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Teclast X16 Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

Teclast X16 Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

My X16 Pro order showed up today, I didn’t expect it as the tracking number I had for the order wasn’t this one. But all good. I got the keyboard, no stylus. But I will try and get one asap.

  • Good build quality, what I’ve come to expect from Teclast
  • Screen is fine, 1080p on an 11.6″ screen isn’t the sharpest, but still okay to me.
  • Bezels are large, the bottom bezel is massive. More so coming from a Surface Pro 4
  • Android has Play Store and it works.
  • Android Rom DPI isn’t the best, looks a little blurry.
  • Android Rom is the typical Teclast affair, custom launcher and bloatware (99% can be uninstalled)
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit with 21.1 GB free on first boot.
  • Heavy at 877 grams / 1.93 pounds
  • Keyboard cover is a dust magnet, similar material to the Pipo W3/W3F keyboard
  • The keyboard is good to type on and build quality is high.
  • Overall the tablet feels fast, faster than the X98 Pro even and quick to respond to touch.
  • Speakers sound fairly loud and better than the X98 Plus and X98 Pro’s (At least in Android)
  • 37 degrees max temps in Android after rounds of non-stop benchmarking. (Windows I will check)
  • Cameras are off centered from some reason, looks a bit odd.
  • Will not charge via the microUSB port.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Good day! I am looking for a larger screen tablet, preferably dual boot, but as fast as I can get today. I am looking at the Teclast x2 128 GB and the Teclast x16 Power if I can get it. I am heavily invested in the Android ecosystem but still would like to get the fastest and best value for my money. Any suggestions? I am probably the very occasional Windows user with a penchant for rooting all of my devices. Should I just be patient and wait for Core M Dual Boots to be introduced to market? Still leaning toward an x16 Power……

  2. Oh darn… Gearbest’s deal on the X16 Pro was real. They just changed it from 250$ to 268$.
    It’s hard to know these days what is a real offer and what is fake (raising prices before the holidays and then offer discounts).

  3. Is that the english windows or chinese language windows only?

    • Windows is English and chinesse… I think it’s the full multilingual pack. Need to check;-) but all mine is english for now;-)

    • Windows 10 Home, Int’l version that’s multilanguage with the downloadable packs.

  4. Can the X16 Pro be charged using the Micro USB\ USB port? I like to have options if the charger breaks… Even if it will be slow, is it possible?

  5. Hi there Chris. Hey this is a completely unrelated question, but your a guy who knows his tablets, so I was really hoping you could help.
    I’m looking for a tablet model for the elderly. They found the air III, to be a little too heavy, and the volume a little quiet. I suspect they would find an eight inch to be too hard to read. So I am looking for something android, capable. Solid build, good speaker volume. Bigger than eight inch, bright – but lighter than the air III. Preferably chuwi, teclast, cube. Any ideas?
    Would appreciate any thoughts there. Also must be cheaper. If you do help, cheers man!

    • Maybe the Chuwi Vi10? All I can think off, the others the speakers are too quiet. Well the X98 Air 3G speakers seem a little louder.

      • Thanks Chris. That addresses the speaker volume nicely. Not the weight but I doubt there are many loud, well built android eight point nine inchers – it’s a rare size. Or are there? Idk. But thanks that’s a good start 🙂

    • They can use a Bluetooth speaker. And the weight problem… I think you’re not going to find a tablet with a big difference, sorry.

  6. Hi Chris, great to see those temps so low (at least in Android), maybe this has a massive heat sink that contributes to it’s weight (we can dream), hopefully those temps haven’t been achieved by lowering the clock speeds. Mine still hasn’t arrived and my tracking number still doesn’t work 🙁

    • Still need to run my tests in Windows to see if it gets too hot or not. The X98 Pro ran about 40 degrees max in Android, yet 86 in Windows.

  7. Hi, it has gps?

    • *does it have

    • No GPS.

      • Gearbest some reason assure that the GPS there. Strange …This is their error / fraud?

