AliExpress Sellers – Fake Tracking Numbers And Lies. (Updated)

AliExpress Sellers – Fake Tracking Numbers And Lies. (Updated)

Edit 27th: OKQI has pulled through, they never gave me the real tracking number. But my X16 Pro just arrived today. So at least one seller is decent. And OKQI has been good for me so far, after all that it was sent.

Anyone had their 11.11 Aliexpress purchase ship? I brought some tablets to review here. Only one has arrived so far, the X98 Plus from AliExpress, that seller had no issues giving me the correct tracking number since day one.

But every other seller has given me fake tracking numbers to stop the orders from auto refunding! The part where it says, ships in X days or you get refunded. So sellers just fill in a fake tracking number to keep your money and order. See why I try to use and if I can.

Yes, in their defense 11.11 is a super busy day. And I’m just one customer in a sea of thousands. So my reviews will be delayed on various models like the Chuwi Hi8 Pro and Hi10 which we knew had delays. But the sellers still made out like it was shipping, giving me the DHL tracking number with excuses like oh it’s in customs. In reality Chuwi still had the stock in the factory.

My AliExpress fun:

The Chuwi Hi8 Pro – Ordered on the 1st of November Seven Eleven Ltd. 25 days of lies…

Fake tracking number, lies and finally lost (another lie I bet)



Onda oBook11 Ordered 11.11 OKQI

Fake DHL tracking number to stop the order from canceling. Later the batch is bad from Onda. Canceled order refunded.


Chuwi Hi10 – Order attempt #1 ordered 4th Nov. Canceled 13th – fake tracking number and delays.


Chuwi Hi10 – Order attempt #2 ordered 14th Nov – Possible fake tracking number (Told me they had stock in hand)


Teclast X16 Pro ordered 18th – Fake tracking number and more delays. Still not shipped out.



So has anyone got their 11.11 order or a REAL tracking number that works?


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  1. Sellers are lazy to type individue tracking no. that all.

  2. hello Chris,

    i ordered chuwi hi8 pro on 11.11, still my tablet not shipped..:)

    and when i ask for my tablet
    Reply :-

    friend,since recently the customs make strict check in the product with battery,and this tablet has battery inside,so i was asked to offer the product and battery certificate to the customs,so please keep waiting,once the parcel release from the customs,so we will track it soon,thank you

    what i do, help me

  3. On 11/21 I was given a DHL tracking number for my X16 Pro and to date zero info can be found for the number provided tome by Shenzhen OKQI Electronics Mall.

    After numerous questions today I get this;

    silla Z 2015-11-26 19:37:23

    Dear friend
    Your order has been finished packing. And already pick up by DHL agency.
    The current tracking number is the original one on the parcel. After parcel arrived in Hongkong (1~2days) you will get update tracking number on this website:
    Important: Please check the package in front of the carrier. If the product is broken/ lost/ replaced, ask for official document from carrier and refuse the parcel. We can’t refund if you find something wrong with the parcel only at home.
    Best Regards

    In the past it took 48hrs for me to get DHL tracking info from the number provided with 18-24 steps to receive at my door. Why should be any different?

    What I think is being done is the seller is electronically creating the DHL shipping label online but there wouldn’t be any tracking info off of said tracking number until the item is actually scanned into the DHL system as an item being actually shipped.

    Despite evidence out there of fake numbers being given maybe my assumption is occurring as well.

    • That is true, normally you can use then the shippers reference then to track and bring those numbers up in the system. But in my case here, all were fake numbers to stop the orders from auto canceling.

  4. My Taobao order for an Cube i7 Stylus 128GB was shipped 2 days late and took 3 days longer than normal to arrive. It still arrived in less than 10 days. They cannot actually enter a fake tracking number in China because the system is integrated with the local shipping companies (they can just say shipping though). Also if you are a regular buyer you get automatic refunds without the sellers approval if they take too long. You can also leave a negative review. Too many bad reviews and people stop buying from them Also if people tend to avoid sellers that have no history. It makes it easy to spot and avoid fake products in China. (Sometimes you may want to buy a fake product)

    I’m not looking forward to leaving China an being forced to use Aliexpress 🙁

  5. I asked them again last night. Now they said they gave the wrong tracking number (trick to buy the time for getting product from their supplier late, I guess).

    The new dhl tracking number is usable. It shows the detail, finally, about the origin and destination with time of received package which is yesterday!!!!!

    If you still can’t get the info. from fault teacking number, try asking them again.

    I hope this will be another trick again.


