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AliExpress Chuwi Sale – Lapbook 14.1 $269 & Hi10 Plus $179

AliExpress Chuwi Sale – Lapbook 14.1 $269 & Hi10 Plus $179

Over on the official Chuwi Aliexpress store they have a sale on the new Lapbook 14.1 which is going for $269 with the $10 off coupon and the Hi10 Plus dual OS 10.8″ 2-in-1 tablet PC is selling for $179. The Lapbook 14.1 is Chuwi’s second laptop powered by an Apollo Lake Celeron N3450, overall a decent laptop for the price, make sure you check out my full review of that one below.

And the HiBook Pro features a 3:2 aspect ratio screen which was used in the Microsoft Surface 4, it runs Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home dual OS. My review of that one here. The sales page for these two is over on Aliexpress. Both come recommend from me, just make sure you check the reviews to know the full ins and outs.

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  1. The Chuwi Hibook Pro does NOT have a 3:2 screen most certainly. It’s laminated, yes, but a 16:10 screen, not used by any surface tablets

  2. Chris, is the lapbook RAM expandable? I read somewhere in the specs that it supports up to 8gb?

  3. Do we know if the problems of VI10 plus have been corrected on the Hi10 plus which is basically the same tablet with win 10 and more ram? From what I saw lately it was an emmc problem (constant freezes).

    • I didn’t have any issues with mine. So I would say so.

    • I have the hi10 plus and been using it for 2 months, bought it from chuwi original store as well. Haven’t had any issues with it either,except the palm rejection with the pen.

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