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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Unboxing And First Impressions

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Unboxing And First Impressions

I received my Mi Pad 2 (Android 16GB version) today It’s powered by an Atom X5 Z8500, 2GB of Ram and has a fully laminated 2048 x 1536 7.9″ iPad mini screen that’s super sharp. I’ll be putting this tablet through its paces over the next few days seeing just how this $194 iPad mini clone performs.

My first impressions:

  • Excellent build quality for the price – As good as an Apple iPad Mini build?
  • Thin and light
  • The screen is fully laminated which is rare for a cheap Chinese tablet, in fact any Chinese tablet. Would love to see all future tablets fully laminated.
  • MIUI 7 seems fluid (More hands-on time needed)
  • Speakers are impressive for the size. Good volume and some bass even. One of the best speakers I’ve heard on a tablet from China
  • USB Type-C port works with my Apple Type C Multiport adapter (USB port, HDMI and Type C charging). But charging via the adapter looks to need an Apple 24W Type C charger. The stock 5v 2A charger doesn’t seem to have enough power to trigger charging.
  • Just over 12GB free.
  • Headphone jack supports 4 pole, so mics and remotes work. Audio quality is clear, without static and loud.


Without a doubt this has to be the highest quality 7-8″ tablet around from China, for this price you don’t normally get a premium build with a metal unibody, fully laminated retina screen and under 7mm thin. Xiaomi has a great tablet on their hands, now I’ll be checking to see if it throttles and how it performs against other X5 Z8500 tablets.

If only it had a MicroSD slot and 4GB of RAM. I hope Xiaomi releases a 9.7″ tablet with this build quality, but 4GB of RAM and MicroSD support. HDMI out isn’t as big out isn’t a big issue as Type C should support it with an adapter at least.

I do plan to get the Windows 10 version and will also review it. So far, so good, this looks like a perfect little tablet for media and gaming on the go. But I would stay away from the 16GB version and go for 64GB, with 12GB free on the 16GB model it will never be enough for MP3 collections and games.

I got my Mi Pad 2 from Gearbest for $194 with coupon Pad2WSX

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Hi @chris, any luck on how to get hdmi output on this device? thanks!

  2. Hi @chris, did you find out how to get hdmi output on this device? What about using WIN10? If it doesnt work, Its about hardware or software ?

  3. Hi @chris, did you find out how to get hdmi output on this device?

  4. is it usb 3.0 type c ?

  5. Did you try its bluetooth? Is there still an interference with wifi, which we’ve seen for all Chinese tablets you’ve reviewed, and which prevented using bluetooth audio and mice?

    • Hi, It’s fine as it supports 5Ghz band and I’m currently using this without any problems. And this seems to have fixed that issue, will be interesting to see how the Windows 10 version goes.

  6. Hi chris

    thank you for your wonderful reviews on tablets … i want to ask your opinion on Cytrix Complex 11t tablet 🙂

  7. Something else that would be great to see in future tablets, along with more ram, or even modular laptop style ram, would be liquid cooling systems and more patented or carefully designed cooling. Seeing as the whole battle with mobile devices is power versus drain, a decent cooling system.

    Maybe I am dreaming, but a 8-8.9 inch, with core m, modular ram (or well, at least 4), ssd, a swivel keyboard dock and a dope cooling system? I’d ditch my desktop permenantly, and center all my computer use around my tablet.

    IDK, why they don’t offer internal USB ports either – would be great for storage expansion etc.

    And I know they are at a level where they can now use liquid cooling in mobile devices. http://www.electronics-cooling.com/2015/04/company-brings-liquid-cooling-technology-to-smartphones/

  8. I have owned and own several XiaoMI devices. ALL of them have exceptional build quality for the price. Redmi Note, Redmi Note 2, Pistons 2, Router 2 (1 TB HDD), XiaoYi camera, selfie stick, power banks – all are used on a daily basis without problems. Everything is always exactly as in spec sheet, photos are accurate, software is very stable and polished – and frequently updated, no big gaps, or deal braking problems with this stuff. Cheap to buy, even cheap to repair (and you actually can buy spare parts on AliExpress). I had to change screens 3 times on mine and my wife’s phones and I disassembled those phones. They are really quite solidly built on the inside also.

