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Teclast X16S 2-In-1 Surface Like Build With Kickstand

Teclast X16S 2-In-1 Surface Like Build With Kickstand

I incorrectly reported the Tbook 16 Pro as the S model in my first post on the new Tbook 16’s. But here is the Tbook 16S model. Its design is very different to the Tbook 16 Pro, instead of a transformer style dock, this one has a type cover keyboard and a kickstand like the Surface Pro 4 series of 2-in-1’s.  It doesn’t have fixed kickstand angles which is good. The design of it looks okay, but the specs are just the same: 11.6″ 1080p screen, Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of RAM, 64GB eMMC. Wireless N and running Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home. I was hoping to at least see Android 6.0 ROM by now, but nope 🙁

Gearbest has it listed for $257 on preorder.

Here are the press images:

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  1. why is android 51. such a problem? AFAIK, in 5.1 there is a slim hope that SD cards can be useful, , while in 6.0 there is no chance that SD can be used for anything besides storing pictures and video.

  2. Definitely interested in this one. I don’t need a powerhouse. Just something I can do basic computing, consume some media, and is portable

  3. Wishes to see the review soon as not much cheaper type cover tablets was available. Those docket or transformer keyboard is abit bulky to be mobilable.

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