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Chuwi HiBook – Listing Shows USB 3.0 Type-C Spec

Chuwi HiBook – Listing Shows USB 3.0 Type-C Spec

GearBest now has the Chuwi HiBook listed up for preorder as well as the keyboard dock. Interesting to note that the listing states the type-C port to be a USB 3.0 Type-C. As so far I’ve only seen USB 2 spec on the Chuwi Hi8 Pro, Vi8 Plus and Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. Another good thing is unlike the Hi10 which has yet to see Dual Boot, this HiBook will ship with Android 5.1 and Windows 10.

The keyboard dock looks super familiar to me, just like the Cube iWork10 Ultimate dock, it’s as if it’s made by the same ODM. The HiBook is essentially an upgraded Chuwi Hi10, ditching the plastic build and offering a more premium metal finish with better speaker placement.

According to the GearBest listing, it’s not shipping until after the 15th of April.

Edit: The listing now states it’s a USB 3.0 Type-c port.

Chuwi HiBook images:

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  1. Excited for this to come. I just bought one through Aliexpress’ sale. Was very satisfied by their Hi8, hope that my experience with this one is the same

  2. There’s a chance charging is through Type-C port:
    Chuwi advertising as USB 3.0 Type-C port and charging is faster 5V and 3A but does not exactly say if it’s charging through Type-C or Micro USB.
    Apparently the Chuwi Hi12 also support faster charging at 5V and 3A with the right USB charger:
    A USB charger with 5V and 2.4A should be very sufficient though to keep the battery endurance longer on these tablets.

  3. Isn’t Chuwi Hi8 pro usb3.0 type-c?

  4. Another z8300 🙁 Hope they release a plus version with a z8550 soon.

  5. Hi Chris,
    That Type C port is probably right, because the package that they offered me included a Westrom Type C to 4 x USB 2 Hub.

  6. Very interesting alternative to the iWork 10 Ultimate, on the description is says “USB3.1 Type-C: High-tech Type-C interface, charging faster”.

    Price is much higher than the iWork 10 Ultimate for the basically the same specs however the it’s much lighter 522G vs 615G, has USB 3.1 Type C (maybe quick charge too), better speaker placement but has a smaller battery 6600mAh vs 7500mAh.

    GeekBuying also has the Official iWork 10 Ultimate’s active stylus listed:—Black-364168.html

    Between the two, I’d still go the iWork 10 Ultimate even with the official active stylus it’s still cheaper than the HiBook however if you really care about weight, speakers and USB 3.1 than the HiBook looks to be a very good alternative.

    • Keep in mind that the iWork10 has no play store on the Android rom pre installed and the speakers are poor. Also that micro USB 3 port has trouble running at USB 3 speeds on anything but flash drivers.

      The HiBook does look good.

  7. Chis, thank you for your hard work.

    I got a question i hope you will answer.

    I am planning on buying a 2in1 tablet. At first it was going to be the Chuwi HI10 but because there are lots of people online compaining about power problems and the tablet simply dying i decided to go with the Cube Iwork 10 dual boot version.

    My question is, should i maybe wait for this new version and see if it will be better then the old one, and how much do you expect it will cost? Less or more then 200$?

    Thank you for your time

    • Hi, there are always going to be new versions. This one looks good, hopefully the type-c port does run at at least 3.0 speeds.

  8. Hi Chris, can you please put all the tests that you make in pcmark (performance and battery life) in a single post? Phones and tablets, and especially galaxy s7, xiaomi mi5 , xiaomi note 3 pro and chinese tablets….pleaseeeee . Thanks

    • I’ve started this but due to time limits I’ve stopped working on it. But the aim is to have a chart with scores of everything here tested.

  9. Hi Chris I want to ask you if the chuwi hibook charge from usb type c or charge form micro USB

    Big jump if it is form type c will be quicke charge


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