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Chuwi Hi8 Unboxing video

Chuwi Hi8 Unboxing video

Three new tablets to review this week, this Hi8 is the third. Here is the unboxing video. Its got exactly the same look as the Vi8 Ultimate model just released, but with a better screen. If you missed it, check out my Chuwi Vi8 Vs Chuwi Hi8 comparison to get an idea of which is best (There is no clear cut winner).

Good build quality, the screen is a huge upgrade over the old 1280 x 800 one. It’s twice as bright and iPad retina levels of sharpness. Again we see no HDMI port on this new 8 inch model which is a real shame. For $92 you get a lot of tablet for the price, there has to be a catch right? Well yes, you have a slow 32GB eMMC with only 45mbs read and 35 write speeds. Strangely enough it doesn’t really seem to effect the tablets performance in Windows or Android unless your moving large files around.

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  1. Is there any root method for this tablet? just need NTFS support.

  2. Re: Gearbest.
    – Waiting on any kind of response to support tickets 22nd, 27th
    – Waiting on tracking number for my Hi8. One they gave 5 days ago isn’t valid.
    – Waiting on 2nd order to ship (case) in processing for 12 days now (“ships 1-3 days”)

    I think Gearbest is pretty hit and miss. I would’nt order again personally.

    • Update: I found a GearBest rep on an Australian website and asked him, got a great response.

      “Australia Line” orders starting with CA can be tracked here –

      The Hi8 cases are out of stock… yet are still listed as “ship in 1-3 days”…!! He tells me to wait 3-5 days, or cancel. I may look elsewhere.

      Happy with this update, but clearly GearBest have some issues… not advising the (very obscure) tracking company is silly, and selling a product not in stock, and not responding to support calls. I’d only buy again if very cheap and inexpensive.

      • Just opened a ticket to GB with paypal and they’ve answered immidiatly (so strange -.- ) … the item is now in the state of shipped from NL to my country but still not avaiable (in my country).
        My last buy on GB

  3. Really not happy with Gearbest…. still not received my Hi8, and the tracking # they’ve given me isn’t valid for anything. Starts with CA. I paid extra for TOLL express shipping, and that’s not their ID.

    The second order, a case for the Hi8 is still “Processing” after 10 days, and it says ships in 1-3 days!

    Contact support and it takes a week to get a response, if you do at all! Ergh… will stick to BangGood next time.

    • Same here.
      I’ve bought one for my wife.
      requested NL POST shipping method.
      The item is pre.advised from 24. Really strange it’s taking too much time to arrive to NL.
      I’ve bought from aliexpress a teclast with the same shipping and took just one day.
      something wrong here.

      • That’s odd. I have a tablet from GearBest via PostNL shipping, ordered on the 17th, shipped 18th. It arrived into the Netherlands on the 24th and it arrived into Spain yesterday. From my experience PostNL takes 10-15 days from China to me in Spain, normally 10-12 days to get to China and 3-4 Netherlands to Spain. I’m tracking in on Spain’s official post website. Try tracking it on your counties

        Mailing code: RS213167058NL
        Dates Status
        24/06/2015 Dispatch from the point of origin international office
        27/06/2015 Delivery to the destination international office

    • Not good, CA tracking number? Could be the first carrier and then it moves onto toll for the final delivery. I’ll have to have a sticky thread where we can share online retailers experiences. So we can get a good idea of who ships out quickest and who we should avoid. I’ve had excellent sellers on Ali Express and some real shockers that result in disputes and claims.

      I will post reviews a Banggood and GearBest once my tablets order arrive.

      • It would be a good idea, sticky thread with retailers experience.

        Every retailer (especially cheap online chinese ones) will have bad reviews, but after enough reviews you’ll get to know which ones are OK, and which ones no good.

        • I will create a page on retailer reviews and experiences soon. I will link to this post and also post my own reviews of the stores order time and process and any issues.

      • I am in.. Ordered week ago from geekbuying with fast delivery.. Did not expect tho that “processing order” will last for one week. Today i received email with 666 tracking number and explanation not to be suspicious.. Oh I am..

        • I just got my GearBest order, good turn around time and shipping with PostNL. I’m over all happy. BUT, it wasn’t this Hi8 tablet. I got this one via DHL. I just ordered another X98 Air 3G with my order so they would have had stock. I think GB have supply issues on this one.

  4. Hi,

    I just ordered this tablet and saw that it doesn’t have HDMI port afterwards..
    Do you know if it supports MHL ? That could address the lack of HDMI port.


    • I wonder what is actually use case for having HDMI port? Why is so necessary.. ? I just cant come up with ideas related to tablet and hdmi.. :S

      • I would like to use it as a media center from time to time. For instance, I start playing a movie on the tablet, connect it to a tv and watch it on a bigger screen.
        Apparently it could be possible to use a miracast dongle to get the same result, anyone to confirm? Plus, it would leave the usb port free, so that we can still charge the tablet at the same time 🙂

        • Yes miracast works, just go to the charm menu, devices, add a wireless display and take it from there. I tested it in the review:

          • Thanks! I just watched the latest video with GTA and read the review, very useful thank you! I’ll keep this website in my favorites 🙂

        • heard of Chromecast??? it is funny to connect it with cable when u can cast whatever you want..

          • Of course, I have already used AirPlay and I know Chromecast and Miracast. However, at least with AirPlay, screen mirroring was far from a perfect experience. The mirrored screen was a bit laggy and there was some delay between the action on the phone/laptop and the result on the tv. I will give wireless mirroring another try when I receive this tablet. Hopefully, it’s gotten better.

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