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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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First Photos Of Chuwi Hi13 & Retail Packaging

First Photos Of Chuwi Hi13 & Retail Packaging

Daniel in the forum has spotted some photos of the Chuwi Hi13 on so some people have their hands on the Hi13 already. The photos show the retail packaging looks like any other Chuwi tablet, that standard brown box and the info side sticker with details. Windows 10 Home and even a Pro option is shown. Hinting at maybe a Windows 10 Pro version release? I hope that model has 6GB+ of RAM and maybe even the Apollo Lake N4200.

As expected the screen’s bezels are huge left and right. Top and bottom ones are moderate. To me it looks very much like the Hi12 as expected.

My Chuwi Hi13, keyboard and stylus have shipped from Aliexpress with DHL and I hope to have it next week. Maybe Tuesday afternoon. If it does arrive on Tuesday I’ll try my best and have the video up the same evening if I have time after work.

Also, it seems that only the Aliexpress store has stock. But now China has holidays until the 5th. So a lot of orders will go out after the 5th. Gearbest is meant to get stock next week and Banggood. So I imagine if you ordered from them it will ship soon.

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  1. Hi Chris, saw some more photos on here.
    Ordered the tablet, keyboard and stylus all on Aliexpress (during 7th anniversary) all for $399USD. Pretty decent, I’d say. Can’t wait to see your review!

  2. aren’t big bezels a good thing on a tablet so you aren’t constantly accidentally touching the screen?

  3. Hi Chris, When you get yours, is there any chance you could post a photo of the Hi13 next to a Cube i7/book/remix? I’m interested in how the screen size and ratio compare.

    • I will if I can, the trouble is someone else has my Mix Plus this week and the other models I sold off.

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