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Onda V919 Air CH Review from IMP3.net

Onda V919 Air CH Gets A Review.

Onda V919 Air CH Review from IMP3.net

Mike Cane pointed this review out of the Onda V919 Air 3G, it’s the first V919 Air CH review online and normally I wouldn’t read these reviews specially from a Chinese forum. But at least it’s not from the Onda forum. And since I never plan to review this tablet unless Onda sends it to me, it’s worth a look.


Interesting to note the Atom X5 Z8300 is running 4GB. But only in single channel, so not 2 x 2GB LPDDR3 chips. So around 70-80% less memory bandwidth. The Z8300 only supports single channel I think which is why. The 3DMark11 score he got is about the same as my Onda V820w CH X5 Z8300 I have gets, the extra RAM hasn’t given it a boost which is odd, but maybe due to that single channel of ram.

A 3 minute stress test ?!?! But it still shows after 3 minutes of CPU load hitting 70+ degrees.

A 3 minute stress test ?!?! But it still shows after 3 minutes of CPU load hitting 70+ degrees.

You can read the full translated review here.

I love it how the review only focuses on positive and did it throttle? No idea! The reviewer only checked the external temps of the tablet after 3 minutes of load! Another free tablet from Onda for a glowingly positive review without any negatives mentioned?  The whole reason this site exists after I read a Voyo A1 tablet review in English from Gadgets China dot com type of site (I won’t mention names) which gave the tablet a glowing review, so like a fool I bought it. Turns out the site is run buy a Chinese guy and written in English with an English pen name to look like a western site. And what I received was a piece of crap that you had to press hard on the screen to even get it to register touches.

Which is why I decided to review Chinese tablets since all I found was fake reviews everywhere online…

Chinese tablet news, hands on videos and reviews of the latest Chinese tablets. I don't review or cover just anything, only tablets I think are good enough and worth the attention.


  1. I just bought ONDA V919 Air 9.7″ Retina Screen Windows 10 Android 4.4 Dual OS Z3735F 2GB 32GB Tablet PC w/ Bluetooth HDMI ETC-485136
    i want keep windows 10 untouched but i want to install or update android any time a new version of android releases. problem is i want to keep apps and especially switch os button in my android.

    how can i update or install android 4 to 6.1 without losing apps and switch os button?

    where can i finde firmware android 6.1?

    if i update android must i update bios too?

  2. I have in my hands the ONDA V919 AIR. It came with windows 10 as advertised. But android is only kitkat even though it claims 5.0 lollipop.

    Anyone know how to update it to lollipop? So far, its running nicely. Getting rid of the chinese language is so annoying! I changed all the settings and it still shows chinese in one or two areas like the lockscreen.

  3. Thanks Chris! Keep up the good work!

    I wonder with all the savings they put into all the tablets you tested (no laminated screen, no Gorilla glass, lacking hard- and software, etc.) and no warranty if the hardware fails…is it worth it to save a few dollars? It wouldn’t matter for mini-pcs or barebones. But a tablet is a complete package of very specific hardware and software. Most of all the display. So many things can be made horrible with tablets.

    Moreover shipping time is often long and then you have to pay customs.

    All in all I wonder if it makes more sense to buy HP or some other brand when they have a special sale?

    P.S.: you mention it very often: what is the difference of a laminated screen?

    • There’s some solid brands – teclast, cube, chuwi. Most of their models are really great for the price. In many cases you could buy two chinese tablets for the price of a western brand or thereabouts, making the issue of warranty fairly void. Also, not everyone orders them straight from china, and you can pay a few bob extra for DHL.

      That said, there have been occasional specials on HP steam devices, that have been attractive. Some of the amazon devices are fairly cheap too. Then again, those aren’t premium either, and have the same cost cutting as the chinese tablets – and they tend to cost more, unless there’s a special.

      But spec per price, chinese tablets are generally ahead. In that way, you can a device with surface like power, for half the price (for example the teclast x16 power), or something with decent modern specs and nearly as cheap as a cheap and nasty from a chain store (for example the chuwi hi8 pro or the teclast air series). That makes it an attractive prospect for either people saving dosh, or techies that want powerful gear without it costing the earth.

      Ultimately it comes to your buying philosophy. If I can, I’ll try and buy locally – something I can do, with such products – because of consumer protection and advice. But if I can’t I’ll happily order from overseas in order to get more bang for my buck, whether I am spending a small amount, or a larger amount. Some people prefer their premium products to have massive consumer protection, support, and high grade materials etc – like apple users. Personally I think most of the features of such devices are not worth the money, and you can literally buy almost three chinese tablets for the price of a new ipad. But in the same way, some people buy 100 dollar t-shirts, so they last longer, and don’t de-thread (although fair call, no tablet is going to last that long – lifetime of flash memory and lithium batteries can be as short as 2 years – good reason IMO, to avoid premium pricing)

  4. Here’s the thread from which the review was taken: http://bbs.imp3.net/thread-11249721-1-1.html
    The OP said heat wasn’t an issue, with a surface temp not exceeding 40C while streaming video. Only time will tell if that’s the truth…

    • Yes, but that’s the surface temp after 3 minutes if you read it. My X98 Pro has a surface temp of 37 degrees. But the CPU reaches 86 and throttles jut you can see from that graph it was reaching 75+ just after 3 minutes of CPU stress, if it was CPU/GPU to It would throttle for sure.

      Still even with the throttling it will outperform a Bay Trail Atom.

      • test

        • Posted a comment but it didn’t appear. but anyway retyped:

          – temperature stress test, under 3 minutes of continuous load, there was no cpu temperature alert, the hottest spot on the back of the tablet does not exceed 40 degrees celsius. whole tablet runs generally cool.

          graph shows a starting temperature of between 60 and 90 and maintains it during the 3 minutes of cpu load.

          I am from singapore and i read chinese so that’s what I understood.

      • @chris and @low-weiyou Actually I was referring to the OP’s follow up comment further down the thread, where it says 40C after continuous video streaming. Still not so great if it’s 80C+ on the inside.

  5. Have a honest review is the only way to make these Chinese tablet brands to learn. They can’t make rubbish out and expect us to buy it, until they get it right.

  6. You don’t feel a fool, you do a exellent review!.

  7. One day, one of these Chinese white box manufacturers will make a stunning tablet, they just need to experiment a bit more and not always clone western designs.

    • iFive has done very good models such as the X2 or the Air, with good reviews. For some reason they’re AWOL lately, which is a big shame.

      • And Ramos to I hear. But I haven’t brought these brands. Maybe if they release a nice Cherry Trail I will get one to review.

    • They will one day I think they will come up with something special for a great price. But we are a few years away from that when they start to use laminated displays, Gorilla glass and thinner designs. I still think they will clone the likes of the iPad, Surface and HP X2 tablets etc.

      • Considering most people use their tablets inside, and keep their tablets in cases, is there really a lot of need for gorilla glass in a tablet?

        Personally I’d rather have more powerful and thicker, than always thinner too. I want to use my tablet as a 3 in 1. Laminated displays would be nice though. Still so long as the gap isn’t too bad, its still a good experience.

  8. And we all thank you for that ! Thumbs up!

    • Thanks. Just another fake review to ignore, but at least it’s interesting to note it’s one to avoid! Looks so ugly with massive borders around the screen and that greenish gold color. No thanks.

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