Deals: Teclast Banggood Sale, up to $60 off

Deals: Teclast Banggood Sale, up to $60 off

Banggood has a Teclast sale on some of the new release Teclast models. Up to $60 off selected models. The X80 Pro dual boot  is also listed, it’s finally released and due to ship in a few days. It’s like the Teclast X80 Plus I looked at, but instead of the 1280 x 800 screen, this one has got an 8 inch 1920 x 1200 panel. (Like the Chuwi Hi8 Pro) It’s lowered to $86.99 with the sale coupon: 1d3695

Teclast X80 Pro

And the new Teclast X89 Kindow (I keep calling it an X89 Kindle!) a new 7.5-inch dual boot eBook style tablet is $85.99 on special with coupon: cafd9b This is a new smaller tablet with a sharp Samsung IPS 1440 x 1080 screen, with last years Bay Trai Atom z3735F & 2GB of Ram.  X89 Kindow

And finally the Tbook11, a 10.6″ inch Atom Z8300 dual boot with 4GB of Ram and a thin design. It’s a 2 in 1 tablet, but still no sign of the keyboard dock yet. With the sale coupon d2e8e1 the tablet drops to $167.99 I’ve just recently got my Tbook 11 and it seems like an okay tablet, shame it has no full-size USB port on the tablet itself. However, the build quality is really top notch.

Tecalst Tbook 11

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  1. Doesnt the Chuwi Hi8 Pro have a slightly better battery and better front camera on paper than Tecklast X80 pro?
    Is there any benefits to going with Teclast?

    • The biggest advantage (or disadvantage depending on your opinion) I can see is the regular Micro USB port instead of the Type -C port on the Chuwi. If the Type-C port is only a USB2 spec port then it is just a pain to have to get an adapter just to plug it in.
      I ordered a Teclast X80 pro instead of the Chuwi for this reason. Hopefully it was a good choice!

  2. I was looking for acessories to this X80 Pro but i couldn t find neither protective case nor screen ( glass or plastic ) protection .
    Therefore i noticed directly to Teclast site , that is already for arriving a new X80 POWER , with a big difference , that could make
    a better choice , Im talking about metal construction instead of plastic , and a thickness reduction from 10 mm to 77 mm .
    I would like your impressions .
    P.S – Seems that this article will be available at beggining of May 2016 .

  3. Teclast X80 Pro also on Flashsale at Gearbest for 86$

    I prefer Gearbest because they offer VAT+Custom-free shipping to Germany (and other European countries)

  4. the Teclast X89 Kindow looks interesting, are you getting one to review?

  5. Chris i found this Tbook 11 Keyboard from Gearbest.

    • Thanks that’s really the old X10HD 3G keyboard, which still works. But the new one is a hard style dock.

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