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Cube i6 Remix – Cheapest Retina Remix OS Tablet

Cube i6 Remix – Cheapest Retina Remix OS Tablet

Cube have announced on their Weibo, the Cube i6 Remix is coming. It’s basically the same tablet as the Cube i6 I reviewed a while ago, but in white and instead of Android 4.4.4 and Windows 8.1 you have Remix as the OS. I do hope they ship it with Remix 2.0 (based off Android 5)

And the price? well a cool 699 yuan, that’s around $110 usd in China. Online retailers will no doubt sell this for $120-130. Which has to be the cheapest Remix tablet out and one that has a nice build and a sharp 264ppi LG IGZO Retina panel.

Source: Weibo

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  1. Android 4.4?

    • 4.4.4 Remix 1.0 though it did update something when I got it. Works with all Play Store apps I’ve tried. While I see various Remix projects on XDA, there’s nothing I feel I’m missing here. Basic screen is not all super sleek Lollipop but apps are clear, web pages and video perfect. Sound isn’t bad either. Weird that audio is better with that trifold case on than off, plus works well with bluetooth devices.
      Wifi reach isn’t the greatest, but about par for the Cube and Teclast I’ve tried.
      Overall, two things I’d really like to see in all these tablets is speaker and wifi mods to make them better. I see on parts for $8-9 from name brand tablets and phones like the HTC speakers and wifi antenna from ipad4 and wonder if they can be used?

  2. My wife won’t give me back my Remix Cube i6 that came in the mail 2 hours ago! I did have about 5 minutes to myself with it and it’s wonderful. Snappy quick, easy peasy, takes a moment to find anything. Dang it Chris, why did I ever listen to you and buy a Windows 10 tablet… except now I have that one to myself since the Remix i6 has been abducted. Ah, now I see your logic!

  3. Ordered it! $129 But never used Tinydeal before but the only place it was available and there was only one. Fingers crossed. Says Remix based on android 4.4 but gonna look around, guess xda, for update.

  4. is this hardware based OS, really meaning can I go Android or Windows 10 if I want to change the OS?

  5. And no firmware upgrades……

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