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Onda v919 3G Core M Unboxing And First Impressions

Onda v919 3G Core M Unboxing And First Impressions

My Onda v919 3G Core M arrived today, in case you haven’t heard of this one. It’s the first Core M retina 9.7″ 4: 3 tablet and the first one to have a true dual boot Android 5.0 lollipop set up and not emulated. My unit came with Windows 10 Home China on it, it’s strictly Chinese only so I was forced to do a fresh Windows 10 install in order to get English. Not exactly off to a good start. Later units look to ship with Android 5.0 and Windows, but single OS owners like myself can flash dual boot if you want to take the risk. I will do this at a later stage.

So far my first impressions are as follows:


  • Build seems good, better than the V919 Air 3G Dual OS (similar look)
  • Nice size and slim for a Core M tablet
  • Benchmarks the same as other Core M’s I have tested



  • Chinese only Windows 10 image
  • USB 2.0 port and not USB 3.0 which all other Core M’s have.
  • Mono speaker which isn’t very loud


It’s early days yet, but overall positive apart from the Chinese issue. I’ll be putting the tablet through my review process,  benchmark and gaming tests. So keep an eye out for those in our YouTube channel before the review is live.

The Onda V919 can be brought for $389 here but be warned, it’s Chinese only for now.

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  1. Hi Chris, I bought the Onda V919 Core M dual OS but have trouble installing English windows 8.1. Can you help. My direct contact is [email protected]

  2. Does the Android on this tablet is running inside a VM within windows? Or the Android is installed on the tablet?

  3. hi chris,when compare this tablet to the teclast x98 pro which one is better?

  4. hey chris,izit this tablet very bad?

  5. I’m very curious about this one and eagerly awaiting the review.

  6. Hey there Chris, I just want to let you know that there is no need to purchase another copy of windows. I know of a simple but kind of lengthy process to permanently activate windows 10. I used this method on my Onda. Since you rightfully own a licensed copy of windows that came with the tablet, this method is fine to use. I can make a list of directions to do so and send it to you, but I’m only worried that people would use it in a wrong manner and abuse it.

  7. Thanks for the preview! Is it possible to to install the English Windows 10 using the supplied licence, or are you forced to pay for an additional licence?

    • No I tried the key and it will only work on the Chinese single OS Windows 10 version.

  8. Can’t wait to see thermals and battery life results for this one. Thanks again for your coverage Chris.

    • me too, chris can tell us the thermal and battery life?

      • Working on it. And the battery life is around 4 hours, maybe a bit more a little disappointing. About an hour less than other Core M’s reviewed. It does have a smaller battery. I’ll have some videos soon, just a bit busy. But hopefully, the review in a week.

        • Thanks Chris – didn’t mean to rush you. Frankly I’m amazed by the time you dedicate to these reviews. I’m not sure whether I’ve suggested this before, but you should add a donate button to your site (I’ve already whitelisted it on Adblock).

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