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Cube i7 Stylus 11/11 Sale, Only $285.99

Cube i7 Stylus 11/11 Sale, Only $285.99

Aliexpress is known for their big 11.11 sale, looking at the featured Brands for 11.11 Cube will be selling the i7 Stylus for $285 (Thanks to Leon for pointing this out) That’s not a bad deal at all for a Core M 5Y10 4GB Windows 10 tablet with Wacom stylus support. You’ll not find a Core M tablet cheaper than this, but it’s only on the 11th of November and limited to 3,000 units.

Hopefully, Cube can handle this sale a little better than the last one and ship the tablets out fast and without KMSPico activation. I’m sure they wouldn’t do that again!

The i7 Stylus I rate as one of the best tablets out of China for performance and quality for the price, if you haven’t already, take a look at my Cube i7 Stylus review so you know all the ins and outs of the tablet before the sale (If interested)

Cube i7 Stylus 11.11 sale page.

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  1. Hey Guys

    I picked up an i7 stylus, but stuck with Chinese Windows, and I’m having difficulties while trying to change to English Windows!

    Please help!

  2. Do not buy from the vendor mentioned here “Shenzhen Ele Technology Limited” from AliExpress. They sold me counterfeit cube i7 stylus pen and a defective screen protector which doesn’t have any sticky side (just a plastic sheet) and even acknowledged selling bad quality stuff but saying they “hoped I accepted because they’re making little profit”. And now they’re trying administrative moves to delay my refund.

    Ridiculous, don’t buy from them! don’t get deceived!

    • I bought from them, I still didn’t receive it. I hope it will be original parts!!

  3. Hi dude, do you know the exact size of the A\C plugged in the tablet? I ordered it but I want to replace the orrible charger (with EU adapter) and I found a USB wire to AC plug that can be attached directly in a std smartphone 2A charger… Will it work? Any doubts?

  4. Hi to all,
    I am really interested in Cube i7 Stylus… I want to ask you all if it is WiDi capable Tablet?
    And if you had to buy one of the Cube i7 stylus, Teclast X98 air 3g or Teclast X2 pro which will you buy considering the price, the hardware and the battery?

    Thank you all and I want your answers to find out what I am gona buy…

  5. Hi Chris!
    What’s your opinion about the wear out of the tablet? Is time still generous with it? Because i think i will buy one of these on the sale.

    • Wear isn’t the best, the paint on the rear of the keyboard and case is prone to scratches. The glass isn’t scratch resistant, so a screen protector is advised.

  6. But what’s the deal with the battery?
    One place states 9000mah , another states 4500mah. The seller says it’s 4500mah (wrote me private message).
    So.. which is it…?

    Also, is it possible to get Dual Boot on this one ?

  7. hey chris
    will the tablet only be on sale or the hole combo with keyboard?
    because this seller sales the pack with keybaord a bit expensive like 65euro the keyboard
    and how about windows 10 activation problems?

  8. Hi Chris, is the on-sale Cube i7 stylus installed with dual boot of win 10 and Android. If it comes with win 10 only, can it be upgraded to dual boot afterward (by rooting?) and how to do it. My friend showed me his cube i7 (newly bought from GearBest last week), the stylus performs very well as the comments made in your review. But it is win 10 instead of dual boot.

    • i7 Stylus comes only with Win10.

    • I am planning on using or another emulator. Most of the time I want Windows but I would like to be able to Access Android applications.

      There are free emulators as well. I’ll probably try a few of them and pick the best one. Will send Chris a message when I have tried them… FYI the main issue using one seems to be that they use a LOT more battery and I assume also produce more heat.

      From what I can tell no Core M tablets support Android. My guess is that Intel does not want them to run Android since they want to target it at a higher market.

  9. Hi Chris, how are you ? I’m pleased to hear this news and looks like i will buy one to use with my Vi10. Few question about this tablet:

    1. Is the dock is good in terms of stability support the tablet?
    How many position the stand support?
    Is it magnetic and stable?
    Can it used as a cover like in Chuwi Vi10?

    My Vi10 sometimes lost its connection with the keyboard input if i move the tablet a little. Looks like very little contact bertween pogo pin and contact. I clean the pogo contact with a pencil eraser and it helped a bit.
    2. This tablet use micro or mini HDMI ?

    Thanks Chris.

    • Hi, I’m good and you? Long time! My Vi10 is still going strong and my most used tablet. Hi, it has mini HDMI port and the dock keyboard can be used as a cover when docking it flat. Have a look at my i7 Stylus review, this is a nice step up from the vi10 as it’s twice as fast with a full speed ssd driver and not a slow emmc. The keyboard dock only gives one position. But the quality of its good, much better than the vi10 keyboard you have.

      • i am good, but my Vi10 isn’t, It screen randomly flashes and suddenly death. I am not sure what causing it but i thin the battery is having a problem. It runs normal when i plugged in the charger, but when i am using without charger, the problem appear again.Tthe flashes seems related with CPU load. I mean when CPU is stepping up the frequency/loading something/scrolling screen. my screen flashes and 3 out of 4 times, it is suddenly turned off.


  10. Some of these are really good deals except you don’t know if the Windows copy is legit or not. And if there is hardware issue, how and where you you get warranty support. They are good toys for hacking and experimenting. In fact, Costco was and may still be selling online a NuVision 9″ (I think that’s the name) Win 8.1 tablet that i almost identical to the Teclast x98 air for $250. Boguth one and played with it for a month. Worked with many iPad air 1 accessaries as the dimentions are identiacle except it was a fraction of an MM thicker. It was an excellent tab but with little hardware support. Burnt down fresh with Win 10 teh screen touch is completely out of calibration. There was no driver to be found. With these concerns and as I needed a reliable machine for my wife whom has no interest in hacking with toys, I bought an Asus T300Chi 2-in-1 with Core M, 4 GB ram and 128 SSD from Microsoft online store a few months ago for $379 USD on sale, wih MS signature build. Zero bloatware. This baby is still sold for around 550 on line now. She carries it for work on teh road and loves it. I bought myself an Acer REVO HTPC a few years back for about half of street price. MS store has this kind of sales relatively frequently. Is a good place to look for clean and legit PCs.

    • The nice thing about actually living in China is that the support over here is actually amazing (which is partially why the put up with crap products). Generally if the tablet dies in the first year or two depending on the warranty you ship it back and they send you a new one. They are generally tell you if Windows will be fake or real if you ask them. When you buy stuff online they always throw in bonus gifts, etc. Drives are still an issue but it really is a different experience having a Chinese tablet in China where the support is much better.

    • Cube have confirmed it’s got Windows 10 with a real license:

  11. Just FYI in China on the same day you can buy the Cube i7 Stylus with 128 GB storage for $395 although I think it comes with the keyboard, pen and case.

  12. Now, this one definitely beats any Cherry Trail deal!

    • My thoughts exactly and it’s one of the best tablets I have reviewed. I wouldn’t bother with an Atom tablet if this is only around $50 off the price of say the X98 Pro.

  13. There’s also a pretty good price for the Teclast X98 Pro – 209.9$

    There are 5000 units available. I wonder which batch and whats eMMC chip they have,

    • Be the K9C6 dual boot. Still the latest apparently, eMMC is anyone’s guess but Samsung I hope or Hynix.

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