First Teclast X1 Pro 4G Hands on Photos and Impressions

First Teclast X1 Pro 4G Hands on Photos and Impressions

I’ve been hunting around on the Teclast forums for some hands on first impressions and photos of the just released Teclast X1 Pro 4G Core M. It started shipping out to customers in China just a day or two ago. Here are the first user photos that were uploaded I could find. So far the first impressions of the X1 Pro 4G are a mixed bag. Some are claiming it’s to heavy, 1.01 kilos in one photo!, I tend to agree without a kick stand.

Others are not happy about the thickness and the bezels are larger than the press photos. This always happens, it’s common for these Chinese tablet makers to photoshop the images a little, make the bezels look a littler smaller and the tablet a bit thinner. Teclast are the worst for this. Something we would call false advertising here. One forum user wrote how it’s better to get a Surface Pro 3 for the price and this is just a clone of it. He is right on the the clone part and maybe getting a Surface Pro 3.

There are also comments on the USB 3.0 ports working at usb 2.0 speeds? This is an issue I face on my Cube i7 Core M I’m currently reviewing.

There is this USB 3.0有一个兼容不了2.0, which I think means USB 3.0 not compatible, runs at as USB 2.0 or something? If anyone is fluent in Chinese please give us some more details.

Other than that, it seems some buyers are happy. The keyboard dock is spacious and looks very much like a Surface Pro 3 type cover, it even has that magnetic top strip so you can incline the keyboard a little, to improve typing. The screen is apparently bright and looks sharp. But unfortunately no comments on whether it’s a fully laminated display or not, for the $750 price tag I would hope it is.

As it is, I’m on the fence with this tablet. I’m not sure I will buy it, unless the price drops somewhat. I’ve already lost so much money buying and selling these tablets to review here, I would hate for a $750 Chinese tablet to arrive with issues. And as they say buying the first batch is not a good idea, I often do for review purposes. But normally the second and third batches fix any hardware issues the first batches had.


Just read the following:

The trackpad has no left and right hardware mouse buttons to click.

No way to get into Android dual OS? It’s virtual ? I don’t quite understand the translation.


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  1. Have you taken it a part to see if it can be upgraded. i bought one yesterday and am waiting to get it delivered.
    the only thing i am concern about is the 4gb of ram and wondering if that’s upgradable

  2. Hi Chris thanks for sharing and best review all tablets ,can you full review x1 pro ?So what gets released when a full review of this Tablet x1 pro?
    In your opinion, which are stronger CPU and GPU unit Intel Atom x7-Z8700 VS Intel Core-M 5Y10C ?
    Which model would suggest a price often suffer 550-650$ ?

    thanks for answers

  3. Teclast x1 pro is apparently available on tinydeal for $630 (without keyboard):

    There’s just something bothering me: “Note: The Windows OS is NOT activated, you need to activate it by yourself. Thanks!” (written in the “note” section)

    I don’t know what Teclast is expecting but they sell something expensive WITHOUT any Windows official license? I hope tinydeal has just written a mistake.


    • TInydeal sucks. They actually have one listed as licensed, for much more money:

      Well except I asked them via chat, and they insisted they _don’t_ have them:

      “You said previously these were permanently withdrawn from the market – are they now in stock??” “We have no stock”. “The site says you do?” “There is no stock in our warehouse”. “Why is the site not updated then”? “We have no stock.” “OK will you get more? And there was a report that the USB3.0 ports don’t give the full speed, has that been fixed”. “?” “Never mind “.

      (sigh) At this point I’ll wait what the SP4 brings.

      • $120 for a Windows license, sigh… You can find a genuine 8.1 pro license for $25-30 on G2a nowadays…

        I am clearly not a specialist, but this tablet looks like a great scam… As for the “oneplus two plus” sold on geekbuying and never announced by Oneplus.
        Please note they’re both knowned as “serious” chinese websites…

        If you want to buy that kind of tablet, I’ll suggest you to choose a 2nd hand Surface pro 2 instead… I bought mine (256gb version, with a power cover and other accessories) for 440€ (about $500) in France, and they’re
        more expensive in my country than in the US…


        • The problem with the Surface Pro’s is MS’ fixed repair cost, as they are full of strong adhesive and can’t be repaired, so MS just replace them. So when the battery wears out on a used on, you have to pay a small fortune to get it replaced (with a new/refurbished unit). It’s a hidden cost and is especially crazy on the SP3 here in the UK, an MS guy quoted me 400GBP (approx 600 USD)! Even just for the battery. Beyond insanse. Hopefully they will make the SP4 more repairable.

          • To be clear, I was talking about the out-of-warranty repair cost.

            • Yeah, I also bought a SP3 for 135€ ($150) because the touch screen is cracked (using it as a small laptop), simply because it costs 400€ ($450) to change the screen AND the glued lcd screen…


  4. Tinydeal chat just said that the X1 Pro is permanently discontinued, indeed it’s not listed from any sellers I can find (eg. Ali Epxpress) though some claim they still have it in pre-sale. It’s not on Teclast’s site either.

    • I’m not surprised as it’s to expensive! Maybe it’s due to the USB port issue, but I doubt it. Also I wouldn’t trust Tiny deals word either, I remember they said the same about the X10HD and you can buy it.

