Teclast X1 Pro 4G 12.2″ Core M tablet announced today

Teclast X1 Pro 4G 12.2″ Core M tablet announced today

Teclast today announced the high spec Core m powered X1 Pro 4G. It’s a 12.2 inch tablet with some very decent specs for a core m tablet. 4GB of ram and a 5y10C Core m that can clock up to 2.0Ghz. A proper sata 3 ssd that can read up to 600mbs. A decent sized 11000mAH battery, two full sized usb 3.0 ports. A mini hdmi. And 4G sim card support (Which might only work in China?) It has a detachable keyboard to.

Oh and the 16:10 screen is a Samsung PLS panel with a 2560 x 1600 resolution and 247 PPI. Not bad, not bad at all and just a day after the Surface 3 announcement. The downside? Well the price, it’s 3888 yuan, which is around $630 usd. Ouch, I mean sure it’s a high spec tablet, but you have to factor in that’s without the keyboard case combo without shipping and tax fees ontop of that. And basically no warranty outside of China. Will it get a free upgrade to Windows 10?

I would love to review a Chinese Core M tablet, but they are just too pricey at the moment. Still I do like this look of this one.

Official X1 Pro 4G promo images:

Teclast page on the X1 Pro 4G

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  1. I want to buy TECLAST X1 PRO 4G……
    Please advice me……

  2. For $700 you can get a the new Microsoft Surface Po mobile 4G version, also with 4GB of RAM and 128 G SSD and also with mouse/ keyboard… Apparently the new surface 3’s keyboard is a real winner… I’d rather go for the surface 3 for a similar price also it’s a little smaller and only just over 600grams … Looks like it’s going to be a very popular little tablet

    • I owned a Surface 3 Pro for around 8 months it’s a good tablet. The Surface 3 I might get to test the Atom Z8700 it has, but if you look at the benchmarks, the Core M 5y10 is twice as fast as this new Surface 3. It’s only really good for light use. Sure the keyboard is good on the Surface, but it’s keys have little travel and they aren’t chiclet style. I found the Dell Venue 11 Pro keyboard to be the best and it also packs a battery in it extending your battery life around 40%. All depends on what you want in a system. I currently have the Cube i7 and it’s core m performs great and the keyboard is also very good to type on. However the trackpad is almost useless and the 16:9 is okay but I prefer at least 16:10 or 3:2 like the Surface. But this tablet was $399 for a 4GB and Core M is quite a bargain.

      • For $399 it’s a pretty good bargain but it’s no where to be found at that price.
        Just gotta say you do great job with this site.

        • Unfortunately it was a limited offer at that price, it should be the default pricing of the unit I think. They would certainly sell a lot more at that price.

  3. At that price it should come with at least 8Gb of RAM, not 4Gb.

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