Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017)

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Mi Notebook Air 13 Refresh Review Online

Mi Notebook Air 13 Refresh Review Online

I’ve had the Mi Notebook Air 13 revised 2017 edition for a week now. If you weren’t aware, Xiaomi upgraded it to the latest CPU and GPU. It now sports the Kaby Lake series of CPU’s, either an i5 7200U or i7 7500U (i7 model not out yet) and Nvidia MX150 Pascal GPU with 2GB DDR5 RAM, the GPU is basically the Nvidia 1030. And then a ELAN fingerprint reader now located in the touchpad. Intel 8265 Wifi AC instead of Intel Wireless AC 8260. Can;t see any difference here with the WiFi chipset change.

The SSD is an NVMe PM961, I would say this is new, but the last batches of the 2016 Mi Notebook Air 13’s have started shipping with this faster NVMe drive.

The result is a much faster notebook, most of the benifit given to the GPU which is up in performance around 30% over the last gen Nvidia 940MX. And the CPU is around 14% faster. My review is here with the rating and a little more info. Also below, also featuring Vera the cat like my 2016 review! The 2017 refreshed model is currently selling for $979 with coupon NEWMIAIR13 here https://goo.gl/Fio4wg Expect this price to drop like the 2016 model has which is now $689

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  1. I desperately need a little bit of info on the second SSD slot. I am considering the Mi Air 13 as a stop gap laptop until someone makes what I want and gets around to selling it (16GB RAM, MX150, Thunderbolt 3, under 1.5kg).

    Now my question is (and note I am more power user than full on techy) is can I install M2 NVMe drive int he second SSD slot (or move the 256GB drive to that slot and put a higher capacity drive in the primary slot). The reason I am asking is I plan to keep this machine for a short time and would like to get a fast drive that I can demount and put into the next machine I get (probably some sort of Samsung Notebook 9 update with KabyLakeR and MX150).

    Thanks for the reply to the convoluted question.

    • The way the slots are configured is one SATA3 2280 and one NVMe. So if you get the 256GB it’s NVMe with a spare SATA3. And if you get a 128GB model, you have a SATA3 and spare NVMe. So you can’t just move the drives.

    12.5 4GB 128GB: 489USD

    12.5 4GB 256GB : 559USD no coupon retail GB price

    13 version 8GB 256GB fingerprint version: 898USD
    all above is centered at Gearbest offerings.

  3. The price is insane for what it carries. (i love how people say to expensiv) but finding something else reasempling this level, and power’ it will pass you by 1500USD easily.

    I got the Skylake version, just version2. with sharp panel and PM961 (just like fingerprint vers) and costed a little over 500EURO a month ago.
    and this is the max’ i can cramp out of it (Geek4 3420/6489) and Compu 33.860 Firestrike 2234..
    I cherisee the build, keyboard, impressiv power from an 1.25kg 1.4cm laptop.
    and that is got 2 x m.2 slot.
    btw anybody knows the reason why the same drive PM961 gives 3150mb/s read (TT review values) in kaby lake version and tops out at 1850mb on skylake. (is there some samsung rapid feature in play in the main read’effect as such difference & bandwidth shouldnt be down to chipset amongst skylake vs kaby’ or??)

    only cons for me atm and as a new owner’ is supprinsingly high wearprocent on batteryvalues as a new product .
    sure’ also a con, that there is no touchgrid incorporated, as it would be appropiate in win10 and on glass’screen hence the massive win10 OS touch optimisation there in play these years)

    • how is the situation with spare-batteries on the Mi air13 ??.. I have skimmed thrue aliexpress and didnt saw any spares centered at mi air13 – where i am under the impression is funded in 11pin plug. // hopefully Xiaomi or the supplier will offer these up for spares, as its pretty simple to change on this ultrabook and will be w wonder for its longeblelity if good cells are accessable.

  4. Hey Chris. Love your vids, but I need some advice. Just got the Air 13 (2016 Edition) and so far, I love it. I got it especially cuz of the dGPU and the price: $650 on GB! (on a budget, ya know?). The new one looks even better but I’m just worried that it’s gonna be way more expensive. I’m not about to pass the 700 margin and I also need a laptop before next month. You think the price’ll come down to less than 700 within the next month or so?

  5. Too much money for… Just nothing -simple notebook

    • Expensive yes, simple notebook, no. Find me another 13.3″ 1.3 kilo 13.8mm thin laptop with this power. In a few months, it will be much cheaper too.

      • Energo effiency of previous (2016) was verrrrry poor

        • 39Wh battery in this one is good for 7 1/2 hours of internet browsing, not great, but also not too bad for an i5 7200U.

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