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PiPo announces $400 USD Core M, 4GB, 1600p Tablet

PiPo announces $400 USD Core M, 4GB, 1600p Tablet

On PiPo’s weibo (28th Feb), a new tablet from them, featuring a 2560 x 1600 10’1 screen with 4GB of ram, a 64GB eMMC and a Core M CPU. What more, it has a USB 3.0 port (No mention if it’s full sized) and a keyboard dock, which looks to be the same dock from the PiPo W3/W3F. Interesting, seems all the top Chinese tablet companies are now jumping onto the Core M’s and I hope soon the new Atom x3,x5,x7 line up to.

pipo core m weibo

Oh and it priced at 2499 yuan, which is around $400 usd, which is alright I guess.But once Ali express sellers get there hands on it expect that price to be around $500, just look at the Cube i7 which is a $499 tablet that sells for $600 on Ali….

So what do you think about the PiPo Core M pro?


Source: Weibo & Pipo forum

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  1. This would be perfect if it had more on board storage space. You can play a lot of games and use larger applications with 4 gigs of system ram so you need storage to match. IMO 64 is no where near enough. It will have modern Intel graphics so I’m sure it would make an awesome tablet. I’d pay $300 for those features. However it’s just a step up from my W3f and I don’t see how those improvements are worth twice the price of what the W3f is now. I paid 206.00 with keyboard and shipping.

  2. Want u to review it) and Cube i7 for sure

    • I will try and review these new Core m tablets, the issue is the cost of them. Unfortunately, Cube will not send me one for review and it’s selling for around 600-700 usd on Ali Express, when the price drops I will check them out.

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