      • Right (especially about TinyDeal, hardly reliable, in fact most of them aren’t, constant misinformation from Pompmall etc). But when it’s not even listed anywhere on Ali by some unscrupulous seller pretending they have it in stock, you gotta wonder. The Chinese aren’t listing it either.

  5. Hey Chris, great work. Do you have any idea why so many China Core M’s are being delayed, and idea of an ETA?

    I’m waiting on the Pipo W8, maybe the Livefan S10 and Teclast X1 Pro. Pompmall says the W8 delay is due to a hardware issue they’re working out, my hunch is that there is some kind of Core-M platform or BIOS bug (maybe the apparent USB3 issues on the X1 Pro) that affects all the manufacturers, and they’re all waiting on a fix from Intel or someone.

    • Could be that, but the Onda v116w Core M I just recently reviewed doesn’t have this USB 3 speed issue like my Cube i7 did. My PiPo W8 order was a mess, stupid seller lied to me and gave me fake tracking numbers so it’s under dispute. I will reorder, but possible my last Core M from China I’ll review, they are to risky for the price I feel. The Pipo W8 I hope is okay, but it still has just an eMMC drive which is not really acceptable for the price.The Onda was very disappointing. Your better of getting the Dell Venue 11 Pro (7140) or Asus UX305 if your after a Core M.

      • I feel your pain (AliExpress seller right?), I had the same horrible issue with a seller that required a dispute. Hell, they could not explain why it took months to get here, turns out they shipped it surface (ie. by boat)! And endlessly lied to me at every stage of the process.

        I actually can’t stand the 16:9 aspect, so the W8/S10/X1 Pro appeal. And I prefer full-size USB3 ports ever since dropping a Gadmei E8-3D Android tab on soft carpet from only about 60cm – the tab was fine, except I had the OTG cable plugged in and it landed exactly on the connector and broke the micro-USB port. Opened it up, unsolderable, and Gadmei refused to sell me the little circuit board holding the ports. And not worth sending back to China (with no guarantee it gets there, is fixed correctly, and takes weeks or months to get back).

        I would jump to a used S3 Pro but that has its own issues – high prices here in the UK, and horrible fixed repair costs even if just the battery needs replacing (impossible to open without breaking the digitzier either, and lots of tough adhesive holding it in place).

        So China might be my least worst option … I’ve got a W3 and apart from a faulty PSU that causes the touchscreen to freak out (fixed with a universal one) it’s pretty good, so the W8 appeals. And cheaper if I do end up smashing it than an SP3 : ).

      • … re. delay could also be a parts supply issue.

  6. Chris, thanks for reviewing those Chinese tablets, I am currently looking to choose from Cube i7 and the Teclast X1 Pro. Glad to read your review and I know what I will choose later. Good works, keep it up with many thanks!!


    • Your welcome, the Cube i7 is very nice. One of the best tablets I have review from the Chinese brands. The only real issue is the USB 3 port does not work at full USB 3 speeds. No doubt it will be fixed by Cube soon, so ask your seller about it before buying. I would like to review the X1 Pro, but it’s to expensive for me to buy just for review purposes.

  7. May I know where can I get more info about the custom android roms provided in the downloads?

  8. Chris im really like you videos I’m star to know more about dose China tables and I’m found a interesting web site and im think can help and I want shared with you please let me know if you can check if this website is truest and safe fo buy thanks Chris..

    • Never heard of this online store, I would be real careful buying from unknown retailer sites.

      • Please can you tell me if Valuebox .com is a safe merchant to buy from,i would like to buy a jide remix tablet, thank you.

  9. So confused weather to get new surface 3 or wait.

    • The Surface 3 will have a great build and qaulity, but it will alot slower than Core M and then the eMMC is much slower than the proper sata3 ssd. I might get the Surface 3 myself but still unsure.

    • There are also around 4-5 new Core M tablets coming out in the next 2-3 months from China.

  10. Oh.. and there are no android dual boot.
    Only android running on virtual machine from windows.
    Some users are angry with teclast for lying about dual boot.

    • Thanks. This much I gathered, I would be angry about that too. It’s not a proper dual boot and Teclast advertise it as one.

  11. The USB 3.0 port seems to be incompatible with USB 2.0 flash drives which is odd..

  12. When I first saw this tablet I was like wow it’s a pretty decent package for a core m and dual boot tablet but for the price not really worth it. Virtual Android….really!
    You can get a new DELL venue 11 pro for what they are asking for this, sure it’s not dual boot but at least it’s produced by a reputable maker with decent warranty.

    • Yes I thought the same and it would seem they are running only emulated Android which is rubbish. Cube are doing the same on the i7 and I’ll have a video of that up soon and it’s not good. They need to lower the price down and maybe they will by the end of the year. But for now it’s over priced. The Dell Venue 11 pro is great, I used to have one, the 7130 i5 4200Y and might get the Core M 7140 model. It’s a decent tablet and with the dock and then the mobile keyboard it’s a very practical unit. The keyboard battery dock is great, adds around 40% more battery life and it becomes an ultrabook experience. Now I’ve seen just what the Core M 5Y10 can do first hand I’m tempted to get a Venue 11 Pro 7140 as my travel and work unit. Another bonus is you can swap that 128gb M.2 for a 256GB one.

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