    • I dream, that they would one day make 12 inches 8GB ram and 256 GB HDD Windows tablet… Having half the price of Surface 4 Pro ;-). Ok, 2/3 of the price would also be good. 😉 😉 😉 😉

    • I’ve had a few Xiaomi products now and they are all very well built for the price. Waiting on the Redmi Note 3, but this Mi Pad 2 is no exception. It’s premium and for the price a great deal, just like my Wifes Redmi Note 2 which she loves.

      Amazing screen, sound, build and price. Only fault is no MicroSD card slot and I can’t get hdmi output to work via type c.

      • Microsoft, now Mi, is an avid fan and followers of Steve Job’s business model: uncompromised premium quality, consistent pricing, latest technology.

      • It should support WiDi (Windows) and miracast (Android) so video output should be possible, at least wireless.

  9. Any chance of peeking inside the tablet to examine the heatsink? Just a quick look will tell us if there is any chance of the device not throttling in Windows.

    I bet the tablet will behave running Android, but Windows will push the chip. If there isn’t a custom heat solution (like the Surface uses) we can safely guess that the Windows version will run hot.

    • Hi, 65 degrees max in Android. But Android always runs much cooler than Windows. Looks hard to open up, but I think they have used some thermal pads and have the chipset transferring heat to the rear unibody. My guess is it will come very close to throttling in Windows. 80 degrees if it already does 65 in Android.

  10. Hey Chris,
    are you going to compare this tablet with an iPad mini 4?

    • I have the full review video up soon, I was looking at an iPad Mini 4 in store and had them side by side, but it’s too expensive to buy just for a comparison. I do mention some similarities in the video (coming soon). The Mi Pad is a little thicker, but has the same quality look and feel to it. It’s half the price of the mini 4, not quite as fluid or fast, but still for $194 a bargain.

  11. To bad it’s not 10 inch tablet with 4GB of RAM. It would be superb.

    • I hope they do make this build in 9.7″ with MicroSD support and HDMI out + type C. If anyone can do it, it’s Xiaomi.

      • Hi Chris

        Sorry to say in Xiaomi announcement recently, the boss mention that they will make product without microSD from now on, since microSD causes a lot of issue, he mention such as people often move app to microSD and the app lags due to microSD read/write which make bad reputation on xiaomi, layman might think its xiaomi’s issue but in fact its their card issue. So they are slowly getting rid of microSD from their product and they are mimicking apple strategy

        Thats what I saw from the announcement, hope it helps you

  12. why does the cube iwork11 show a 7.9 score, but no review page?

  13. Hi Chris,

    could you please check if hdmi out works with your adapter? this would be awesome!
    if this works in windows too, then i think this is going to be my next tablet 🙂


    • HI, I just tired out the Apple multiport adapter with HDMI, USB and Type-c charging. Everything bar HDMI works! 🙁 I Have a type c to hdmi only adapter coming in a few days and hopefully that will work.

      • seems like usb-c != usb-c and usb 3.1 has several generations and modes according to this article:

        this could be the reason why hdmi (displayport) doesn’t work.

        so usb-c does only mean you get the new connector (which breaks compatibility with all existing and cheap adapters/hubs). you can’t be shure which type of usb (2.0, 3.0, 3.1) you get and which modes (diplayport, power delivery) you get.

        • wikipedia also says:

          USB-C specifications

          As outlined by the USB Type-C Cable and Connector Language Usage Guidelines,[7] if a product supports USB Type-C, it does not necessarily support:

          USB 3.1
          USB Power Delivery

          Alternate Mode partner specifications

          The USB IF is working with its Alternate Mode partners to make sure that ports are properly labeled.[8]

          DisplayPort Alternate Mode on USB Type-C Connector Standard
          MHL Alternate Mode / MHL Alt mode
          Thunderbolt Alternate Mode[12] supporting Thunderbolt 3


      • Hi @chris, did you find out how to get hdmi output on this device? What about using WIN10? If it doesnt work, Its about hardware or software ?

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