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Cube iWork12 – A Cube i9 With An Atom

Cube iWork12 – A Cube i9 With An Atom

A Cube i12 reference I found when looking at the Cube i9 keyboard said it also supported a then unknown Cube i12 model. Well, it turns out this i12 is sadly not a Stylus enabled Cube i9. But a cheaper version of the Cube i9 as per GearBest’s Cube iwork12 listing. The build, screen, case with dual kickstand and keyboard is all the same. But the expensive Core M3 is out, replaced with an Atom X5 Z8300 and the 128GB SSD swapped out for a cheaper 64GB eMMC. Oh and it’s also dual boot. Cube did a similar move with the i7 and i7 Stylus. Using the same build and components only downgrading the CPU.

The rest of the specs seem unchanged, Type-C port is still there as well as the USB 3 port and Micro USB 2.0 charging. The best thing about this I think is if you don’t need a Core M3, and do basic light computing, then you have a kickstand Surface like dual boot. But it’s a bit pricey at $289 on preorder.

Do you think this cheap version of the i9 is worth it? I do, but only if the price can be lowered somewhat.

Thanks Yassine for the tip.

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  1. where i can download firmware cube iwork 12?
    please help.

  2. Maybe it’s worth to flood market with another atom tablet but personally I don’t see anything interesting in it (especially after Hi12 raised standards with screen quality).

  3. Counting the days until some another (hope Teclast) get the surface 3 screen as Chuwi. I hope Chuwi don’t have any exclusivity, they are kind of abusing of their dominant position right now.

    • I doubt it’s exclusive to Chuwi, surely not. They would have had to pay Samsung a lot for that and I just don’t see them doing that. Hopefully the end of the year we will see some new 3:2 models with that screen.

  4. On the GearBest listing, under the Customer Questions & Answers section, they say “it supports Wacom Sytlus Pen”.
    Wonder if that is actually true.

    • Oh…sound interest if it true, want to know which AES or EMR stylus this model support. :3

      But if this model support Wacom stylus wonder why Cube didn’t make their i9 support Wacom stylus from the start?

      • I would assume they are talking about AES / active stylus, otherwise they would have had to use an active digitizer on the screen; I don’t find this likely, although they did it with the i7 Stylus, because we only hear about stylus support.

    • Often they do get it wrong, hope not.

  5. Definitely not worth it with a Z8300 CPU at that price range and without Stylus support…but with a Stylus and a X8500, it would be an option.

  6. Ummm…its turn out to be like this.

    Then the chance that Cube will launch i9 stylus model with 10.6″ screen and Wacom EMR is high now…sound good that they still keep EMR stylus but screen is a bit small for me after i tried i7 stylus.

  7. Seems great but too expensive.

  8. Well damn, I was really hoping for a i9 stylus.
    This increases the chances that they might reduce the screen size for the i9 stylus version like they did with the i7 stylus.
    I don’t really think this is worth it at that price- even though the build is very good. If the price comes down maybe, but I’m just bored with all these lower power z8300 chip-sets.

    Also its a shame to see that they have replaced the dc charging with a slower micro usb 2.0 charging port.

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