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Mirek190’s Teclast X98 Plus V3 Custom Rom Released

Mirek190’s Teclast X98 Plus V3 Custom Rom Released

Mirek190 V3 is now out for the Teclast X98 Plus. This latest custom ROM from Mirek is built of the latest 7th March ROM and features many improvements and tweaks. The download and changelog are listed below. Make sure you only flash the model number in brackets that matches your X98 Plus.

Teclast X98 Plus Mirek190 V3

– roms based on the newest 03.07.2016 build
– new v3 flash tool
– flash tool – possibility to repartition to 2., 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, 56.5 GB
– system 1 GB ( not 2.5 GB )
– cache 256 MB ( not 2 GB )
– added to flash tool 3 -5 -7 buttons flasher
– added nova launcher
– other small changes to improve performance and stability
– added new drivers from intel – should work fine with win 10 now.

X98 PLUS (A5C8) Android 5.1 Mirek190 V3313 MiB4133
X98 PLUS (A6C7) Android 5.1 Mirek190 V3313 MiB1584
X98 PLUS 3G (A6C9) Android 5.1 Mirek190 V3309 MiB2829
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  1. Hi everyone,
    I’m new on the forum, and I own a Teclast X98 Plus (A6C9).
    I’m going to talking about my flash rom issue on the above device.
    I did it more than once this procedure, but last time I deleted all partitions on the internal memory of the tablet with Gparted by Live. Now when I’m going to flash any rom, I getting this issue:

    flash failed unsupported file system ”

    What file system should I use to be able to use phone tools without any matters?
    Now it is unallocated.

    Anyone is able to make me understand where I’m wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hey, I search for a mirek ROM for x98 Plus II Tablet. Is there anything planned?

  3. A question about repartitioning…
    Is it possible to repartition without destroying the Windows installation?
    If no: Is there a guide somewhere about how to re-install Windows on the device after repartitioning?

    Thanks in advance for any hints and advice

  4. It works. Many thanks.
    I tried to update supersu from the recovery mode. But it seems i am missing the recovery partition. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks

  5. I downloaded the file on my tablet Teclast X98 Plus A6C9. Nothing happened what to do after?. My android initially was working then changed to arabic language now android does not open but keeps saying cannot operate cancel, So I thought this file will restore my android..please help.

  6. the same is available at a price of 288$ with free delivery in any country only at http://goo.gl/t9B32S

  7. I instaled MirekROM v3 on my x98Plus A5C8 but I have rear camera 5Mpix with AF. This rom don’t support 5Mpix. Next problem: I cant unlock on sleep mode – I only see menu power if button pressed 5sek.
    My sugestion – don’t install if you have A5C8 with 5Mpix camera.

    • Hi, for those of you with A5C8 that lost their 5Mp rear camera, I found the solution. My camera is back to 4.9Mp

  8. How can I check my model Nr. ?

  9. I installed V3 in my x98 plus 3g. When i lock the tablet, them i cant unlock it, the display not turn on. I need to press power button a few seconds and turn on it again. Help please. I done a clean install.


  10. I installed V3 un my x98 plus 3g. When i loco the tabletas, them i cant unlock it, the display not turn on. I need to presa poder button a few seconds anda turno on it again. Help please. I done a clean install.


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