    The worst part is when you go to their “Support” team, give them proof that the seller is lying and abusing the system, and you just want the refund you’re owed… what do they do? They protect the seller! I had the most ridiculous time on AliExpress recently, and was just astounded by the lies which continued when contacting AliExpress themselves.

  7. You see, this is EXACTLY, why I use DHL or EMS, for anything over 50 bucks. If it ships in a week, they can’t lie can they? And you know it’s less likely to be damaged, and also insured.

  8. I ordered a Teclast X98 Plus from Banggood last week with expedited shipping, but it still isn’t in stock. At least they sent me an email confirming that it wasn’t in stock and asked if I would like a refund or to wait.

  9. my cube i7 did indeed ship and is already in the netherlands…
    Shipped with PostNL which in general is reliable.

  10. I GOT mine Teclast X98 Pro tablet keyboard case. I order it on Ali on Nov 11.
    It was a really quick shipping only two weeks from China to Canada.
    This is the link to the seller you can trust:

    The Keyboard even comes with a track pad.

  11. My 11.11 experience \timelines

    – Ordered X98 Pro (AliExpress, OKQI)
    – Was given a fake DHL tracking number (11/12)
    – DHL provided REAL tracking number the day it was REALLY shipped (11\16)
    – Arrived on 11\20 (Canada, BC)

    Shady but it got here at a reasonable speed.


  12. i bought 4 items during 11/11 sale on aliexpress, all of them are still on transit. the 98x pro i ordered was the most late item shipped. the wallet and keyboard was shipped 2 days after 11/11 but the glass film and tablet was shipped on 20th. i noticed that they shipped it when the due date or the timer is already a day before it will end. only the keyboard is now on our local courier but the other is still on china and malaysia. I also noticed that after complaining a lot that the tracking no. they gave me was not working. after that my item got tracked. i dont know why.. now im thinking if i will buy more 🙁

  13. I ordered a tablet from Banggood on 11/11, it was sent on the 12th and arrived on the 25th. I also made an order with AliExpress on 11/11, which was sent on the 16th and arrived together with my tablet. So my experience has actually been really good <2 weeks shipping to Australia.
    The tracking numbers are useless though. They can only track when the package has left the origin country. None of the numbers ever work once they've arrived in Australia (it's the same for everything I buy from China).

    One thing though is that I always order from the sellers who've received a lot of orders (at least 100) when purchasing from AliExpress. They aren't usually the cheapest (maybe few dollars difference), but I've never had any problem this way.

  14. headline story in forbes today is about fraud on the site and why it wont stop .

  15. Well, I have ordered the Cube i7 Stylus at 11.11 on the promo from frontpage. Paid for it within hour but the seller hadn’t ‘sent’ till one day before ending of their processing time (21.11). I have received NL Post tracking number, although I have paid for Swiss Post.

    Today it’s 26.11 and the tracking number can’t be tracked anywhere but on one site from Alibaba (Aliexpress is also one of their business):

    These are the messages I have exchanged with the seller, so far:

    I will wait for the end of next week and if nothing changes, I wil just cancel my order.

    • This might be interesting: 5 other packages (out of 11 I have ordered on 11.11) was delivered this Monday.

      • I tracked the number randomly in For 10 tracking numbers, there are about 10-30 days after 1st “Order fulfillment complete” step to the second “Order fulfillment complete” which can have 5 to 10 these repeated steps to reach the destination.

        Now I just curious that I paid the extra for DHL service and is this the actual speed of DHL?

  16. Me too. I bought Cube i7 Stylus with full option from “Shenzhen Ele Technology Limited” . They said they ship the package on 20.11.2015, Until now DHL tracking number cannot get any info. I already asked them about the late shipment and fault tracking number, the answers are the same as you guys.

    What should I do now ? Should I open dispute? Will I get my money back? (paid via Alipay)

    I also ordered discounted phone cases on 11.11 and got those cases without any problem.

  17. ordered some non-electronics from aliexpress on 11.11 and were sent just fine. ordered an x98 air from gearbest on 11.11 which didn’t ship 9 days later so I was forced to cancel. thankfully I got my money back in paypal within a few hours.

  18. I bought a tablet from a seller which has a warehouse in my own country, slightly more expensive but delivery would take only a few days. I got a fake tracking number, I open a dispute and the seller told me the item was returned because some defective parts and a promise to delivery back again in 7 days, I cancel the dispute and I’m still waiting for the new tracking number. Only to realize that the seller will never ship the item because the store had a 7 days on-time delivery protection, what means that if I receive the item past 7 days I would have a full refund which of course is way past and of course I don’t think the seller is honest enough to risk sending me the item knowing that I can demand a full refund. But I wonder if I receive the item, I’d ask for a full refund?

