ASUS Transformer Book T100HA Review (Video)

ASUS Transformer Book T100HA Review (Video)

Recently I picked up a Transformer Book T100HA, it’s got the same Atom X5 Z8500 and 4GB as the X98 Pro. So I thought it would be a good comparison. Often I post reviews and other interesting things just on the YouTube channel. Like this Asus Transformer Book T100HA review video below.

While issues with the touch screen have forced me to have to return this unit. I’m not bothering with a full review of this tablet for various reasons. What is interesting to note is the X5 Z8500 has the exact same thermal throttling at 86 degrees as the Teclast X98 Pro. So it seems the Cherry Trail’s are much hotter due to the graphics power increase over the Bay Trail. What surprised me is the X98 Pro clearly outperformed the T100HA and this was before my heatsink mod. It looks as if ASUS tweaked things back in order to get that great battery life the T100HA has.

While the tablet isn’t all bad, I found the following (To summarize):


  • The screen is very bright and fully laminated.
  • The keyboard while small is, is very practical
  • The speakers are very loud, there is even some  hint of bass.
  • Battery life is great, around 8-9 hours of web use.
  • Nice size the tablet and weight is okay
  • Metal rear housing
  • Decent performance and multitasking for an Atom.



  • Just like the X98 Pro, it reaches 86 degrees and triggers thermal throttling. 
  • Only 37GB free on the 64GB model
  • Full of ASUS bloatware and preinstalled crap
  • 1280 x 800 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. (Low Pixel count)
  • Keyboard is a little flimsy and average touchpad
  • My unit has a defective touch screen (Ghost touch issues)
  • Wifi is slower than most Chinese tablets tested.
  • Slow to charge, slower than the X98 Pro


The ASUS Transformer Book T100HA cost me 350 euros from and the Teclast X98 Pro around 206 Euros from here. So a big difference in price there. Of course they are two very different tablets for different purposes.

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  1. After having a lot of problems with my X98 pro I returned it. I really did like it when it worked but for me it was very unstable. I just bought the Asus t100ha from the Microsoft store and am rather happy. Since I bought it from the MS store it is a signature edition and has no bloatware at all. It has over 47gb free space. It also comes with accidental damage protection for drops, spills, etc. A one year warranty as well. It cost $300 and has a keyboard included. The teclast cost me $250 with no keyboard. I just got mine and it does not have any issues with the touch screen except maybe being a little finicky registering touch’s sometimes although a calibration helped that a bit. Mine does not get nearly as hot as the Teclast used to. It seems pretty snappy performance wise. The screen is not as nice as the Teclast which is a shame. The build quality on mine seems very good but not as nice as the Teclast and the dock certainly is going to scratch the tablet. Overall for $50 more than the Teclast I get a really good warranty even if I drop it, a nice keyboard, decent software implementation that is stable and no malware or bloatware I am very happy. Maybe I just got a lemon but it will be a while until I try Teclast again. My experience with Cube has been much better. It may also be due to the dual boot feature. When I used to dual boot Linux and Windows I always would have problems eventually. Either way I think the Asus is a pretty good tablet. It is not perfect but for the cost it is pretty good. If they dropped the price about $25-$50 it would be a steal.

  2. Um, on a heat note notebookcheck listed their max for the t100ha pushing 83C under stress, so imnho 86C unmodded for the x98 pro wasn’t that bad, and 83C modded was pretty good. That said the T100HA is $300 in the US from Amazon with the more realistically useful screen resolution of 1280×800, keyboard, legit windows, and minor build improvements over the x98 pro probably really makes it a better overall deal.

    The only real negatives that I saw were on a site that amazingly I’ve already forgotten the name of, but their biggest thing was that it wasn’t a fashion accessory, i.e. it didn’t look ‘sexy’ enough. Go figure. (I bet that they double the review ratings for apple and other overpriced products because they ARE just fashion accessories rather than priced for what they are and what they are capable of doing…yes i find apple, m$, and google hardware to be egregiously overpriced for what they are since I could care less whether they’re a fashion accessory or not…)

    • OK replying to myself, but further watching the vid, I see that you managed to get up to 85C on that, so I’m thinking like you that that is endemic of the cherry trails, high heat.

      WiFi signal strength. I briefly had a T300 chi(5y10 cheapo version) and it also had poor wifi performance in both bandwidth and range, and also had the aluminum shell, HOWEVER on that it did help a GREAT DEAL with the core m thermals v. say my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140(5y10 low end) BUT with core m that doesn’t make much of a difference as they’ll ALL throttle before long w/o active cooling, which makes me wonder about all the different skus and whyintel bothered as there’s no real world difference between any of them ATM, AND they priced them all the same apparently… or stupidly high $280 when they came out. As a reference I paid $50 less than that for a i7-4770k a few months after release…

      Now back to the T100HA. You are probably right about BIOS limiting performance as just before I returned the T300 chi I was rerunning prime95 IIRC and noticed that the T300 chi was throttling to c. 4.6W on battery while the 7140 was running close to 6W. On AC BOTH would run up to c. 12W. (via hwinfo), T300 chi BIOS was original so that behavior MAY have changed in more recent versions. The 7140 was on the A01 BIOS when I tested, and I just recently updated it to A08 but have not retested that as well, if I want performance I’ll use one of my i7-4800mq notebooks w/dGPUs… BUT they only manage 3.5h or so of batt runtime(and the 13″ throttles thermally as well eventually Sager NP7330(clevo w230st) & NP8250-S(clevo I forget P157SM maybe) respectively)

      • hey man, I want to buy a 2 on 1 tablet but which is better, this or the t300 chi? thanks 🙂

    • Fastcharge: check your PSU. If it’s like the one for my zenfone 2(z3580/4GB RAM/64GB storage) if it’s NOT clipped tightly together(the zf2 charger has a removable plug section, presumably so they can ship barrel plugs for europe, etc.) but initially when I put mine together apparently it wasn’t quite fitting right and never was fast charging. When it works the zf2 charges from close to 0% to 60% in less than an hour.

      Failing the PSU assembly check that your charger connection to the port is all the way in and that you’re using the right port and the ASUS provided charger/cabling. Ageneric charger/cable will NOT do fast charging, you’ll have to use the ASUS PSU/cable or another fast charge capable charger/cable setup.

  3. I’ll have a Teclast X98 Pro Vs ASUS T100HA comparison video coming soon too. So keep an eye on the YouTube channel if interseted. Shame this T100HA was a bit of a disappointment and my unit faulty!

    • thats sad to hear, i wonder the faulty touch screen is isolated case or mostly are like that. When hearing about the thermal throttling i was shock, partly because I though asus will be careful enough unlike chinese brand, but it seems asus t100ha worst than teclast after you mention the chargine is slower than teclast. I regret cancelling my teclast order

      • I know, I expected it to be better and at least not throttle, but it would seem the X8500 is one hot chip. Be interesting to see how the other Cherry Trails handle the heat. The only reason I think my Surface 3’s X7 Z8700 didn’t throttle as MS use the whole rear of the casing as a super large heat sink.

    • well, having the old tf101 and looking at this latest tablet from asus, i think that most unit will be defective in one way or another. shame on asus for the extremely poor build quality

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