns out it was the new Xiaomi 15.6″ laptop. The Xiaomi Notebook Pro. This great looking laptop features a Quad-Core Gen 8 CPU, up to 16GB of RAM dual channel RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage. The new laptop uses the same dedicated Nvidia MX150 GPU as the 2017 Mi Notebook Air13.3″ model does I reviewed, so expect some great performance from this and with the faster CPU. The build is full metal, slim with a large touchpad and full sized backlit keyboard. It’s only 1.95 kilos in weight which isn’t bad at all considering it’s larger than the other models and packs a 40% improved cooling system over the 13.3″ model. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get so hot to the touch.

Full specs:

  • 15.6″ 1080p Gorilla Glass 3 covered screen
  • 8 to 16GB of Dual Channel 2400Mhz RAM
  • 256GB to 1TB PCIe x 4 SSD
  • 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8550U or Core i5 8250U CPU
  • Improved dual CPU coolers
  • Nvidia MX150 dedicated GPU with 2GB DDR5 RAM
  • Full sized backlit keyboard
  • SD card slot
  • 2 x USB type-C gen2 ports
  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Full-size HDMI out
  • 60Wh battery with quick charge 50% charge in only 35 minutes.
  • Harman Infinity speaker with Dolby Atmos
  • Weighs in at 1.95 kilos and is 15.9mm thin.

Offical page for the Mi Notebook Pro.

I have to say this is looking great, shame they didn’t squeeze in a larger battery and Thunderbolt. Still, I will definitely be reviewing this one. The base i5 / 8GB model will sell for around $900 USD in China.

Some of the press tweets from Xiaomi from today’s launch.

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  1. Hey,
    Does anyone know where I can buy this laptop directly from China? I am going to China in few days, if I get any info regarding this it will be really helpful.


  2. seems to land around 1200 (8GBi5) 1300USD (8GBi7) to 1500USD (16GBi7) for people outside of China at nominel release.

    • It should be cheaper, just the prices, to begin with, are inflated. It will drop, just look at the Mi Notebook Air 13 2017 model. I paid $999 for mine and now it’s been as low as $789

  3. 900USD China price, aint that around 200USD higher then where MI air13 2017 landed at release., if you look purely at China prices, in regards to sense an average level where it will lay, when becomming available at some of the China dropshippers..
    in that regard it looks like 1050 to 1150USD laptop when we see it for sale.(but sounds promissing TT, that your planning on taking this one home), on some level hopefully we wont see Xiaomi again flood the YTmarket with review presamples on all the bigger channels and undermine your game, like we see on fx Xiaomi mix 2..(not sure if you tryed to take that home, but precurius that so manye have reviewed almost before it released and likely down to some US promotion..)

    but sounds promossing that they list added cooling 40% optimistions, as this Notebook pro are comming in way higher then all the other laptops carrying same quadchipset 8550U and dGPU.. the majority seems to land around 12k where Notebook pro scores now shows 16k in Geek4, (a bunch of new scores from TIMI1701) so does look like Xiaomi again are letting the effect role as 16k on 15w TDP quite impressiv, and kudos to that, if they can handle the heat,

    btw have just recived an new battery for my Xiaomi air13 skylake v2. but it actually a fraction bigger then stock one, it does state org MI brand ewen thow it painted over, but it is a china batteryproducent and not LG chem like original.
    but its with an capacity at 40w 5230mah and not 39w like the native.
    weird that my battery are already health-drain down to -16.1 % after only 1½ month. (spare batt costed just below 30USD, but havent tested it yet, but the feedback fom other seems solid.)

    • Well, I hope I can get my review out before all the free review units are sent out from Xiaomi. If they are sending them out for bias reviews then we might start seeing them next week.

      As for the Mi Mix 2 I have ordered one and it should be here next week, but it’s sad they give out those prerelease units making it harder for the little guys like me. But they are not proper reviews, just look at MKHDs’ it’s just an overview, no camera samples, no benchmarks, no battery life tests, not a lot really. Since I’ve bought my own unit, I’m free to speak my mind on the Mix 2 and the Mi notebook pro when it arrives. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it as those Geekbench 4 scores are crazy good. Not even my i7 7700HQ can get that and it’s a 45W CPU! The i7 8550U is only 15W, but it might just be better and short bursts.

