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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Announced

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Announced

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is now official and yes, as the rumors suggested it’s running an Atom X5 Z8500, 2GB of Ram. Windows 10 or Android 5.1.

7.9 inches 2048 x 1536 IPS screen and only 6.95mm thin. USB Type-C port. 6190 mAH battery and a light 322 grams.

Without a doubt this looks like it could be the best 7.9- 8″ tablet with an all metal housing, laminated display. The storage options are 16GB eMMC or 64GB.

GearBest has the Mi Pad 2 16GB Android model for just $193 with coupon Pad2WSX

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  1. I could live with 2G Ram.. just want a dual boot BIOS… and maybe a 3g/4g model 😉

  2. Hi Chris,

    any idea (or rumour) if any of the other Chinese players are about to release a 7.9″ tab like this one?

    Currently the Teclast X89 is the closest option but it is running the old Bay-Trail and it’s sort of expensive at around $170 at AliExpress… I’m really looking to get a good 7.9″ “ipad mini clone” with a retina QXGA screen and a SD card slot is a must which
    Xiaomi seem to have omitted, but I can’t find a good option… Any recommendations?

  3. Hey Chris,
    are you going to do a review on this one?

  4. I will say if xiaomi release dual boot foe this device then it will be a winner. We have seen lots of dual boot from some brands but xiaomi brand would be better choice and i will buy one and sounds more reliable at least to me

    • chris please release way to dual boot mi pad 2 if they release it in their forum, coz i dont understand chinese.

      Thank you

  5. Dunno if I’d say ‘the best’

    The HP Pro Tablet 608, while hideous expensive, is an 7.9 with up to:

    4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC. Atom x5-8500 Cherry Trail. 2048 x 1536. Which I think is the dopest 8 inch on the market right now. Also shows that 4gb x5-85000 is perfectly possible, so I think we will see that eventually from the chinese market.

    And there is also the ASUS predator 8. Disappointingly runs android, but it does feature an x7-8700 chipset (with merely 2gb of ram).

    It is however nice to see that the 8 inch, higher than 8300 chipset range is expanding. And this does look like a very nice tablet, and probably has a friendlier price than the HP.

    Please please, chuwi, or teclast, or cube, do one of these 8500’s or 8700’s with an option for 4GB of RAM and 128GB eMMC, usb-c either 7.9 or 8.9 inch. That would be the dopest thing ever.

    • However the Pro Tab 608 has well known heat issues and throttles back below my bay trail in benchmarks (under heavy load). Given the price of the HP, that’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t put that particular tablet in any list of best products. I can’t think of any good reason why anybody should buy one.

  6. Xiaomi is being underdog with this tablet, no hdmi out, no dual boot, no 4GM ram and only small display. The only good thing is it’s build quality and cheap price. It is good to see more competition here.

    • Very light device. Good build quality. Can run Windows. 64 gigs of storage. Nice screen. Fast USB port. Best battery I have seen in an 8″ device. Dual band WiFi.

      Heat is the biggest concern. Obviously, the SD card slot, wireless data, and ram are things people may miss.

      Looking at the other 8″ tablets on the market, this is hardly the underdog. I don’t see any other 8″ tabs running 4gb of ram. I also don’t see any other 8″ tabs with a z8500, a big battery, a great screen–and the whole package weighs less than my current bay trail tablet.

  7. And just for trivial fun… The Hisense Vidaa 8 pad is still the thinnest 8″ tablet, I believe. .66mm thinner than the mipad2.

  8. The 16gb does not have an sdcard slot..

    Mipad vs mipad2

  9. If someone makes a typecover keyboard, NOT a folio with a keyboard thicker than the actual tablet, this will be my next purchase.

    A stylus would also be huge

  10. If it was 9.7″ I wouldn’t think twice. 7.9″ is not very useful with windows 10.

    • Savvy users have no trouble being productive on 8″ Windows tablets.

      • Savvy users can also make it work with a 6″ screen but it’s not as comfortable.

    • No I totally prefer that size. One handed, more portable. If you use a hack that scales up the start bar size, it’s totally comfortable to me. Although 8.9 might be better though. Not a fan of 9.7, its too unweildy, needs two hands, hard to transport.

  11. By the way – Windows 64GB version 1299 yuan. It’s about 203$

  12. i have the first Mipad which i must say is the best android device in terms of power i ever had .
    plays everything smoothly and is built quite well
    I’m gutted they didn’t continue its partnership with Nvidia and go with the X1`chip.
    2gb of ram is a joke in terms of future proof .
    ill pass.

    • Yes the X98 Pro has 4GB of Ram. Xiaomi should have gone with at least 4GB. And the Nvidia X1 would have been nice, but doesn’t support Windows which is why they must have gone for the Intel SoC this time.

      • they shouldn’t have called it a Mipad 2 if they are going along the windows root then. completely different market .

  13. I think is too much resolution to Z8500. And we will pay attention overheating.

  14. http://www.mi.com/mipad2/specs/
    Btw, i could not find any information about an SD Card slot or HDMI within the specs so i am a bit disapointed. But nevertheless i should be a fast and good build quality tablet with Windows 10. Also there is support for WiDi/Miracast for mirroring screens to your display.

    – Intel Atom 64-bit processor (14nm process), Quad-core X5-Z8500, 2.24GHz
    – 2GB dual-channel LPDDR3 RAM, 16/64GB internal storage
    – Full metal body, in dark grey and champagne gold
    – 7.9-inch IPS display, 2048 x 1536 resolution, 326PPI
    – 6190mAh battery, 5V/2A fast charging
    – 8MP rear camera (f/2.0), 1080p video recording, 5MP front camera 75° wide-angle
    – 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1
    – USB Type-C port
    – MIUI 7 features: color & color temp enhancement, reading mode, smart button deactivation (when holding both sides of tablet)
    – Also comes in Windows 10
    – 16GB @ 999 RMB, 64GB @ 1299 RMB

    • No MicroSD is a shame, and a separate micro HDMI port would have been nice.

      • what do you mean by separate micro hdmi? is it possible to connect a adapter and somehow use hdmi via usb-c?

  15. Meh, not good enought to change my mi pad 1 for it…

  16. I’ve read somewhere else that the OS that will come with the tablet will be miui something, an android 5.1 OS. Hope it isn’t very hard to change to w10, since I’ve been wanting to get a windows tablet for a while, and this one looks great.

  17. I think it might be a great product if it’s not overheating.

    With that said, I really really hope they have a 9,7″/4GB version planned. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    This will bring good competition and will push Teclast & co to use USB-C asap.

    • I hope so too and make competitors use designs like the mi Pad 2 and laminated displays.

  18. To bad its just have 2g in ram..

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