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Deals: Jumper EZBook Pro 3 $229 & EZBook 3S

Deals: Jumper EZBook Pro 3 $229 & EZBook 3S

The Jumper EZbook 3 Pro is the more premium version of the EZBook 3 I reviewed, unlike that model this one is all made out of metal and has an IPS panel and 6GB of RAM. It’s currently on flash sale here at Gearbest for $229 with 44 units left at this price. Thanks Ricardo for pointing this one out.

While I’ve yet to review it for the price it should be decent, I’m expecting my EZBook 3 Pro next week for review.

Also Inhalt in the comments spotted an Ezbook 3S model, seems just like the EZBook 3, but it now has a 256GB SSD preinstalled, 6GB of RAM and a new IPS panel. The only downside is it’s still the plastic build and its release date is unknown. Just listed on Gearbest.

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  1. @Chris Something I just noticed you might have missed. The Ezbook 3S has the quad-core N3450 CPU while the EZbook 3 has the dual-core N3350. That’s a big difference obviously besides the SSD. So that means the 3S is like the Pro model with the larger screen, right?

    • Geekbuying says “dual core” but both Gearbest and Geekbuying call it the Celeron N3450 so I’m inclined to believe it is the quad-core.

    • I reviewed that Ezbook 3, dual but yes the 3S has the same chip and RAM as the Pro. So the quad-core N3450.

      The 3S is more like the EZBook 3, but with an IPS, still the same plastic build and the 6GB and upgraded N3450 CPU. I might review it.

      • I think a decent % of those buying the recent Chuwi and Jumper N3450 notebooks are later installing SSD’s so this product makes a lot of sense… *if* there is not an overly high price premium paid for the installed SSD and the performance of the SSD they have chosen to install is respectable. I’d sure be interested in how it reviews… how the keyboard is, screen quality, trackpad, heat dissipation, SSD speeds – all your normal tests.
        Even a small price premium I think is worth it, to not have to handle the hassle and risk of cracking open the device to install an SSD.

        • I think perhaps the majority of consumers would never do it – open up a machine – other than one that has a panel that opens to access the RAM slots and/or drive bay. They would just buy a machine like this that already has the storage they desire built in.

        • If the keyboard is more firm and everything else check out and of course the price is right then it could be a good laptop.

    • Just checking again I don’t think the screen hs changed, so it will be the same TN panel with bad vertical viewing angles I think.

  2. http://www.marvalstar.com/h-pd-j-76-2.html
    Looks rather familiar, but in Black.

  3. The EzBook 3 Pro is on sale again at Gearbest for even less than before – $219USD for the next 6 days (http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_620750.html?wid=11)

    How soon do you think you’ll be reviewing this one Chris? Seems like a great price for an aluminium-cased laptop, although this is the model without the M.2 slot which is a bit of a turnoff

  4. I ordered an ezbook 2 Jun 30, 2016
    I never used it much, since it was not working on linux. Windows and bash mode was fun but the touchpad was awfull. The internal emmc drive just die, I can’t even install anything on it. I’m quite disappointed by this brand !

  5. You might want to look at the Onda Xiaoma 21 at geekbuying, looks nice, has metal body and appears to come with ssd slot and ac WiFi, sadly only 4gb ram. $285 with a coupon.

    • Looks okay, the same screen as the Mi Notebook Air 12. Got a coupon for it? And a link might get it if I have time later on.

      • ONDXM21 gives $15 off. There is also $20 off the xiaoma 31, ODXM31.

      • Might have to scrap mu comment, they add $50+ for shipping, sorry..

    • Well, in the end, I got the Civiltop Air version of it. Exactly the same as the Xiaoma 21 but with type-c port and 3.5mm only. They include a hub, but still, sucks no ports. It will be on the site soon as I just got it.

  6. Sad, looks like the EZbook 3 Pro does not have an M.2 expansion slot like the 3S model does.

    • It does, but only the second batch according to tJumper. The one Gearbest has doesn’t have it until they get the second batch. So it’s safe to assume it will not have it for now.

      • Wonder what is the chances we will see soon the 2nd batch with M.2 being sold at this same low price?

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