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The Dual Boot tablet of 2014
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Teclast X98 Air 3G C5J6 64GB in English, eMMC Benchmark and free space

Teclast X98 Air 3G C5J6 64GB in English, eMMC Benchmark and free space

This is the latest 64GB revision of the Teclast X98 Air 3G, the C5J6. They all seem to be using Samsung eMMC drives now, but this is surely dependent on the batch and stocks Teclast have on hand. I’ve seen the 32GB version with BWIN, Toshiba and Hynix brand eMMCs. The price has really come down, $206 from Gearbest now. I think I paid well over $250 for the 32GB model dual boot when it was released. If you can, I always recommend getting 64GB on a dual boot if you can as normally the 32GB versions only have around 6GB free in Android and 10GB in Windows, which is never enough.

The Windows image now comes in English! Finally, after the factory reset. I had English and Chinese only options. The set up was all in English and it will first boot after my the reset in Chinese, just reboot and it will all be in English (US). Early models I had to download and install English as it was only in Chinese. Teclast have seen all the international sales and wised up.

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  1. Chris, just got mine and charged it. In W10 there is no “Boot to Android” app? Can I DL it? How can I confirm which vers. of BIOS I have and is there any benefit to latest one (if I dont have it). I have C5J6 and Samsung eMMC 🙂

  2. I have a teclast x98 3g c5j6 I have Hynix HCG8e emmc 110 write and 50 write

    • Thanks for the speed test results. Bit low for a hynix? Maybe they get slower ones for cheaper from the mfgs. The drives used change from batch to batch depending on stock it would seem. It’s part of the hardware lottery with these tablets.

  3. A Samsung MCG8GA to be precise

  4. Hi Chris,

    I’ve just received my C5J6 this week and my CrystalDiskMark is really far from what you get :


    SEQ : 82,5 – 35.8
    512K : 78.37 – 28.91
    4K : 8.8 – 2.1
    4KQD32 : 11.3 – 2.3

    Any idea why your Samsung SSD seems 2 times faster than mine ?


    • What is your eMMC make? Is it a Samsung or another brand liek BIWIN or NCard?
      So far I have seen Hynix 32GB 160 reads / 80 writes
      Toshiba 160 / 70 writes
      BIWIN 80 / 50 varies
      NCard 45 / 35
      Samsung 160 / 50

      And it all depends on what Teclast have in stock and the batch. It’s what I like to all the Chinese Tablet hardware lottery. It’s down to luck if you get a good SSD. I would be happy with anything but the NCard which is horrible.

  5. Thanks for this one Chris. I have a 64GB Teclast X98 air ii already and I really like it, I am about to buy another one and as the price difference to a 3G is like less than $5 I might as well go for a 3G. Did you get yours from Gearbest? What courier did they ship with and did you have to pay customs & VAT?

    • Hi, I got it from Gearbest, same one linked in the post. I got it sent via PostNL and it takes 10-15 days from China to the EU. I didn’t have to pay any tax or duty.

  6. @chris do you recomend buying this tablet or wait for core M versions to come? Price will be much higher?

  7. I’m wondering if the new Windows 10 Build 10159 with working tablet mode now works on these Teclast’s tabs?

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