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Cube i7 Book – 48 Hours Later With Benchmarks

Cube i7 Book – 48 Hours Later With Benchmarks

Having used my Cube i7 Book for 48 hours, I can now report back on a few of my findings, the below video covers benchmarks, overall performance, battery life and a quick speaker test.

The Cube i7 Book is very quick, it feels super fluid and faster than the Teclast X3 Pro and Cube i9, benchmark scores it got are better than the Cube i9 and X3 pro. But temps are not! Disabling the Intel battery saving gaming feature in the Intel GFX options sees a huge boost in GPU performance, but it comes at the cost of higher temps. So I would only recommend enabling it if you’re going to play a game that needs the extra FPS boost.


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  1. Olá Chris, me ajude por favor.
    Qual tablet me indica Cube i7 book ou Chuwi hi12 ?

  2. Olá Chris, me ajude por favor.
    Qual você me indica Cube i7 book ou Chuwi hi12 ?

    • Com certeza, o Cube i7 Book. Ele e muito mais rapido e voce vai ter mais opcoes com sistemas… Windows, Android, RemixOS, e Linux. Linux ainda nao funciona perfeito na Chuwi Hi12. Att, -Brad-

      • BBaker, muito obrigado. Meu salvou, eu estava com essa dúvida gigantesca e não achei resposta em lugar nenhum rs.

        Na faixa de preço do
        CUBE i7 book qual você me indica? Ou ele é o melhor em sua faixa de preço?

  3. You mentioned high temps and modding, how easy/hard is it to open up the tablet?

  4. I have had a weird issue few minutes ago : I opened the tablet and it crashed. Instantly giving a BSOD, rebooting and … no more SSD in the BIOS :'(
    After a full shutdown and switch on, the SSD was back in the UEFI and the tablet booted again … I hope that it will not happened too often as this is quite frightening…

    • If this problem happens again, what I would do: Open up the unit and remove the SSD drive, clean the contacts and put it back. Maybe it’s just loose? Or… if keeps happening and it’s still under warrantee explain the problem to them and send it back for repair or replacement. Could be a marginal/faulty SSD is my guess.

      • If you just bought it, I would setup a “burn in” test that keeps the machine running through using the drive storage continuously. That way you can see if it’s gonna fail before your warrantee runs out. I don’t know what test apps are out there but I’m sure you can find one.

  5. vs i9 in gaming??

    i want the i9… but at the same time dont wanna spend money when another device is going to perform better :/

    • This one is faster than the i9, even after I modded the i9 with increased power limits. So far the best in terms of GPU performance and gaming. However, the i7 Book runs hotter, much hotter as it doesn’t run into power limits and will get up to 97 degrees, only 8 degrees away from TJMAX. Thermal mod with some copper and thermals pads would help out.

  6. can the tablet be charged via the usb-c port connected to a usb power bank?

    • No, it lights up like it is charging, but the battery percent doesn’t increase. It needs 12v 2.5A, not 5V 2A.

  7. Hi Chris, can you please remember to test WiFi transfer speeds on all your tablet reviews? I was just seeing another review who said on his Cube i7 had a Realtek rtl8723BU wifi NIC and he said that it is complete garbage. Extremely slow max transfer speeds as well as intermittent connection problems. It was so bad that he went to the trouble to remove it and replaced with another… not the kinda solder job your average customer will do of course. It will also be good for people to know which wifi NIC it is if they want to try to run Linux or Remix OS on it. His i7 only had one wifi antenna connected so that obvious affects performance. Not sure if all of them are made the same way.

    • The i7 stylus tablet had a single-band Realtek SDIO card that was indeed ridiculously crap. This model has an m.2 Intel 3165ac adapter with dual antennae, so while I haven’t got my tablet yet I think it’s fair to assume this one will be several times faster.

      • Its not a m.2, but the soldered on module. But the Intel 3165 Wifi works well for me, much better than the RealTek Wireless N.

    • Seems really good, gets the same speeds as my i7 desktop connected via LAN. As seen in this video: And it has dual antennas as seen from the internals.

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