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Teclast X98 Plus Dual Boot Released, X80 Plus Dual OS Coming

Teclast X98 Plus Dual Boot Released, X80 Plus Dual OS Coming

Originally just shipping with Windows 10. Teclast has now released the X98 Plus (recently reviewed) in dual boot configuration. The X98 Plus Dual OS is now selling on JD.com for 1099 yuan in China which is about $170 USD. Banggood.com have it listed for $200, but it’s not in stock yet.
Teclast X80 Plus

And the X80 Plus with Android and Windows is coming very soon. I have my X80 Plus Windows 10 model ordered and I’m waiting for its arrival hopefully in a week or two.

Teclast X80 Plus dual os



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  1. we will have a custom ROM for the x98 PLUS ?

  2. People need to be patient. They want to sell all the Win 10 units before they release the dual boot firmware. I don’t see the rush anyway, it looks like the same rom as the Pro!!

    I hope that when we get the dual boot bios we can tinker with the OTHER rom!

  3. is good shop the JD.com?

    • Chinese only, unless you use an agent. It’s risky and I have been scammed using an agent before.

  4. Have my dual boot X98 Plus on pre order for a while now. Shouldn’t be long to wait. Fingers crossed they have the OS’s and firmware properly sorted from the get go.

  5. https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B4EXB7Ngka9pWkMtWlNFUHVUUDA&export=download
    Google says the file is infected by virus,,,,i sm un able to flash my bios via both windows and android,,,both files are un downloadable.

  6. Chris,
    Do you think that the next wave of tablets will support dual band wireless AC?

    • Not sure yet, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 has Wireless AC (the first?). And I hope others follow suit, it’s about time. That and fully laminated screens, then the Chinese tablets MFGs could start to really take on the known brands.

  7. I bought a x98 Plus with Windows (should be at my home tomorrow), will there be a tutorial to install the oficial android? (make it dual boot)

    P.S.: First time posting here, so just want to thank you for all your videos, reviews and news! 🙂 And for the forums, it was thanks to you that i made my mind on what tablet i should get. 😉

    • Well maybe if Teclast release the files to let users convert their units over to dual OS ones.

  8. A comparison of the X80 Plus against the Chuwi Vi8 Plus would be awesome.

    • Sure I will compare them, once the X80 Plus arrives. I just got the Chuwi Vi8 Plus today.

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