Teclast X16 Pro – Business focused 11.6″ X5 Z8500, USB 3.0 and Keyboard Dock (Updated)

Teclast X16 Pro – Business focused 11.6″ X5 Z8500, USB 3.0 and Keyboard Dock (Updated)

Teclast has announced, their 4th new Atom Cherry Trail tablet this month. The X16 Pro and it’s aimed directly at the Chuwi Hi10 I think. Remember the X16HD I reviewed? Maybe not, well this is the updated version with the new X5 Z8500 and a standard (full sized?) USB 3.0 port.

It’s doing to be a dual boot system with Windows 10/Android 5, with 4GB of ram, 64GB eMMC and active stylus support. Let’s hope they add a copper heatsink to the hot Atom X5 Z8500. No word on the pricing or release date. When I find out, I’ll let you know.

Update 25th Oct: The release date looks to be the 30th of November I saw on the Teclast Forum, so I don’t see this shipping out until December at least. I will do my best to get my hands on this model. As it personally interests me. It covers, specs I want in a cheap travel/work tablet. 4GB ram, keyboard, full sized USB 3 port and hopefully good battery life. 1920 x 1080 I find is still good on a tablet, even at 11.6″ as you have no scaling issues.

Since it is over 10″ I don’t think this will ship with Windows 10 Home. But that cheaper Windows 10 Chinese only version the X2 Pro had I reviewed. The price I guess will be in the $260-$300 range with the keyboard.

The official page is here.

Teclast X16 Pro

Teclast’s Weibo translated:

Super business tablet Taipower X16 Pro is coming! X16 Pro selection Cherry Trail T4 Z8500 high performance Intel processor, clocked at up to 2.24GHz; built-in Intel graphics eighth Desktop HD Graphics; with 4GB dual channel LPDDR3 Low Power Memory and 64GB eMMC Flash; 11.6 inches original handwriting handwriting 1920×1080 Full HD IPS screen, can be equipped with a key switch in Windows10 / Andriod operating system!

Teclast X16 Pro X5 Z8500 4GB Teclast X16 Pro X5 Z8500 4GB 3 Teclast X16 Pro X5 Z8500 4GB 2

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  1. Order for X98pro canceled. Now waiting for Chuwi Hi10 review or waiting to this one. This is really tempting but hope it won’t have so many issues as a X98 pro.

  2. “Since it is over 10″ I don’t think this will ship with Windows 10 Home. But that cheaper Windows 10 Chinese only version”.. Could you elaborate please? How does a screen size affect the choice for the operating system version? Thanks!

    • MS charge licencing fee for OEM’s according to the screen size I was told. Under I think it’s 10.6″ it’s cheaper. But if it’s a larger 11.6″ screen like this one for example, they have to pay a lot more to get Windows 10 Home that supports multi-language, the Chinese only version is much cheaper for them and only meant for China.

      • Hmm.. didn’t know that. Thanks for the reply.

      • That’s true Chris. Just 2 days ago Onda told us that V919 CORE M is Windows 10 Home multi-language version; But V116w Core M if they want it to be pre-installed with the same OS, the price is 150RMB more.

  3. This thing has an active stylus?

    • Two things…
      1) you know how to use Google, right?
      2) not only does it show a stylus in the picture, but it explicitly says “active stylus support”

      Why do you post questions when you cannot even be bothered to read the article?

      • Two things…

        1) Some of us are in third world countries conserving data. I don’t load all pics all the time on my phone.
        2) It was more of a shocked question.

        Thanks for your reply though. It was really nice.

      • That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think??

  4. Too bad it doesn’t have a retina display 🙁

    • Why, so it can have lower performance for nothing. Don’t be such a marketing sucker for the PPI game.
      Brightness, contrast, and overall device performance and battery life are more usability relevant.
      1920×1080 is not enough on a 11″ screen? Are you looking through a magnifying glass?

      • IMO paying for a super high rez screen that at normal viewing distance you cannot tell, is just wasted money that could be better spent on other things – more memory, faster processor, more features, better build quality (more durable), etc.

        • for me high resolution display is a MUST nowadays.
          Once you get used to the quality of these displays (Ipads, Samsung Note 4, 3K and 4K laptops) like the ones I have, i simply can’t imagine using a lower resolution.
          The experience overall is better in a whole new level, being it viewing/editing photos, browsing the web, or general use.
          Since Windows 8/10 are handling better higher DPIs, I’m not going to compromise this, even if it means lower performance or battery life.

          That’s just my opinion, and the reason I’m considering the X1 Pro. Too bad it’s really expensive.

          • So Kamal, where is the limit though… for you? Is a 2K screen enough? 4K? You know they are working on 8K now, right? Also, I wonder in the examples you mentioned if the quality improvement you notice in those devices is *only* a result of the higher pixel density, or… it’s also due to other superior characteristics like contrast, brightness, and other things.

          • I agree with you, but i think the PPI matters as long as we are in the sub 300PPI (which we are). Another thing is that as far as I know, LG makes the retina display.. But I have no idea who makes the FHD screen.

          • @Gal Root It would be an AUO (Au Optronics) IPS panel as seen in the other 11.6″ tablets, they all tend to use the same hardware. It’s a bright panel, and can go up to 400nits if the bios allows it to.

          • @Chris 400? That’s impressive..

          • You can’t even see difference! Well ok you can see it when you look really close, but who does that?

          • @gal-root Yes, if it’s that panel it can do 400+ as seen on the Onda v116w Core M I tested a while back. But Teclast might cap it at less to save the battery life.

      • I second your opinion, what’s the fuss. If that someone wants a quality tablet , buy a surface pro then. Don’t expect Chinese tablet manufacturer to come to that surface pro quality and pay next to nothing. Talk is cheap, better talk some sense. I have a x98 air 3G , perfectly happy with it despite some forgivable flaws on Android side ( updated to Mirek 190) and quality of the screen which is not scratch proof, smudge. Important thing it does the work, not buggy for both OS,price is justified. I use this tablet 95% of the time compared to my laptop, now just collecting dust and a bit of heavy work. So what’s the fuss.

  5. Official page info http://www.teclast.com/zt/X16Pro/
    I hope for big battery like 10 000mAh and bigger.

  6. Hello Chris
    Is this tablet pc already out in the market?
    Can you make a review with this tablet?

    • sometimes I wonder if people read the article before posting…

    • Looks like it will be out in December, I will try to review this one.

  7. Chris, I’ve read that eMMC memory runs slower than SSD. Have you found that to be true? Does it matter much in real world functioning? Or, it’s not all that big of a difference and is “OK” given the low cost of these devices?

    • eMMC is just an Embedded Multi Media Card (eMMC), best rates I have seen are 200 mb/s read and about 120 write. But they are about 5 times slower than a sata3 SSD. And yes, I see the difference in the real world. But only really when transferring files to and from the tablet. You see it more on tablets that have USB 3 ports like the Surface 3, that’s its bottleneck. For example, the Chuwi Hi8 with a slow brand BWIN eMMC didn’t boot any slower than one with a Hynix or Samsung eMMC.

      • @chris
        hello. i got the chuwi hi8 few days ago and it come with win10/android 4.4.4. read and watch your review of chuwi hi8, you said the emmc pretty slow make me think twice to buy it. but then i was like “sub $100 tablet with nice display. what else you can expect”. and then i download crystaldiskmark to test. and here’s the result. so i think your tablet with the slow emmc are the first batch. and mine are the second batch or idk.


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