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Cube i7 Stylus Sale on the 23rd, A Core M Tablet for only $299

Cube i7 Stylus Sale on the 23rd, A Core M Tablet for only $299

Cube have posted on their facebook page, they will be having a sale on the 23rd, their latest Core M tablet the i7 Stylus will sell for just $299, not a bad price at all. It will be the cheapest Core M out and it also has Wacom stylus support. I currently have mine and I ‘m putting it through its paces, my Cube i7 Stylus first impressions are here if you’re interested.  Keep in mind this price is just the tablet only, the keyboard dock and stylus are extra.

Edit #3: My Cube i7 Stylus Review is now up.

Edit #2: Cube have changed the gifts today (18th) Now the first 500 orders will receive a free Wacom stylus worth $59.99 and after they are gone the next 100 orders will get a free leather case.

Cube i7 Stylus 2

The sale will start on the 23rd and is only via Cube’s official AliExpress store. It’s for one day only. I asked the store if this will come in English only, and I’m told it’s a multi-language version, so it’s safe it assume it will come with Windows 8.1 Bing.

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  1. Hey
    New here did not really understand computers, but tips greatly helped selection here and bought one for me and one for my daughter.
    A big thank you to the site

  2. Thank you Chris for your reply to my post. Really appreciate your help//

    Where do you sell your stuff after reviewing them ?

    • I keep many of them for follow up reviews and video comparisons, new roms etc. But others I sell locally and on eBay. I also buy popular models and sell them online to help fund buying new review tablets like the Onda v919 3G Core M coming soon.

  3. Made my Purchase 🙂 Counter said 465 at that time when I clicked Buy. So I hope I get the pen 🙂

    • And it has now only 2260 left! 8 min after it starts!
      I hope I have get some gift, but I think I have almost do it…
      Thanks anyway! ^_^

    • my order was exact 00:02.. so fingers crossed… I started a Live chat to ask if I got anything and this was the reply;

      ae114215610(2015-07-23 11:26:46):
      my order number is 683344332715XX can you confirm if I was in the first 500. I need the pen.

      cn1510226841(2015-07-23 11:26:46):
      [auto reply] hi friend Good day. Don’t worry, aliexpress will workout the payment,then we can comfirm who are the first 500buyers and second 200buyers with gift, all buyers are fair.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I bought a Teclast X98 Air 3G just 10 days back but after seeing a couple of videos for the Cube i7 Stylus, I think $299 would be well worth the upgrade. Dont get me wrong I like the Teclast but i have big fingers and it gets little difficult to get arount closing and opening tabs etc in teclast thus planing to give the teclast to a friend who was interested to buy one and order my self the Cube i7 Stylus.

    In your videos you have covered most of the questions but just a few questions which need your insight

    How does the screen compare to Teclasts Retina display
    Screen dimension wise 10.6 vs 9.7 ? usability?
    Wndows 8.1 Activated?
    How does the battery keep up compared to say Teclast?
    Windows 10 Upgrade possible?
    How do you rate it compared to Surface Pro 3 or Surface 3?

    Thanks Chris…

    • HI, most of those questions are covered right here in my review:
      The screen is over 200 PPI, so still sharp compared to the X98 AIr 3G, this i7 stylus however, is much, much faster in everything, so it is a good upgrade.

      Windows will be activated Windows 8.1 Bing version I’m told.
      Battery is about half that of the X98 Air 3G, again its in my review. But remember the hardware is much more powerful Vs the Atom so it’s normal.

      Well the build is good compared to my Surface 3, it’s much faster than my Surface 3, feels about the same as my SP3 I had. The battery on the Surface 3 is much better, the screen is better, the pen on the Surface feels just as good as the Stylus. The build of the Stylus while good, isn’t as nice as the Surface 3/Pro’s build. All up I think I’m going to sell my Surface 3 Atom and keep my Stylus, I like its speed, the Core M for what I do is perfect. And no noisy Surface 3 Pro fan, that bugged me. My only issue is 64GB is a little short at times. If I can open it I will upgrade to a 128GB SSD.

  5. Well mine for $360 shipped out hopefully Geekbuying honors the price match.. sucks that this gets announced right after I purchase..atleast i get 6 months to pay for it…

    • so you should follow my FB to get earlier information, lol

      • Thanks for the reply Cube ..well I have a second one on order from you now i might just have to open a paypal resolution on geekbuying since their policy is to price match and right now they are doing everything they can not to pricematch you as the manufacturer. They have gone so far as to say the one i get from you will be fake or have different internals from the one I am getting from them LMAO

        • Really!? Wow Geekbuying have really dropped the ball on this one. I don’t think I will be using them much now. Opening a PayPal dispute now, would be a wise move.

  6. It’s quite past midnight in China, and the price isn’t $299.

    At this point I’d actually prefer Cube just reschedule the sale. Not that they’re seeing/reading this. Sigh.

  7. hi, christ. Do you know about at what hour is beginning so sell for $299? Because in my country there are 11 hours of difference whith china and it offer don’t began yet.

