Onda oBook12 – Atom X7 Z8700, 12.2 Inch Screen With 360° Hinge

Onda oBook12 – Atom X7 Z8700, 12.2 Inch Screen With 360° Hinge

Another Aliexpress leak, this one will be on sale for $369 on the 29th according to the listing. I try to stay away from Onda after many disappointments from them. The oBook11 was a flop, USB 3 port issues and high pitch whine noises. But it did have a great build from whoever the ODM was.

And this oBook12, this looks interesting. It’s a step up from the oBook11 with a new premium look to it and finally, something that’s not powered by an Atom X5 Z8300! As I’ve seen more Atom X5 Z8300 machines than any sane person would welcome…

Specs are Surface 3 Pro like, An Atom X7 Z8700, 4GB of Ram, 64GB eMMC, USB 3 port and a very slim Macbook Air look with a Yogo 2 style 360-degree hinge. Will it have USB 3 port issues and will it have a high pitch noise? Fix that and add Wireless AC and sell it for $299 and we’ll have a winner on our hands.

Promo images of the Onda oBook12

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  1. Why do all of these tablets meet 90% of my requirements?

  2. I wish more people would release a 3:2 screen tablet. I was hoping this would be one of the trend, but I see 16:10 ratio there.

    • Oh they will come, once more of these companies start using the 2160 x 1440 panel. The Chuwi Hi12 is the first, but far from being the last. Now the Huawei Matebook uses the screen.

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