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Jumper EZBook Air Review Online

Jumper EZBook Air Review Online

My Jumper EZBook air review is now online. The video review is below with some more details, pros and cons with rating here. While I like the weight and size of it being super portable machine, it’s flawed only having a single USB type-c port and 3.5mm (Copying Apple’s Macbook Air)

If you’re someone that doesn’t often use USB ports much on a notebook and you don’t mind having to use the included type-c to USB 3.0 adapter. Then it’s not a bad little notebook, good typing experience, mostly ally build to it and even decent battery life. It does have something rare to see in an Atom notebook, Intel wireless AC and a large 128GB eMMC, which is just as well because there is no MicroSD card slot to expand the storage. You do get around 105GB free which is something.

I got this one from Gearbest here.

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  1. Second day since I put my hands on it. Very impressed, really. I expected much less, when I ordered it. The best part is a screen – it is very good and bright, comparable with the laptops priced $1k and above (I knew what I’m talking about, own Lenovo ThinkPad 460p, Asus UX305CA and MacBook Air 13). Laptop is fast enough, to do office work, comfortable web surfing, watching films, casual gaming (World of Tanks Blitz, for example). Sounds louder than Asus UX305CA, but not that good as MacBook Air or ThinkPad. Battery lifetime is great, but stock power adapter in poor and takes a lot of time to 100%. It’s weight is less than 1kg, good for travelling and fits even a small bag. The large screen bevels, mentioned in review and comments does not looks too large to me, It’s almost the same size as MacBook Air 13 bevels. Keyboard feels good and solid, better than Asus UX305CA, which is floppy.

    Tried Linux Mint and Ubuntu from USB stick, almost everything is well (wifi, touchpad, fn keys works out of the box), but soundcard are not detected. As far as I understand it’s not supported by kernel and ALSA yet. Manufacturer tried to submit a patches in 2015, but it seems to be rejected.

  2. Amazing review
    Did you try to install remix os or android x86?
    I try it on the jumper ezbook but touchpad and wifi won’t work
    Thanks a lot for your answer that’s what I want to know to order one.
    The best.

  3. Thanks Chris!
    It looks like jumper have potential.
    With a few improvements they could deliver some nice hardware.

    • Yes if it had HDMI out and a USB port, it would have a better rating from me. Shame they did this, maybe the Jumper EZbook Air 2 next year?

  4. EzBook Air is definitely a must-purchase device considering the features that have been fitted into this device. Thanks ..

    • Really a must buy? You have to be joking, it has no USB Ports, no microsd slot or hdmi out.

    • Maybe if you don’t need hdmi out or microsd slot.

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