Onda V116W Core M coming very soon

Onda V116W Core M coming very soon

Onda have been busy on their Weibo (China’s twitter equivalent) posting new details on the Core M 5Y10 based Onda v116w to be released soon. Not to be confused with the Onda v116w I reviewed here. This updated version, dudded the Onda V116w Core M has a full laminated 1920 x 1080p IPS panel. Yes, finally the Chinese tech firms are moving towards laminated displays, it’s about damn time to. No more glass + gap then IPS panel. Panels now similar to the Dell Venue 11 Pro or other first rate tablet brands.

It’s got the Core M 5Y10 which can turbo upto 2.0Ghz with a 800mhz base clock, 4GB of ram, Full sized usb 3.0 port, 3G and a 64GB SSD. It comes with a Magnetic keyboard/stand/case combo. So decent specs and this will defiantly be faster than a new Atom X7 Z8700. With these specs I certinaly hope Onda don’t use the same build like the V116w has, it’s very flimsy and a finger print nightmare.

If the price is good, close to $400-$500 usd I think it will sell. As it is I have a Cube i7 Core M waiting to ship so it would be a nice tablet to compare it to. No word on the battery capsity, I do hope it’s at least 10000 mAH.

Onda v116w images from the Weibo:

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  1. Have you seen whether any of these new Core M tablets will run Android or not?

    • Yes they can, Teclast has just recently released a firmware and way to flash the X1 Pro 4G to Android.

  2. Chris,

    Just wanted to reply regarding your laminated display comments. Doesn’t this make it much more expensive to replace a display if they are laminated (assuming that you would have to replace both the digitizer and the lcd)? I ran into that problem with my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. Thoughts?

    • Yes, that is true, but they look so much better without that air gap. The X10HD for example has quite a large gap and it really does take away from the 2560 x 1600 screen it has.

  3. H. I was just wonderkng, as u said u have to sell some tablets… Which ones are u trying to sell, id be interested. Thanx

  4. Hi Chris I’m very happy with your webpage and youtube videos, they are very useful!. Please keep uploading videos you do a great job with those reviews
    Greetings from Argentina

    • Thanks, I’ll have more to come. I just need to sell some tablets i have before I can buy anymore to review!

  5. This looks very interesting if the price is right since it could be a bit faster than the Surface 3. How long does it usually take for them to pick up the newer processors? The older tablets are nice but seeing as Bay Trail was just replaced it makes me wonder if waiting is worth it.

    P.S. Awesome site by the way.

    • Well the Shenzhen tablet companies are building quite a few Core m models now. No news yet on Atom X7 8700 or X5 Z8300 models. I imagine they would be coming out towards September this year.

      • So maybe around half a year; makes sense. Thanks for the quick response.

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