      • I certainly hear you.
        And i do hope that some of the dropshippers like GB, BG or ewen just Xiaomi cherise the work for there productline.. at the end of the day it is techtablets name there is fluctating on Xiaomi own forums, where i again and again enconting users there funding views in techtablets work.
        just a few days ago it was also techtablets there was mention in a debate i started on miui.com about Mi air13 A05, A06, A07 bios and the differences on motherboards, where we where debating why the A07 fingerprint version performs so fast +3200mb with PM961 while the exact same drive tops out around 1850mb/s read and it was down to pictires of mothetboard from you that make it clear that there was differences on board where the slot above left left pci drive where suited with an new controller, perhaps new PCI controller.
        while on A05 version it
        On A05 (2016) was a dedicated slot, and A06 (version it was just empty space fitted ready for slot) while on A07 it was an new chip on that area (perhaps faster PCIcontroller). (but you need to have the different board revisions to sense the differences in the Mi air13 MB boards.
        by the way’ there is ewen indications that the newest revision of the skylakei5/940mx chipset being sold these weeks on GB are now fitted with also A07 bios& mb’board, so ,that model with last years chipset are now comming in around 3400/1600mb on the NVMe drive with an PM961 while A06 and that board (like mine revisions) could only manage 1850/1300 on a NVMe PM 961drive and a NVMe drive there in fact should be way faster and it looks like there is some bandwidth limitations in play on earlyer Mi air13 MBboards,.hence A05 and A06 board revisions..
        Either way Chris your workl and effort are noticed and being highlighted again and again ewen on xiaomi sites, so it would be on call that they priotise your work to some extend, instead of these big YT channels where yo almost feel they spend 5 minutes on the product and on to something else and the product is forgotten.
        and yeah, those scores on Geekbench are insane for 15TDP +16k multi and i reckon you could be on the money with simply high clock values there cant suistained the effect for long

        • Thanks for the info on the PCIe speeds & revisions. I heard that with the new ones the speed really increased. So it was correct that the first models must have been x 2 only and then finally x 4. And the new ones have the PM961 and it flies. Very quick now. I hope to order the Mi Notebook Pro tomorrow if possible and I will really push it hard and test it. I have a feeling it still might get too hot to the touch. I think it really could do with more transfer pipes. But I plan on testing it if I keep that or my MSI GL62M i7 7700HQ for 4k video editing. I prefer the i7 7700HQ’s 45W and power, but also like the weight and size of the Mi Notebook Pro for travel. If my repaste of the MSI works it will also prove to me that the factory paste jobs on MSI’s are still garbage. It was an issue back on my old GT60.

          • Where will you buy the mi notebook pro model? I’m searching for one online page that ships to Spain without taxes…

  4. It’s not a 8770u. You actually start your article with the correct naming (8550u) but the title, full spec list, and header all say 8770u.

  5. When you buy this in Europe or the US a 1k priced laptop should have support!
    If the cooling system fans or other parts break. You will have to find the parts or wait 100 days for the repair.
    I prefer the chinese fanless less powered laptops, with less moving parts.

    Xiaomi should open EU and US official stores but probably its a risk, they are not willing to take.

  6. Hmm, no thunderbolt 3, battery a bit too small and needs at least a 1050ti to make use of that improved CPU power. For that amount of money I’ll be looking at something else, as others have mentioned the support is a problem for consumers outside of China.
    Too bad, it really looks good otherwise.

  7. Why most notebooks get stuck in 1080p? Some of them have a powerful integrated gpu or even a dedicated one… and a “cheap” tablet with a celeron N has higher resolutions.

    The rest of this Xiaomi looks great, more than a simple upgrade!

    • 4k display would have been great, but I would be fine with 1440p, still I can live with 1080p at 15.6″ which is what my MSI GL62M 7REX has.

    • Because driving 4K60 is a lot harder on the hardware. Just the number of pixels goes 4X from 1080p. And PC has to compute this 4x amount of data to just look buttery. Intel igpus can play games on 1080p, but any game at 4K and intel igpu goes slideshow. So, well.. we are not ready for 4K. We need roughly 1.5x current batteries, we need DDR5 and a lot of things to go 4K on a laptop to be truly comfortable

    • You both are right. 1080p is a decent resolution with this screen size and the higher resolution the higher work for the pc.

