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First 3:2 Ratio Chinese Brand Tablet
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Chuwi Fans Giveaway and Chuwi GB Sale

Chuwi Fans Giveaway and Chuwi GB Sale

Chuwi has a giveaway on their facebook page and official website for those interested. Some details on it here: They also have a sale on in collaboration with GearBest, which offers some of the Chuwi tablets at discounted prices. For example the Chuwi HiBook for $179, Hi8 Pro Dual OS for $82 and the Hi12 Dual OS for $225

The GearBest Chuwi sale is here:

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  1. Wow, very cool Tablet, I like this

  2. According to the gearbest page, there should be a Cube promo this week, starting May 9th. However, the Chuwi products are still on sale. Does anybody know what happened with the Cube sale?

  3. I have a dubt.

    Chuwi hibook, Chuwi hi12, Cube iWork 10, Teclast tbook 10? Dont know what to do. Any suggestion?

    • I’ve been struggling with the same conundrum. One thing I’ve realized, however, is that tablets that rely on a extra purchase keyboard to stand up on their own is stupid.

      Also, calling anything a “2 in 1” that doesn’t include the keyboard is even more stupid.

      • Yes larger tablets, say over 9.7″ need kickstands as standard.

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