  19. i ordered the Chuwi Hi8 Pro 2 days ago from Gearbest and from what i have red on the web so far, i have a feeling that i will wait until next year to get the item….LOL

    • Do what I did.
      Asked for cancellation and they immediately changed it to “Shipped”. 🙂

  20. Cancel the onda obook and order the Voyo Ultimate. Looks to be a better choice.

    • Yes i will, they are essentially the same machine from the same ODM with just a different config.

  21. For me seller “QKQI Mall” typed in a tracking number on 11/19 to stop the aliexpress clock but did not actually ship until 11/25

    Track occurred Local Time Event Details
    China Hong Kong 2015-11-26 13:02:56 Shipments arrive transit center
    America Inwood 2015-11-25 15:06:00 Package Shipped From Client
    China 2015-11-25 22:33:24 SF cargo has left the transit center
    China 2015-11-25 22:20:39 Cargo transshipment center has reached SF
    China 2015-11-19 14:35:13 Electronic information has been received

  22. On geekbuying I have ordered New Original Xiaomi Piston III Youth Edition Order Date: 11/13/2015, still processing.
    Support manager have told that need a week to get this item and the reason is that this item is very popular. So all these stores are selling “AIR” and do not have normal warehouse and stock rules.

  23. I get the feeling that some of these tracking#s are just made up…
    I ordered a Teclast X98 Air 3G from Gearbest 19/9. It took 30 days to arrive, according to the tracking# it went to Netherlands Amsterdam, then to USA New York, then to USA Boston, then back to USA New York which was it’s final destination. 3 days later, it arrive to me here in the UK, tracking# was the correctly provided one?! When I queried it with Gearbest, about 14 days after they dispatched it and when I noticed that according to tracking it was in USA, I was just told to hang in there…

    I ordered another Teclast X98 Air 3G from Gearbest on 11/11, shipped out on the 13th, according to tracking# it’s in Netherlands Amsterdam sorting central since 25/11… Let’s see if this one goes on the USA as well…

  24. Well my Teclast x16 pro was delayed due to no stock as everyone knows. However my seller told me last week he had just received stock and sent me pics of both the pro and power models. It was supposedly sent out a week ago but the tracking number still isn’t working and I have asked seller to clarify what is happening and to either send it out asap or refund me. He also told me that the keyboard and stylus were both delayed and he would be sending this at a later date as soon as stock became available. I’m starting to think there’s more chance of winning the lottery than getting a valid tracking number out of an Aliexpress seller!

    • Yeah it’s just a huge big lottery Aliexpress. At least BG etc are more up front and we have PayPal to back us up. My X16 Pro is meant to be with DHL customs. The keyboard I ordered with not coming until the end of next week. (Not the sellers fault) But still they need more transparency with us customers.

      • Well I though I was lucky with my seller as communication has been very good and he kept me informed all the way and it does seem that there is a delay with the keyboard. I also asked if windows was a genuine copy or a hacked version and he assured me it was legit. Can’t wait to see your first impressions of this tablet and if taking a chance on it was worth the gamble for me!

      • I hope you get your X16 Pro before mine and are able to post a quick review

  25. I bought the cube i7 stylus the 11.11 and my NL Post tracking number does work. Today the parcel has arrived to the PostNL sorting center so I hope I will have it next week.

  26. I have ordered Teclast x70r from gearbest on 19 september with discount, still processing. I hope they will send it this week.
    And X98 air III from aliexpress store 104718. This seller send me really fast via dhl for about 5 eur only!
    I think that problem is only with new models, because seller list device, get money for example 100 pcs of device and then buy from factory. Because this quantity is really low for factory, he gets devices last after giant companies like gearbest or banggood.

  27. I’m mostly buying from Geekbuying these days. No hassles, almost no bullshit, and they did fix one of my gizmos when it broke.

  28. BTW, ordered the Meizu m2 on 11.11 and got it already. Very nice for 110$!

  29. I haven’t received my cube i7 stylus. Tracking info results in error. I’ve contacted them twice and they have told me the order has been handed over to DHL and that the tracking will update shortly, which it hasn’t.
    If it hasn’t updated by tomorrow I will cancel the order and buy from bang good or gearbest as the price wasn’t much more anyway.

    The Chuwi Hi10 is back in their sale tomorrow and picking up some heat but god knows how they will fulfill these orders if they haven’t even fulfilled the pre orders yet.

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