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Teclast X98 Plus Dual OS Android Review Video

Teclast X98 Plus Dual OS Android Review Video

My X98 Plus Dual OS arrived (Sorry a bit late, snail mail and no DHL this time) and I went through the usual benchmarks I like to test and some popular games like Mortal Kombat X which really pushes the GPU to the max. As you’ll see in the video review here, the ROM is still geared towards China, but that’s not a huge issue. Luckily most of the Chinese bloat (95%) can be removed by just uninstalling it.

The Teclast launcher feels a little slow and laggy, nothing has really improved. Apex or Nova launcher will fix that, and the benchmarks have also proved that the system is slower and I can confirm from looking at the RAM speed it’s only running at 1066Mhz the RAM. Not the 1600 MHz it should be running. Overall the experience in Android isn’t as good as my X98 Plus Windows review.

Teclast claims as the bios is set at only 1066Mhz for increased stability. So why are all other devices running an Atom X5 Z8300 so far running their 4GB ram chip at 1600Mhz. So why can’t Teclast? As a result, the benchmarks scores were a good 10% lower than expected checking other Z8300’s tablets like the Cube iwork10 Ultimate. It’s not all doom and gloom, it’s still a nice tablet. Just don’t expect to play the most demanding of games on it as seen in the video review.

I hope this is address when the Teclast X98 Plus 3G version is released in a few weeks.

Where to get one? I got this from Banggood.com here: http://www.banggood.com/Teclast-X98-Plus-64GB-Intel-Z8300-Quad-Core-1_84GHz-9_7-Inch-Dual-OS-Tablet-p-1016085.html if you use coupon 4ba63a you get $23 off the price.

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  1. I have a question regarding the Teclast x98 Plus. In the written review you state that it has a maximum brightness of 260 cd/m2. In the review of the Teclast x98 Pro you state that it by default has a maximum brightness of 290 cd/m2, but by turning off Intel’s display power saving features in the bios the Teclast x98 Pro has a maximum brightness of 365 cd/m2. My question is whether the same hold for the Teclast x98 Plus? Can you get a higher maximum brightness by turning thos intel features off in the bios of the Teclast x98 Plus?

    • Yes, if you turn off the display power saving feature you get a small boost in brigtness.

  2. For playing high demanding games (for example, World of tanks blitz) I have opted for reduce on demand screen resolution to 1024×768 at 160dpi. With this resolution game is totally playable at a decent framerate (40-50) with quality settings at a maximum.
    Of course, tablets must be rooted.

  3. I got mine frome geekbuying and no chinese bloateware was installed.
    (ordered on 29/1)

  4. The X98 plus i received on 02/23/2016 work perfect the first 3 days. The camera and video worked perfect now the camera only work and the video stop working (something went wrong make sure no other apps are using video.) I then uninstall AVSTREAM CAMERA driver, scan could not find hardware changes. I can’ t find driver to install a lot of people have same problem with video

    • This is just a problem with the Camera app of windows…you can install another one, it will work.

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