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First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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Cube i9 Skylake Release Date & Price

Cube i9 Skylake Release Date & Price

Update: The Cube i9 is now listed on, the cheapest is going for $509 which is around a $50 mark up from the cost price of 2999 yuan in China. It’s cheaper than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 M3 which sells for $899 and fingers crossed Cube will have a big sale on it like the i7 Stylus and heavily slash the price.

As a Surface Pro 4 user myself, I know it has a better build, Wireless AC, a much better screen, full Microsoft support and it includes an Ntrig stylus for that 899 dollars. But if you do want a Skylake 6Y30 for much cheaper and a USB 3.1 Type-C port it’s something to think on. I’ve preordered my i9 and will cover it here on the site as soon as I have it.

Original post:

Looking at the Tmall listing today, I see there is a countdown timer for the release of the Cube i9, Cube’s new 6th Gen Intel Core M tablet. So it’s coming at the end of the month in China, 9 days from the time of this post. Hopefully online retailers like Banggood, GearBest, AliExpress etc will have it in stock and ready to ship out before Chinese New year on the 8th of Feb as things will shut down for a week then.

Cube i9 Release date

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  1. It shouldn’t cost more than 450$.

    • Yes, the problem is resellers will add their cut to it. And Aliexpress does have seller fees etc.

  2. Hey Chriss. Iam from EUROPE too. Do you know any solution how to get a tablet from China without paying TAX?? Cube9 will be around 450 – 500USD + TAX = thats around 650 – 700USD!! Thats too much money 🙁

    • That’s easy…you just tell them to ship from Europe using Sweden post or Nederlands post and declare small price. That’s how you don’t pay taxes and customs

  3. 12.2″inch CUBE i9 Tablet PC Intel Core M 3-6Y30 Dual Core Windows10 Tablet 4GB RAM 128GB ROM 1920*1200 HDMI 5.0MP
    for 636$ on “GearBest” (preorder)

    • $636 is outrageous for a product that may not even work properly. I bought an i7 stylus last year and the charging chip fryed within a week. Cost me $60 to send it back.

  4. The Cube i9 is lacking a stylus and Chuwi Hi12 stylus is lacking a Skylake processor. I’ll buy the one that includes both in a 12inch screen tablet first – let’s see which manufacturer can produce a real Surface Pro clone? They’d better hurry up as Samsung, Lenovo and Toshiba are all about to release Surface Pro clones with stylus and Skylake processors at competitive prices.

    • Competitive with Surface Pro prices, yes. Competitive with Chinese brands, not even close.

    • Yes me too, i’m waiting for a 12″ tablet, full laminated screen, stylus with Skylake processor. And 4G Lte will be nice too. All around 500usd with accessories.

      • I’m looking for, a 11.6″-12.6″ screen with preferably a wacom pen.
        I’d accept any active pen as long as it has 256 layers as a minimum.
        A 6Y-30 would be fine for me, as long as it has a throttling profile like my X2 Pro.
        4G would be a huge plus.
        No more than 870grams for the tablet
        It would be great to see a keyboard dock similar to my X2 Pro.
        I’m indifferent to a laminated screen, it would be nice.
        A 1920X1080 IPS display.
        (1)-(2) usb 3.0 ports
        (1) usb 3.1 Ports
        (1) mini-full-micro HDMI out
        (1) micro sd card slot
        (1) sim card slot
        (1) user upgrade able ssd
        4-8gb ram
        WiFi + Bluetooth + 4G
        Dual stereo speakers with similar quality to the Nvidia shield.
        (thunderbolt) maybe?
        (fingerprint reader)?
        (Hepatic feedback)?

        Hopefully we will see a tablet for $650 branded the “Cube i9 Stylus” with keyboard dock and pen soon.

        Until then my slightly aging Teclast x2 Pro is more than sufficient.

    • maybe teclast?

  5. 12.2″inch CUBE i9 Tablet PC Intel Core M 3-6Y30 Dual Core Windows10 Tablet 4GB RAM 128GB ROM 1920*1200 HDMI 5.0MP
    for 570$ on aliexpress

  6. They will need to come down a bit in price..gotta give it up for Teclast X2 pro and there current China an X2 pro with Keyvboardcover and stylus for 350US shippped (hence china-market).
    though an older chipset, but certainly wasnt cheap at 281 tray price..

    I guess the cube i9 will level out around 400US shipped without acessories. with-a-thought on inner-hardware-value…

    • No doubt Cube will have a sale and it will be around $400 limited amount at this price of course.

  7. I’m holding my breath and hoping that it gets good reviews. I’ve been waiting on Skylake tablets to finally hit the market.

  8. I don’t know how helpful this is, but here is an English version of the announcement video posted previously:

    At first I thought it was a joke though 😉

    • It is a joke.

      • It’s actually the official video, however the way the first bit is presented is done badly, it’s supposed to be saying it will solve all those problems that your current tablet may have

        • lol… i dont really get it, why they just dont hire a person that knows basic english, is it so hard?

  9. I just noticed on Cubes Q&A that the rep let slip that the i9 stylus will be 8gb ram. not sure if this is already a known thing. Or maybe just a typo.

  10. Just seen cube in on aliexpress for preorder at

    750 au wow pricy
    Hope it goes down a little after release

  11. Chris,

    Do you remember which company it was that was bragging they were going to come out with a larger, skylake powered, stylus enabled tablet, that would blow the competition away? Was it Cube? Maybe, I imagined the stylus part and this is the one? I’m trying to get back to digital art, and can’t afford the Wacom Cintiq companions. Looking at the new Toshiba Dynapad, but was hoping for a bigger Cube Stylus instead. The Dynapad is a little underpowered for full apps.

    • I think that was Cube, if not Teclast, We will have to wait for the Stylus Skylake tablet announcement later in the year once Cube look at the i9 sales. (Hope it’s coming!)

      • Thank you Chris. I swore it was Cube also, was disappointed when I saw this wasn’t a stylus model. Fingers crossed it gets launched, has a laminated screen this time, and the skylake proc. Thanls for all you do, to keep us in the loop.

  12. Hi Chris,
    Will you be preordering one for review? I will be looking forward to it.
    Also do you think (if they release it) the stylus version will be priced differently, as I think the cube i7 stylus was a bit cheaper than the original i7.

    • Hi, yes I’ll do my best to get one to review and preorder one when they are available. I think if they make a stylus version it might be smaller or with another design. LIke they did with the i7 and later the i7 stylus.

    • But if the stylus add to the price why it was cheaper? :p

      • Because the cube i7 stylus had a smaller 10.6 inch screen compared to the 11.6 inch i7, and the original i7 had a laminated screen if I remember rightly.

        • Correct, the i7 has a fully laminated screen. One of the first Chinese Windows tablets to do so I think.

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