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Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 – Core M3-7Y30 + 8GB 9.7″ Tablet Coming?

Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 – Core M3-7Y30 + 8GB 9.7″ Tablet Coming?

Edit: This was a clever fake as expected. The real Mi Pad 3 is here: https://techtablets.com/2017/04/xiaomi-mi-pad-3-official/

Just like the post on the Mi Pad 2E, I’m not sure if this info is real or not. I hope it is. Apparently, according to a leak has Xiaomi is going to release a 9.7″ Mi Pad 3 powered by a Core M3-7Y30 with 8GB of RAM either tomorrow or on the 30th of December. The timing is about right for a new Mi Pad.

The design is slimmer than even the Mi Pad 2, coming in at 6.08mm thin. It’s got a fully laminated IGZO 2048 x 1536 display, same display as all the other 4:3 tablets I’ve reviewed here (Teclast X98 series etc) On the front it will have an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. My guess is it’s the same as the Mi5S’s if this info is real.

Storage is going to be either a 128GB eMMC or 256GB one. (This would be eMMC 5 spec I assume?) The rear camera is a 16MP one with dual tone LEDs, front 8MP camera. The bottom is where you’ll find the type-c port. Now it’s a must if you ask me that has to be a USB 3.1 spec type-c. So we can at least have displayout, data and charging all at the same time.

It’s running Windows 10 Home, I would also really love to see this with Android / MIUI 8 to dual OS configurations. And the battery 8290 mAh which seems decent considering the size and how thin the tablet is.

So while these images look legit in true Xiaomi style, here is where I have major doubts this is legitimate. The above image mentions QC 3.0, that’s Qualcomm tech, not Intel’s unless they want to say it charges really quick? The below image is showing a keyboard dock, yet the tablet in the press images doesn’t have any docking slots visible. And also the price. Around $340 USD for the 128GB version in China and $390 for the 256GB version is crazy cheap considering the hardware. And why eMMC, I would have thought UFS 2.0 storage would be better or SSD? Okay if it’s eMMC for cost cutting it makes some sense.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it legit or a well photoshopped fake? Guess we’ll find out this month.

Alleged Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 press event leaked images. 

Source: Kejixun (In Chinese) Thanks to Mathias J for the tip. Got any news you want to spread, contact me here.

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  1. This device has been listed at $389 for a number of months on the xiaomidevice website.
    Initially I was dubious of the specs but considering what the competition e.g. Cube i35 are going to be offering this year, I think this device will happen… $389 !? Probably a tad more than that lol

    • I hope the do release an updated Mi Pad version this year, guess we just have to wait but this one looks fake.

  2. For that price is a bit unbeilable. But I’ve read that Xiaomi is lunching a new edition of Mi Notebook on december 23, maybe they were talking about this in their forum. Even though more pricier and not a tablet …

  3. It’s a hoax in a long tradition of likely Xiaomi backed pre-release hoaxes. I have no proof, but you can’t deny that Xiaomi products generally have unofficial “press releases” only to have the actual product arrive with most, but not all, of the unofficial specs… like the Mi4C, which arrived with most of the blog-touted features save NFC.

    There’s going to be a dump of overstock tech immediately following Christmas as there is every year. If you were planning on releasing a tablet at that time you’d want to do what you could to get enthusiasts to hold onto those dollars until release was finalized. Or at least the Machiavellian Capitalist in me says so.

    • Yeah well just because they list it doesn’t make it real. They just want to get it listed in Google search.

  4. Would have loved this to be true, but I don’t think that Xiaomi would be so stupid to pair the CoreM cpu with an eMMC drive…almost made me vomit the food I just ate.
    …it just doesn’t make sense….what are you going to do with a powerful coreM, with a storage that is dragging its feet? Gonna edit photos, videos?

    Or you need a CoreM for media consumption, youtube videos and browsing? Whatever, i hope it’s fake (or wrong in quoting an eMMC) otherwise I might have lost any respect I had for Xiaomi.

    …sure, Xiaomi, load a cannon on a raft in the river, that makes sense.

    • I think it would more likely have an Apollo Lake in it. eMMC would be the bottleneck. Sata3 at least, just too many things point towards this being a fake.

      • Maybe it is eMMC (5.0 ghz)… i thought that emmc 5ghz is faster than ufs 2.0

  5. That’s nice and all, but a tablet that openly takes aim at the iPad Pro, as this one does, needs active stylus technology, and a good one at that.

    Probably even more so if it’s Windows, given the prominence now given to Windows Ink in the OS.

    • Yes and no mention anywhere of stylus support. They have to have it as you say to compete against the pencil.

  6. Hi, about the QC features I can tell something interesting here.
    Technology is developed by qualcomm but isnt their exclusive. For example Asus Zenfone 2 is QC 2 compatible (Intel Silvermont SOC Z3580), even if Asus call its fast charge technology another way. The reason for that is that the soc is not involved in the charge process.
    There is a dedicated IC that controls charging which may or may not be compatible with QC. For this reason I dont consider impossible a QC compatible tablet in this scenario

    • Good point, it also could just be short for quick charge not Qualcomm’s tech. After all the likes of the Mi Notebook I have has super quick charging and I think think it has Qualcomm’s chip in it.

      • “Quick Charge” is infact a registered trademark to Qualcomm so I find it highly doubtfull that Xiaomi would use this term on press/promo images if it doesnt actually come with the according Qualcomm technology.

        Overall I am with you, looks like a fake, the missing docking wholes and eMMC on a device with this kind of hardware makes it kinda obvious.

  7. 7.9″ mi pad 2 vs 9.7″ mi pad 3 …sound like fake…
    wait & see CES 2k17

  8. Wow, I would love this to be true! But I’m with you on this Chris, this has to be a fake. How could Xiaomi sell it for under $400 USD with that kind of spec, not possible. I understand they would want to make a iPad Pro clone, like they have for every other product but not with this spec. Maybe it will have an Apollo Lake chip and 4GB RAM, some of the specs might be true?

    • I’m sure they will release a Mi Pad 3 or something like the iPad Pro. Guess we will see soon what they have planned, 99% sure I’ll review it as I really enjoyed the Mi Pad 2 despite its minor flaws.

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