Onda oBook 12 MacBook Air 360 Clone Aliexpress Sale Today

Onda oBook 12 MacBook Air 360 Clone Aliexpress Sale Today

Onda’s new 12″ MacBook Air clone, 360º Yogo hinge notebook is on sale today only on Aliexpress for $369. Thankfully it’s not another X5 Z8300, with 4GB of single channel ram. But an Atom X7 Z8700 (2.4Ghz) 4GB of dual channel Ram and a 64GB eMMC. The same spec as the Microsoft Surface 3. The screen is a 16:10, 1920 x 1200 pixel display and it can also flip right around like a Lenovo Yogo 2 to be used a rather hefty tablet or in tent or presentation mode (where the keyboard acts like a tablet stand or base).

Now I wasn’t too happy with the oBook11, it had a whine noise and USB 3 port issues. And want to stay clear of Onda products, but since I’m buying it on the behalf of someone. I’ll see if I can also get a few days with it and review it. Finger crossed this model does have the samwe issue. At least it does have a different panel and hardware.

Source: Aliexpress oBook12 29th sale.

Onda oBook12 pictures:

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  1. Hey, I get the Onda ain’t the best, this looks like a lovely device though. Does the screen come off? or just flip?

    I’m a mac person so I’ve no idea about processors per se, I do know core M are good. Would this processor run Photoshop (low impact usage) and Indesign (heavier usage? document tweaks). I’m looking for a second simpler device for being out and about just wondering if these specs are good, seems a simpler set up than the the cube machine I had my eye on.



    • I’ve ordered one to review. So I’ll see if it’s decent or not. But the Atom X7 can handle light photoshop tasks, but indesign I think would be better on a Core M. The screen flips around like a Lenovo Yogo.

      • Cheers Chris, appreciate the reply.

      • Have you received your OBook 12 yet? I have had delay after delay so far

        • Now we are at the end of May still hasn;t shipped my order. Onda delayed it yet again… IF this keeps up I’ll be canceling it.

  2. i wanted to buy it.. but you know… its ONDA and ONDA = poor quality 🙁
    i love the design and the spec but I wont touch an ONDA thats like ACER in 2007 = bleeh, low quality

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