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Core M 5Y10 powered Cube i7 now out, not 5.8mm thin

Core M 5Y10 powered Cube i7 now out, not 5.8mm thin

Announced a few weeks back the Core M fanless Cube i7 was meant to be a super slim 5.8mm, but it seems now that it has released on it has fattened up to a larger 9.8mm according to the the specs of the system on the listing here. And at $680 (Cheapest I could find) It’s insanely over priced considering it has a mirco USB 3 port and no keyboard. Who in their right mind would risk getting one, with the warranty issues and custom taxes to pay on top. More so when you can get a 1 year warranty Dell Venue 11 7140 series (Core M) for $699 or even a Surface 3 Pro for less with a full usb 3.0 port. This pricing is a huge fail and has missed the mark completely….

So what happened Cube, why is it not the super slim 5.8mm (0.23 inches) you announced? Heating issues perhaps forced a last minute hardware revision?

Edit: It’s is selling for $575, but online retailers are marking up the price a good 100 bucks..

  • The Cube i7 has a Intel® Core™ M-5Y10 which can boost to 2.0Ghz
  • 1920 x 1080p 11.6 inch screen
  • 4GB of ram
  • 4G/3G modem
  • 128Gb SSD.


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