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Deals: Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 For $247

Deals: Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 For $247

A couple of weeks ago the Lapbook 14 was $249 but only for a limited time, well for those that missed that deal there is a new coupon GBCWL which brings the price down to $247. I’ve been using my Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 ever since I got it and even took it down to New Zealand with me to finish my review, it’s the best (So far) budget laptop I’ve seen out of China. Powered by the new Apollo Lake N3450, which is a huge step above the previous Atom X5 Z8300 (The Lapbook 15.6″ uses)

It has a very nice 1080p IPS 14.1″ screen, good build quality, 4GB of RAM, wireless AC, great 7-8 hour battery life and a bonus M.2 SSD slot so you can add your own SSD. The odd thing is Chuwi doesn’t seem to even mention the spare M.2 SSD slot in any press release, specs or press images. My review is below and if you are looking into this model it’s worth a look. The deal page is here on GearBest.

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  1. Need HELP.

    i really desperate. Its many times i’ve been flashed my Cube iWork8 Ultimate. But ,its not solve my problem. The problem is the touchscreen on Android Mode MESS. Its seem like vertical mirror. The point where i touch is not match with point/dot on the display. PLEASEEEEEEE. HELP ME. I REALLY NEED IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  2. HEY THERE !I love your channel and have had watched most of your reviews ) I have question . do you think this laptop will handle some light 2d autocad working for school ?l ?considering the processor performance more like an old 2 core ( with HT) i5 second gen .

  3. this laptop doesn’t seems to sell well in china at all. it is still a good buy or just wait another tablet or laptop?

  4. Now that I’ve watched the video again, it’s more like a clicking than a popping sound apparently.

  5. Thank you so much for the promotion code, Chris!

    I had to send my last one back to China because of broken loudspeakers this week. They made a constant popping noise.
    I was just waiting for a new flash sale, thanks for sparing me that time!

    • Popping noise all the time? Sounds like they were blown?

      • I didn’t really know to how describe it otherwise, but yeah, that might just be it.

        I’ve filmed the issue with my phone for the Gearbest support and RMA stuff here: (sorry for the weird vertical filming).

        It’s been like this since I first booted the device and even reinstalling the audio drivers did not make a difference at at all.

        So I’ve been offered a partial refund of $40 or to send the Lapbook back to China for a full refund and $50 shipping cost reimbursement complying with their DOA policy.

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