Onda V820w CH

Four 8″ Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300 Tablets Compared

In this video comparison, I compared the Chuwi Vi8 Plus, Cube iwork8 Ultimate, Teclast X80 Plus and Onda v820W CH. These tablets are very similar spec wise they all have the same resolution screen, 1280 x 800. They have the same eMMC size (32GB), 2GB of Ram and Atom X5 Z8300 CPU. But which one is the best? Some key differences & findings: All four tablets more or less perform the same in bench...[Read More]

Cube iWork8 Ultimate Vs Onda v820w CH Which Cherry Trail 8″ is better?

I compare the two current sub $80 dollar eight inch Atom X5 Z8300 powered tablets currently out. Both are similar with the same specs and screen resolution. But the Cube iwork8 Ultimate screen is 2-3 times brighter. The below video I compare them both. The performance of both is disappointing, the X5 Z8300 on both units reaches 85 degrees. And really not much of a step up over the Bay Trail Z3735F...[Read More]

Onda v820w CH Atom X5 Z8300 Review Online

Possibly one of the poorest tablets I have yet to review, the Onda v820w CH. Its review is now finally online. It took me far too long to finish this review because it was just plain painful to finish. It’s online and the first X5 Z8300 I have reviewed isn’t any faster than an Atom Z3735F! But I think and hope it’s down to Onda’s poor optimization. I clearly see why Onda ne...[Read More]

Onda v820w CH Review

Onda’s refresh of the v820w Dual boot. So what’s changed? Not a lot, gone is the Atom Bay Trail Z3735F (1.83 Ghz) replaced with the new gen Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 (1.84Ghz). Gone is dual boot Android and Windows functionality, for now it’s just Windows 10. The front camera has had a much needed a bump in megapixels moving from 0.3MP to 2MP. And the back now has a textured fin...[Read More]

Onda v820w CH Videos

Onda v820w CH

Onda's second generation v820w CH remains mostly unchanged from the first model. The only change was the move from an Atom Z3735F, over to an Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8300. The tablet features, 2GB of Ram, 32GB eMMC storage, Windows 10 Home 32bit, MicroSD card slot, Wireless N/BT 4.0 and a micro HDMI out port. It was released in October 2015 and was the first Chinese Atom X5 Z8300 to market.

Onda v820w CH Release Date set – Monday 28th Sept

Onda’s 8 inch v820w CH Cherry Trail will be out on Monday according to their Weibo. They claim it will be the world’s first 8 inch Atom Cherry Trail tablet. Specs include a 1280 x 800 IPS screen, 32GB eMMC, BT 4.0, wireless N 150mbps and MicroSD card support. I don’t think the tablet has HDMI out. If you’re after a sharper screen, the Chuwi Hi8 Pro might be worth a look wit...[Read More]

Second Cherry Trail tablet for Onda, the 8 inch V820w CH

Yet another Cherry Trail tablet to be released. After the announcement of the X5 Z8500 Cherry Trail 9.7″ Retina Onda V919 Air CH it seems there was another Cherry Trail tablet in the works by Onda. Details of a new 8 inch V820w upgrade with an Atom X5 Z8300, called, wait for it…The V820w CH! CH standing for Cherry Trail of course (Wait shouldn’t it be CT?) The rest of the tablets...[Read More]

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