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Cube i7 Core M unboxing and first impressions

Cube i7 Core M unboxing and first impressions

Our Cube i7 arrived from China and will go through all the usual benchmarks and gaming tests. The unboxing video is below. This is the cheaper $399 special offer priced 64GB version. Our unit came with Windows 8.1 Pro, but you can get it with Ubuntu if you want. I ordered the keyboard dock which was an additional $65, but well worth it.

My first impressions are over all very positive. This is the first Core M tablet tested on Tech Tablets, so it’s going to get the full works and be the base mark for later reviews, since it’s the first.

The Good:

  • Solid build quality, well put together
  • High quality screen, bright and sharp and its a laminated screen! (No glass gap)
  • The keyboard very decent to type on, it’s fulled sized and has two usb 2.0 ports (Maybe Usb 3.0?)
  • The Core M 5Y10, is very snappy and surprising good at gaming. (Of course it kicks the Atom Z3700 series!)
  • Heat seems to be under control, so good thermals.
  • Hdmi port outputs over 1080p, runs my Asus 2560 x 1440p monitor at 60hz without issues.
  • Good band for your buck Core M at $399
  • I’m typing this out on the tablet 🙂

The Bad:

  • My USB 3.0 port is only running at USB 2.0 speeds. Bios or driver issue I think. Waiting on a fix from Cube.
  • The trackpad, just plain sucks on the keyboard. It’s super duper tiny and has no left and right buttons. It’s all gestures only.
  • The left and right loud speakers and very quite.
  • DC power jack is to close to the mini hdmi out port. I had to cut a bit of my hdmi plug to make it fit nicely without it putting pressure on the dc socket.

I’m going to really use this system as a daily driver, test games, benchmarks, you name it and build a really good opinion of the Cube i7. So a full detailed review will be a good week or two away. Stand tuned to the YouTube channel for more on this tablet.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. I understand. Regarding the keyboard yes it looks great but what is the added value that can justify the cost compared to a simple yet great BT keyboard including a mouse pointer that you can find for less than 10 euros like below ? I mean yes you can use it as a dock but 65$ ouch…

  2. Hi Chris, I preordered its little brother Iwork11 very similar but with Z3735 but cannot find any review, seller gee….ying told me it would be released end of April, can you please consider reviewing it also ? it is definitely cheaper, mine cost me 240USD… thanks

    • I’m not sure I’ll be able to review the Cube iWork11 at this stage. I’ve spent to much on buying other tablets as of late. I need to try and get some more funds to review more tablets. I’ll keep an eye out for it. The iWork11 will also work with this Cube i7 11.6″ keyboard, it’s expensive but the keyboard itself is great to type on.

  3. Where did you buy this from, for 464 USD?

    • Ele is the seller on, I think it was a limited time offer. Maybe ask them if they will have a sale again?

  4. Hi from Greece,Chris keep up the good reviews,does it come with a windows licence and how is the battery so far?thanks

    • Hi, Windows 8.1 Pro activated. And the battery still getting an idea of it. But it looks to be around 5-6 hours in balanced power mode.

      • Thanks can you post a link of a reccomended seller.

  5. Hi! I’m in NZ as well looking to buy something like this tablet. Did you have to pay gst+customs from China or do they declare the value as something below the $400 threshold?

    • Hi, I didn’t have to pay customs in NZ, they declared it as less than $400NZD.

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