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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Chuwi Hi13 – Official Press Images & Info

Chuwi Hi13 – Official Press Images & Info

Gearbest have updated the Hi13 listing now with all the official press images and info. It’s also up for preorder at $349. The images show nothing really new here, but it does give use a better look at this flagship Chuwi tablet and Hi13 keyboard. Sadly no full sized ports on the tablet. Just on the keyboard which looks to be USB 2.0 spec ports. The tablet has a full Type-C spec port according to the info it can output video and charge the tablet. The screen also has been confirmed to be a non-laminated variant which was expected considering the price. I’m holding at for a fully laminated 3000 x 2000 Core M3 Hi13 Pro version with SSD. I predict that Chuwi will have a Core M3 model this year, after all Cube and Teclast have had one for years in their tablet line up. It’s about time Chuwi include their own Core M3 tablet or Notebook.

Full Chuwi Hi13 Press images:

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  1. I was wondering, when does the keyboard and stylus come out? I find no point in buying the tablet just by itself first 🙁

  2. Since Chuwi Hi 8 Pro I would never buy a Chuwi device again.
    They seem good on paper but BIOS battery etc.. Chuwi is Just a piece of JUNK !!!

  3. I personally would never buy a new device these days that does not use the faster DDR4 RAM. Hell even some sub $80 TV boxes use it now. Does this CPU support DDR4?

  4. I just hope they use same motherboard as Onda Xiaoma 11, geekbuying have confirmed to me in mail, that it has an internat connector for SSD

    • I hope it does, but I wouldn’t count on the info geekbuying or any Chinese retailers as being 100% correct. They get specs and other facts wrong all the time.

  5. One can only hope that they include Core M3 this year but I doubt it. It will probably be saved for Chuwi Hi14 (or 15 if they don’t like number 14 in China).

    I wouldn’t hope too much for the full size USB port for the pro version either since they will have to change the design completely if they gonna include that port.

    I wouldn’t mind to add some hundred bucks if they gonna introduce these factors into their next project:

    1) Full size USB port ofc (preferable like Chuwi Hi12 with 2 ports: 1 with 3.0 and 1 with 2.0 if they cant have both in 3.0)
    2) 128 GB SSD card or just give us some M.2 SSD slot so we can add it ourself.
    3) Laminated screen for less glare.
    4) 8 GB RAM, it’s needed.
    5) 11 000 mAH battery
    6) WACOM stylus support
    7) The screen doesn’t need to have 9999 x 9999 resolution. The more resolution, the more battery drain… 1920 x 1080 is enough in such small tablets like this. If you are talking about 52 inch screen TV, I would understand reason for 4k res.

    I prefer longer battery time.

    • if you’re ok for a 16:9 display….then go for the teclast…..what are you waiting for?
      People here know that 3:2 form factor is more natural on a tablet, expecially when you’re reading pdf/ebook
      and those extra vertical pixels are really appreciated even in notebook mode when working on an office document

      • In my opinion, the chuwi Hi12 res was already enough, you don’t even need to go higher than that.

        You won’t notice any difference is such a small screen like this anyways. If you don’t trust me, check it up yourself.

        The reason why they are doing higher res in TV (52 inches), etc is because they have much bigger screen and yes, THERE you will notice the difference but here in your 12- 13 inch screen? No.

        The only thing that will make difference is the drainage of the battery and that the processor has to keep it up with the res just like what z8300 CPU had to do with that res.

        It’s not like it’s gonna open up a totally new world for you with this 3000 x 2000 instead of 2160×1440.

        Even a laminated screen would make a bigger difference!

  6. So close to perfect…
    Slightly more RAM + storage. One full-sized USB. A N4200 CPU.
    This is what I dream of a night.

    • and dual boot

    • We can just hope they read this and give us an 8GB “Pro” version. 128GB SSD or eMMC if cheaper, full-sized USB port on the tablet and N4200 would be a winner, with dual OS.

      • If the mobile chips are anything like the desktop relations you should avoid the n4200 and stick to the n3450. It may have an inordinate increase in power consumption and price, whilst delivering hardly any additional performance (at least from this sample):

        • Interesting read!
          I don’t think there’d be quite the jump on between the two mobile chips, however.
          In the desktop comparison, you’re dealing with already relatively high CPU clocks, and setting them higher. In the N4200, the base clocks remain the same as the N3450, and the Turbo clocks are only marginally increased. Because the increase remains small, the chips shouldn’t run into the inefficiency problems the desktop ones do due to Apollo Lakes problem at higher clocks.
          Even at 10-15℅ increased power consumption, I’d take it. The extra 12 EUs in the GPU would make a lot of currently unplayable games, playable.

        • It seems most are using the N3450 for some reason, only the N4200 in the Voyo Vbook V3 I’ve tested and the GPU is a nice little bump up in performance. Both are a huge step up from the Cherry Trail Atom’s from last year. So glad to see the last of Atom X5/X7 series.

      • I’d even be happy with 6GB if it was cheaper! 4GB is usable, but these days it’s really treading the line and limits how you can use these devices.
        As for storage, I’m a big fan of having a free M.2 slot for your own upgrading. It’s so handy being able to upgrade your device’s speed and capacity at a later time when the money’s there.

  7. Looking on the bright side, that’s a much improved stylus! 1024 levels of PS is good news. I hope someone will think to do a detailed YouTube review for art apps.

    • Pressure sensivity above 256 is just marketing. What really matters is parallax effect, on Chuwi HI12 it is almost impossible to draw because of parallax effect.

      • And one more reason why Chuwi Hi12 was not suitable for drawing: if you use canvas greater than 1000×1000 in any drawing program (i tried 10 most popular) both Windows/Android you will get lags. The reason is 4GB of RAM (8 required), slow processor and integrated video card.

  8. I think many of us would have been willing to pay 50extra bucks for a full laminated display and usb3 full size port on the tablet (so you can always keep a tiny usb superfast memory dongle)
    Who knows, maybe as they run out of stock of the first lot….they will produce the next with slightly different hardware
    Right now I think I would appreciate a 6-8GB ram +128gb rom version expecially if you can have it with dual-tri OS
    Android support is a must for a tablet…..too little apps for the Win10 (and most of them are really garbage apps)

    • I hope they do release a 128GB version, but I do think we will at least see an Android 6.0 & Windows 10 version.

  9. Yeah I’m sold, this will replace my Hi12. It will be out tomorrow in China, Chris will you get one quickly to review?

    • Yes, as soon as they are in stock somewhere with Paypal I’ll get one to review. But It will not be till I’m back in Spain so in March.

      • Can you please test remix os at some point after you receive it?

        • Okay, I’ll see if I can get it to boot. I can’t on the Apollo Lake Lapbook 14.1

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