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How to install Google Play Store on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

How to install Google Play Store on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

My Mi Pad 2 originally came with a custom Rom that had Play already installed and multi-language support. Unfortunately, for me when I updated to the latest stable release, I lost Google Play functionality. I had to reinstall it to get it to work pass the connection issue.

It’s not hard to do, just download and install the following GApps apk’s in the order outlined 1-4. If you do already have Play installed. Uninstall it first. If it still doesn’t work clear the caches and reboot.


  • Uninstall Google Play (If installed)
  • Move all the 4 Apks included to the internal storage via USB type-c cable.
  • Install them in the order outlined by 1-4.
  • Reboot the tablet.



Connection issues, try clearing the cache of Google Play. And manually adding a Google account via accounts.


Mega link if Drive is blocking the download: https://mega.nz/#!IVFWWY7L

Google Play For Mi Pad 230.9 MiB6848
Mi Pad 2 Googleinstaller-20.2 MiB4371
Mi Pad 2 Play Store28.7 MiB3913
Mi Pad 2 Play Store Apks35 KiB3731
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  1. My xiaomi mipad2 64GB arrived from geekbuying. It had google play already installed. However, it is not allowing me to download apps . ‘errorcode 963 keeps appearing’ .
    It came with MIUI Global 7.2 Stable (LACCNDA) with Google Play Store pre-installed (so had no way of uninstalling).
    Using Google play store it would download an app – so 90% downloaded, then 100% then would start downloading it again. Eventually times out with Play Store error 924.
    Followed all the instructions of clearing , etc
    I updated to MIUI 8 but it did not have Play Store: http://en.miui.com/download-296.html
    I downloaded your zip files (many thanks) (just unzipped on my PC, used the USB cable to transfer across the 4 .apk files to the MiPad (internal storage folder), then clicked on each of the .apk files in turn).
    Same problem of downloading then re downloading.
    Deleted my google account from other accounts.
    Now when downloading eg. Google Play Books, just sits there (10+ mins) with waiting to download.
    Downloaded kindle app from amazon.com and I can read any ebooks that I’ve purchased from Amazon (but not other ebooks purchased elsewhere).
    Can use MIUI browser, though despite device set to English, search will display often in Chinese.
    Tried the MIUI app store to download Firefox, but FF settings options in Chinese.
    So can read kindle-purchased books, simple browsing – but oh so frustrated.
    I want to use the MiPad to install apps eg. GoPro app, but these I can download only fro Play Store.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi! Installed the Google Play for mipad 2 zip file, it worked great! Youtube Works as it should etc! Thanks alot! 🙂
    But do I need the rest of the zip files as the Google installer for example?! Will it enhance it someway?

    Anyway I thank u alot, after many hours its now working 🙂

  3. Hi Chris.
    My xiaomi mipad2 64GB arrived from gearbest yesterday. It had google play already installed. However, it is not allowing me to download apps . ‘errorcode 963 keeps appearing’ . I have tried to uninstall the app in settings however, it still remains on the tablet . I have tried to follow your steps bus as I am not very skilled with technology I am struggling. How do I move the apps to internal storage? I have attached USB type c cable from laptop to tablet and it’s not giving me the option to move anything.
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    many thanks,

    • If it’s in the ROM then the seller has flashed another ROM with Play, ask them for the fix or try a factory reset and see if that helps.

      • Hi Chris,

        I can’t install the gapp following your instructions.

        I have installed the China rom MIUI 8 6.12.1 I think it is the development rom , I receive update often..

        do you know how should I solve it?

        thank you.

        a lot

    • I did it within the tablet itself and it worked. Download > move to internal storage, not to any folder> extract it within internal storage> Open the extracted folder and install> reboot. Hope it works for u too.

  4. The order of installation is perfect, but please update Google Play Services or it stops during google account setup. The Google Installer 2.0 among your downloads seems to have problems in the order of installation, I have to delete my account, clear caches and re-add my account after installation, or you cannot download apps from Google Store.

    In addition, I am experiencing apps breaking out frequently without warnings, including YouTube. Does anybody know why???

  5. Cant download via mega, need the key for the download.could you fix it please?

  6. Hi can you repost the files again as after download it says the archive is corrupted. I have a Mi Pad 2 as well and can’t seem to find the right version of Play Store.

  7. Hello Chris, can you tell us about the tablet wirless quality ?

  8. Does the Mi Pad 2 bootloader/UEFI allow booting another OS off the usb port? Like how a Windows installation pen drive would boot?
    I ask because I want an x86 tablet on which I can run a Linux distro, ports etc. aren’t really an issue as it’ll just be for hobbyist aims, and the Mi Pad 2’s build and quality is beyond anything else under $300 even.

    • Hi, I don’t think it can, seems locked down. Maybe the Windows 10 version might be able too.

      • Hmmm, ok thanks. Well there is always chroot on Android… I’m honestly torn between this (premium, amazing features, great performance) and the hi8 Pro(hdmi and sd card slot, much cheaper, but question mark over thermals), will look forward to your review of the latter when you’re back in Spain. Cheers

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