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Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 on the Teclast X98 Air 3G

Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 on the Teclast X98 Air 3G

I conducted a little experiment today, I pitted a recently updated X98 Air 3G running Windows 10 Home against another X98 Air 3G with the original Windows 8.1 Bing image. Both tablets are the C5J6 model and have identical 64GB Samsung eMMC drives. The results are in my short video below:

Note* Both machines were run on battery power and both left to cool between the benchmarks.

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  1. We have the choice between a windows 8.1 or windows 10 tablet. Which should we choose?

    From this test it looks like windows 10 should be avoided. The boot speed in particular is very disappointing in Windows 10. Why bother with windows 10 when it has these problems?

  2. Hi, I have Teclast Air 2 (32Gb only windows and no 3g) and I have upgraded by the notification from windows 8, but the touchscreen is crazy it register some other touches randomly, Do you know how can I fix this?

  3. So did Teclast finally switched to faster Samsung EMMC drives?

  4. Hi Chris,

    I’m having a problem reinstalling windows(10) on my HG9M, I’ve looked at your video tutorial, the one about installing dualboot, bios, android and I get stuck when choosing “custom installation of windows” as I then get to choose which partition I should use, since I still have all my Android partition(s) (and I want to keep Android) I choose the old windows partition (38GB) worth mentioning is that I had to delete it first to get about 38GB unallocated space and then I had to choose this unallocated space to install on, but doing this brings up a message on the installer saying “the partitions on the disc selected for installation are not in the recommended order…..” and you have an option to cancel or proceed anyway, ignoring this and selecting OK gets you to the next point when the installer should start to copy files, but this never starts (0%) instead the installer throws a prompt saying “windows detected that the EFI system partition was formatted in NTFS. Format the EFI system partition in FAT32 and restart the installation”

    In total I have 18 partitions (all as factory) the first one is a ESP partition (64MB) which is a “system” partition from the original (factory) installation, it looks important so I haven’t touched it. Then partition 17 also looks important, “MSR reserved” 128MB, again, I haven’t touched it, and partition 16 is “system” 100MB, all of them from factory default, as I have not touched them, the only partition I deleted was partition 18 where the old windows was, this is now the unallocated space which I can’t install to… Any ideas what I should do? Which partition should I get rid of to get windows to install and I would as mentioned like to keep my Android part?

  5. Hope MS will address this speed deficit with updates soon. Having said that, it still feels snappy on my z3795 tablet – maybe because it has more RAM.

  6. Would you kindly post the wallpaper? I reinstalled 8.1 and cannot find it anywhere online.

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