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Teclast X98 Plus Official Specs and Price

Teclast X98 Plus Official Specs and Price

The latest 9.7″ tablet from Teclast the X98 Plus, is now listed on Taoboa/Tmall.com with 4GB of Ram, 64GB eMMC and an Atom X5 Z8300 with a boost of 1.84Ghz. Other specs are the same as the X98 Air series, MicroSD card slot, Wireless A/G/N and BT 4.0, the battery is the same too, 8000mAH. Good for 4, maybe 5 hours on the Z8300?Teclast X98 Plus price

The price, 999 yuan (special starting price) Which is around $160 USD. Which hopefully means it will sell for about $180-190 with retailers and Aliexpress sellers after they add their cut. It’s due to start selling on the 2nd of November in China.

X98 Plus

Yes, I will do my best to review it, as for all the other Cherry Trails, the Vi10 Ultimate it seems is not in stock anywhere (I have ordered one). And the Hi10 and Hi8 Pro and not coming until the end of November. So I can’t review or record a hands-on with these devices if they aren’t even released, so please don’t pm or email asking when I will have it. But, I should have the Onda v820w CH next week. It will be my first X5 Z8300 to review and the first Cherry Trail 8″ tablet.


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  1. I really wanted to buy the X98 Pro but then I saw the thermal throttling issue and obviously I ran away (thanks!)
    hoping this tablet will be better.

    BUT i’m still not sure about the screen size, I have a 7″ android tablet and its way way too small. so I thought a 9.7″ would be good,
    but the price tag is really unjustified isn’t it? for example an 8.9″ (v891) windows tablet costs $89.99 and the cheapest 9.7″ (normal quality) I could find was ~$170-180.
    I know its a matter of preference, but im open for suggestions, what is your reccomendation with screen sizes?


    • Personally I find 7″ too small. And 8″ almost too small for me. I like the 9.7″ tablets for web use, docs and store games.

      • Thanks for the reply Chris, I’ll think i’ll go with the 9.7 since I already have a small tablet 🙂
        Seems like every new (chinese) tablet that comes out either has heat, battery, screen, wifi issues lol… I’ll be patient

  2. I can’t wait to see the performance of the 8300 with 4GB of RAM. Hopefully, it runs cooler and more efficiently than the 8500. Thanks for the updates, as always!

  3. Thanks for the info as i’m definitely interested in the X98 Plus. As a relative newcomer to the chinese tablet scene, am i being realistic in guessing that the initial release will be a Windows 10 only version intended for the chinese market with the possibilty of a dual boot international version to follow?

  4. I await your review of Teclast X98 Plus tablet. I would like to know its performance compared with Teclast X98 Pro . If it support USB 3.0 (Type-C) is great.

  5. Hello, I got a question. Which CPU is better for gaming? The intel M or the Atom X5?

    • You mean Core M? Core M is much better and I feel it’s the best chipset for tablets that offers SSD’s and some nice power. The new Skylake Core M 6Y30 should be even better at gaming with more EU’s, but so far it’s only in the Surface Pro 4.

    • Core M will always be better than an Atom.

  6. I’ve also ordered the new Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate and the seller tells me it will be in stock end of the month but also informed me that it will NOT be dual boot/dual os. Just windows. He said he was just informed of this by the supplier. Seller i used is VCmall .

    • I’ve got mine ordered with QH Store and I was told the same thing, end of the month. I had to extend the processing time for them. November & December will be busy months.

  7. I just saw an unboxing video of the Teclast X98 AIR III model. This newer design kinda feel like thicker than X98 AIR 3G . May be its ’cause of the sharp edges compared to the AIR 3G’s curved design.

    • It does, I’ve seen this design on the P98, it’s not better if you ask me.

      • You mean this newer square-edged version is not better? Can you elaborate?

        • It doesn’t look as nice, the square edges I feel are a step back and it makes it look thicker than it really is.

  8. Wow that seems to be the best deal so far…even with 4gb ram.

    Hope chew ultimate vi10 also has 4gb, but seems to be just 2gb.

    Choice seems to be rather simple, this model or the coming Chuwi Hi10

    • Right.
      To make it even more simple, if you prefer 4:3 ratio -> X98 Plus, 16:10 -> H10.
      The Chuwi does have the advantage of full size USB ports though.

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