        By Arnaud Dec-02/2015 04:12:26
        Question: Are you sure about GPS ? Thanks
        Reply: This item has GPS. Please feel free to ask if you have further questions.

        • Well looks like the hardware is there, but in Windows and Android it doesn’t work. Safe to say no GPS.

          • Thanks!

          • Hey Chris,

            So I got mine on December 1st and zero major issues thus far.

            Based on how I use tablets I can’t see that i’d be able to cause any heat issue in windows I exclusively game on Android, but, maybe I’d peruse my XBox access in windows and see what can be done and how it performs.

            What I don’t like on the Android side is that Teclast have removed the Storage Setting feature so I cannot tell the tablet to save to the 128GB Class10 SDHC.

            In Android I can access and play the movies downloaded on the Windows side off of the card but I cannot save anything downloaded on the Android side to the card! Is there a simple and workable root for the X16 Pro?

            Added to this, the displaying of pages and apps in Android is way to large and switching launchers doesn’t help.

            I’m using Nova Launcher and its the same large display as the stock launcher!

            The Aliexpress app and a couple others display large when opened to the point that the sliding ads that’s to the top of their page which shows the current deals always overlap each other.

            I hope an OTA update fixes these issues in Android and those that I may not have round yet.

            I’m going to test the screen share feature on my Hisense HDTV and see if it connects with the tablet in Android.

            To me, as a first time stylus user, the stylus is super sensitive and gives great user feedback and the buttons on the pen that mimics left and right mouse clicks works as it should, but, trust that info from a more seasoned stylus user as in only using the stylus for drawing purposes.

            I’m currently awaiting receipt of the Keyboard case.

  8. Hi to all, and thank you Chris for this wonderful work! Found it at gearbest over 30usd less than others chinese retailers, http://goo.gl/NIoIVV. Whats your opinion?

  9. Hello,
    Thanks for feedback about play store 😉 what is the available Ram ? 4Go or less ? I have not understand in your video…
    In the spec description in the video ( text) you put the wrong processeur;-)
    Thanks for feedback. Mine is on his way ( monday).

    • 3GB available on first boot, plenty to play with. Yes, I know I put Z8300. There is text to correct that, but it only shows in Youtube.com I think.

      • I get mine today and i have 4Go of ram on windows and Android !!
        I will try to turn it in french ( only english/chinesse now).

  10. Hey Chris,

    Did I call it? Yesterday I left you a comment stating that I hoped you got yours before I got mine so you can post a quick review and today I see you’ve gotten yours and posted your 1st impressions YAY!

    Push it and test it hard and let us know of any flaws detected and any fixes discovered.

    Do you think think the X2 Pro’s Keyboard would work flawlessly with this unit?

    • I’m pushing it through my tests now. Not sure, but I think the X2 keyboard might not work. (Magnets inverted, not even the Chuwi Vi10 will dock with it and the connector is almost identical.

      • How about any of the Surface keyboards, will they work on the X16 Pro?

        Any proven suggestions would work as well.

        I just want to avoid the dust magnet that they made for it if I can.

        BTW great video review on the YouTube channel waiting to see the Windows side of the tests.

        Still didn’t get the tracking number from the seller but DHL called yesterday and I’m getting mine tomorrow!

  11. Hi Chris,
    do the 877g include the keyboard?
    Specs say 600g for the tablet (w/o keyboard).

    • 877g is tablet only excluding keyboard. Video 5:34.
      What make this so heavy, mainly to do with the large screen?

      • Yes, it’s a heavy tablet. The metal rear body, wacom digitizer panel and the screen. Battery weight too. Specs always lie on weight and thickness in Chinese false advertising seems the norm.

        • 877 grams are almost a showstopper.
          For X98 Teclast specified the correct weight (525g) but for X16 pro they “forgot” 46%.

          • *The presented you with 46% of free material. Be grateful , it’s Thanksgiving 🙂

          • I don’t think that’s too bad, my 9.7″ Onda weighs in at 800g and this has 2″ more screen and undoubtedly better build quality! Lets be honest, you don’t buy an 11.6″ tablet for portability as it’s getting close to laptop sizes.

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