      But I’m just surprised that a lower cost tablet (ex. Chuwi Hi12 or Hi13) has resolutions up to 3000×2000 with a worse cpu (N3450 or Z8300) and, apparently, the performance is not bad overall. Also others notebooks like Chuwi 12.3 and Cube i35 are in the same situation.

      It’s just a thought… 🙂

  8. I think, that for this amount of cash most potential buyers want solid suport for several years, online and also local for (quick) repairs.
    If that’s not guaranteed, I expect it will not be much sold outside China

    • This is a big problem for the more premium Chinese laptops/tablets.

      I don’t mind taking a risk on a cheaper device like the Jumper EzBook 3 Pro, but I’m much more hesitant to buy a device approaching $1000. International support is non-existent, you have to rely on the resellers warranty. And even then, you’re stuck footing the shipping bill.

      Xiaomi are making some incredible hardware, but if they want to make the next step with international customers they need to develop some sort of support/repair network.

      • Yeah, they are at maybe ASUS level,(I am surr they even used their motherboard for air 13.3) but asus has warranty centers like everywhere, while xiaomi does not. Plus, even base model will be +100-150 on gearbest. But its a ridiculously tough buy for someone who doesnt live in China.

  9. Oh man yesss, finally!

  10. 60whr battery? i see Xiaomi just cant squeeze some normal sized 80+ from A brands.
    Nice with ports, where’s the Thunderbolt 3? For a 900$+ A-like brand, it kinda..doesnt feel good w/o thunderbolt. AT LEAST they didnt go for mDP like MS, so thanks.
    Mx150? Why no 1050? Strange to me at this price point + 15.6 inch size.
    Xiaomi are snuffing wrong mushrooms. Their competitior aint Apple. It is Dell Xps, Razer blade, Yoga’s and so on. Dell xps costs ~1000$ too. But it has better screen, thunderbolt 3 (kind of), A LOT bigger battery, 2x the GPU power, 4K variant, more storage options AND it comes with a nice warranty.

    So I dont think its competetive. While 13 incher is very competitive, this model is not. Not in the rest of the world. Plus it would be shame to see single heatpipe which they can do =)))))

    • True 80Wh would have been better and the Nvida1050 TI. Fully agree with you on that, but besides this, I think it looks great and I’m keen to review it to see if the coolers will do a better job this time as my 13.3″ 2017 model gets up to 50 degrees C to the touch when pushed hard which is crazy.

      • Fun part is, that this time cooling is nicer. 90% sure.
        If they messed up somewhere – in using just one pipe. There is no reason for using 1 long pipe. HP effeciency decreases greatly with greater length. Longer heatpipe = more heat is dissipated by the pipe itself (into the casing). Long explanation short, they are getting close, but still dont get physics. If you draw a straight line and put 2 coolers at each end and 2 heat producers in the middle of that line, where the hottest place in that system would be? Its between 2 heat producers, between cpu and gpu. Right under the keyboard, btw.
        My opinion is that if they dont use REALLY wide heatpipe..Maybe not 50, but in sustained gaming it wont be cool and nice.

        • And yeah, they can use 4 or 10 coolers, but unless they separate large pipe into 2 smaller pipes, efficiency of these coolers will be very questionable.

          • I guess I’ll find out when I eventually review it. I hope it’s much better, 50 degrees to the touch again. It will get a slogging from me!

  11. Really s(l)ick machine. Deserves the label pro definitely. And adequately priced as well. Dell, Asus, HP and the others should be a bit scared if Xiaomi continue their rampage on the laptop market like this.

    • You can see they are going straight for Macbook 15.6″ sales. This machine is much better than I expected. And benchmarks of the CPU shows it’s as fast as the i7 7770HQ if not faster you’ll find in most 2017 gaming laptops.

      • Yes, and I can absolutely see them finding a niche for that type of machine. Providing a MacBook Pro alternative for Windows 10 users makes just sense.

        • You know, niche and all things..it takes more then good hardware to become stormingly popluar. User experience does. And we ll have to see about that really

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