    • I was also waiting and I discover this page:
      It seems that there are still 15 hours left to start the sales so we have to wait.
      Tomorrow I’ll have to wake up early, nice… XD

      • What time will be?

      • That page is from aliexpress and only send you to cube store. But say the hour thar cube will begin to sell.
        Thanks for the page.

        • It has a countdown to the hour of the start… That’s all you need XD use it to know what hour it will start at your country. That’s the reason why I share the link. 😉

    • I asked them on Facebook. They told me the sale starts at 00:00 23rd July PST (which I believe is the USA’s West coast time zone).

      • And when will it be exactly?

        • @Pablo_2015 best option is to check the site at 6:00 am and 7:00 am GMT. Cube advertise the sale at 12:00am PST however North America is currently in PDT which is one hour ahead. Being a Chinese site, something may have been lost in translation.

          • Thanks! yes it would heve been more easy if they would have been put his world time.
            i have seen in the page of Aresu, the real hou that it wil begin.

  8. can windows 10 be installed on this via usb ?

    • Use using a tool like ISO2Disk, you can make a bootable Win 10 USB drive.

  9. Like Jay, I ordered mine with the stylus and kryboard the other day with the sales at geekbuying, but today they have send me a mail telling me that they have to wait till 23 to send it because thay don’t have enough stock now. Anyone has the same problem? I’m thinking on canceling the order and try to buy the oficial sale the 23rd, but maybe it’s imposible to buy… Arggggg

    • Same here. I was thinking of cancelling my order with them as I got the same email informing me of the delay. Its my first order with geekbuying and I’ve no idea how much of a hassle it is to cancel an oder with them or how long it takes to get my money back.

      • Well, I have finally cancelled my order… Maybe I can’t get one, but bearing in mind that the diference between prices is so high, I prefer trying to get the cheapest one because I don’t want to pay more than 400€ and I’m sure DHL will add some extra costs to all of my orders.

        If you’re thinking on canceling it, you should consider that they used to take some time reading and answering the mails and if you doesn’t do it now, it will be impossible to cancel it at 23 with the other payment being processed.

        What a mess we have here. XD I hope it will solve soon with a happy ending for all of us.

        Chris, do you think they will only sell that 700 units (the ones with the extra gifts) or they will have more? (based on your experience with this sellers of course, I know you doesn’t work for them)

        • No, they have 3000 units up for sale, I think they will sell them all. And since it’s Cube’s own store they should have the stock.

          • Thanks Chris! In that case I’m now happy trying to buy on the new sales. There’s a huge diference between both prices, so if I could only buy one on this sales I would be pleased, with or without the gift.

    • Sounds like they are buying it from Cubes sale then…There goes 100 orders in a few seconds when them buying them all up. Geekbuying have really dropped the ball with this one!

    • Yes, got the same message. I got the feeling that I’m not going to get it any faster anywhere.

  10. I have one on order from geekbuying for $360 now if it doesn’t ship by the 23rd I am going to buy one from Cube and tell geekbuying to get bent… I’d really love one of these to replace my older Thinkpad Tablet 10

  11. At what time will this sale start? at midnight chinese time?

    • Hi, I assume it would be then, 00:01 Chinese time 23rd of July. I imagine it will sell so far as retailers like banggood, geekbuying etc will be in there two and buying up huge amounts to resell 🙁

      • Yeah, but looking from their aliexpress store now, seems like they changed their mind. Still 299.99 on July 23rd, but seems like there´s no deal with keyboard included anymore, only stylus for the first 500.

        • Yes it seesm they would have been losing to much over the free gift deal. I’ll update the main post.

  12. Just a correction on the extra gifts:
    First 100: Get a free Docking Keyboard
    Following 400: Get free Wacom Stylus
    For the second 500: Get free Special Leather Case
    For the second (third?) 500: Get free Earphones

    I’m not sure if you’re the first 100, if you actually get the Keyboard, Wacom, Stylus, Case and Earphones. It might just be one gift depending on

  13. I’d easily drop US$299 on this with the free extra’s, but the odd’s of being able to get one of the first 400….nil with my Australian internet connection 🙁

    • I have a bad internet connection to here in Spain, but if you time it right you’ll have time I think. But 100 orders will go in minutes, it’s just a matter of setting your alarm and watching the countdown timer and hitting buy asap.

    • I don’t care about the bonus crap… I have more than enough wacom stylus and I have a cheap keyboard with a trackpad. I’d kinda like the official keyboard just to use it as an ultrabook, but I hear the trackpad kinda sucks.

      • I don’t have it yet, but the keyboard dock on the i7 stylus is great, bar the trackpad which is terrible. If it’s using the same trackpad which I think it is, a mouse is really required. It’s just too small for any serious use and I don’t like gestures for right mouse clicks.

  14. If only I knew about this two days ago, just ordered it from geekbuying when they had what I thought was a pretty good deal at the time. Does anyone know what version of Windows geekbuying supply the tablet with?

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