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Deals: Cube Thinker i35 $459, Redmi Note 5 $169 & Lenovo P8 $119

Deals: Cube Thinker i35 $459, Redmi Note 5 $169 & Lenovo P8 $119

Update #2 16th June, the Cube Thinker i35 is now just $459.99 even cheaper on flash sale but limited to only 100 units. This is a great price considering you get 8GB RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and that amazing fully laminated 3000 x 2000 Surface Book screen.

Gearbest has some flash sales on right now. More often than not they do, but here are some of the best ones I’ve spotted and tech that I have reviewed and know is a good buy. First up the Cube Thinker i35. It is still the screen champion that has yet to be beaten. This 13.5″ laptop has a Core M3-7Y30 fanless CPU, 8GB of RAM, Type-C USB 3.1, USB 3.0 and 256GB SDD. The build is good, its stunning screen is the key feature. The exact same panel as used in the Surface Book and Surface Book 2, this 3000 x 2000 resolution screen is fully laminated and even supports the Surface Pen as the N-Trig support is part of the panel hardware. It’s now back to $459 USD  here.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Ai/CN version) is the best budget phone of 2018 so far and has a great set of features for the price. Nothing has come close to this mobile for its now $189 price tag with coupon GBsale226 here. My review can be found below, but no longer do the cheaper mobiles have really bad cameras. This one is great and it even has a sensor that is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 sensors with dual pixel phase detection autofocus. The new Snapdragon 636 is fast, it has MicroSD, FM radio, and 3.5mm headphone jack. With a battery that can last over 2 days of normal use.

The Lenovo P8, it’s down to $119 with coupon GBsale222 here. It’s one of the best Android 6.0 tablets you’ll find for this price. Snapdragon 625 chipset is better than the MediaTek chips with a better GPU. It’s got a fully laminated display, GPS with hardware compass and decent battery life.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Hi Chris
    Do you have any hint about these cheaper ms stylus alternatives?

  2. There should be lots of deals in the upcoming months with Gemini lake and the new Amber Lake Y-Series processors arriving.,37192.html

    • i highly doubt it, they will just sell the newer chipsets notebook and tablets at a higher premium.

      • I meant …Lots of deals for the old core M intel chips like the Xiaomi Air 12 M3-6Y30, selling for 380€ or other M3-7Y30 laptops deals.

  3. Chris, sorry, I keep pesting you with more questions on Redmi note 5, but do you think the hardware would allow a future software update to improve camera low light improvement?

  4. The CubeThinker i35 deal is off……Till morning it has 99 pieces left. Just when I was about to place the order, finish…..Such a bummer, missed an awesome deal.

  5. Chris, I just found on Aliexpress the global version Redmi Note 5 back camera is f2.2, not f1.9 as you stated on the Chinese version. Gearbest doesn´t say. Strange?

    • What that’s odd I had someone on twitter send me the camera info and it’s the same Samsung dual pixel PD sensor. So they keep the sensor but changed the lens?

      • I found out there are other suppliers on Aliexpress and some still show f1.9. Hopefully, the f2.2 guys have got it wrong. I will see when my Gearbest order arrives. But there is always something worrying when you buy from Gearbest. I ordered 2 pcs (1 for my wife) and paid extra for a special shipping method, that perhaps, perhaps may avoid the new Swedish customs catch net. Then, Gearbest advised today they have shortshipped, only 1 pcs is coming. If the scheme works, it is not a big deal, if not, I will have to pay another 15 US$ for the 2nd unit on top of the “normal” worst case.

        • In the event that any Swede is curious, I can tell that the Gearbest shipment arrived free of VAT and charges, so the shipment method I used works. Also, in spite of Gearbest telling me otherwise, it did contain both units I ordered. So far, so good!

      • I have the mobile now and the f stop IS f1.9!

        • yes, that’s correct. Good to hear. I just got the global version (apparently), 3GB/32GB model, $169 and I will have to check the sesnor and everything is the same as my 4GB/64GB model.

          • Chris, nice that you will test the global version. I have a serious problem with it. There is no separate volume control for notification sounds, like I am used to from my previous mobiles. There is just a ring volume, which is linked to the volume buttons. I don´t know if this a feature of the basic Android 8.1 or of Xiaomi´s MIUI 9.5, but anyway, I now have a choice of missing out on incoming phone calls and messages or pesting myself and my surrounding with frequent loud notification sounds for just about everything. For now, I have chosen a third option, to walk through my app list and disallow notification sounds for each and everyone. But this is unacceptable and if I had known it, I wouldn´t have bought the phone, in spite of all its amazing features.
            Tech reviews, like the ones you do yourself (in an excellent way) are almost exclusively focused on technical performance and features and rarely cover the practicality of everyday use. I can see it might have been difficult to spot this one, but it would have been nice to know.

            • That’s crazy normally you get the 3 right. The Bell icon, the media icon and alarm icon. That is missing you say and all linked? I use a Mi Max 2 (over a year now), the Redmi Note 5 and not had an issue with this. But I do use my phone differently.

              My Redmi Note 5 for my wife is still in the box so will have to check this, I’ve had no time to open the box or set it up for her. It’s an upgrade from her Redmi Note 4. But it must be the ROM version loaded on it.? Unless I’m getting this all wrong. I use these phones daily and every day but control my data and wifi at times to not have the notification sounds when I don’t want it. Or use silent. And vibrate for calls always etc.

              • To clarify, there are volume settings for Ring (the Bell), Alarm and Media, but on my old Android 6.1 phone I also have a setting for notifications. On Redmi Note 5, the Bell also controls notifications. So, if I want to hear calls loudly, every email and all the numerous notifications from news apps etc are rattling in at high volume as well. Now I have been forced to silence everything. The only notification I really miss is for emails, but that is bad enough.

  6. There is already another flash sale on Redmi Note 5 (golden version only) at $179.99, max 600 pcs and all soon sold out. I am considering one of those, despite the new hefty customs taxes in Sweden, that will set me back further $47 (if I can persuade Gearbest to declare a value value below $149, otherwise even more). To buy a $4 wallet flip case will cost me a final total of $14, which brings me to my question. To search for a fitting case is like moving in a jungle of Xiaomi product names and rarely is there any for just a Redmi Note 5 and nothing more. Are there any other Xiaomi model which exactly same size and positions of keys, camera lenses and fingerprint sensor and for which I can buy a case and be sure it will fit?

    • Redmi Note 5 cases should be the Redmi Note 5 / Note 5 Pro and Chinese versions all the same dimension.

  7. Chris, are you aware of any changes to the global version on sale now compared to the CN-version you reviewed, except it has B20?

    • Sorry, I of course mean the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.

      • Yes with LTE Band 20 and as far as I know, the rest is all the same. Same 13MP front camera and same rear main sensor.

  8. coupole question about the Cube Thinker i35:
    1_can I charge the laptop via the usb-C port even when a usb-c hus is connected?
    when you write charging you mean charging external devices or the laptop?
    2_ could you test the touch accuracy with the original Cube stylus?


    • Hi,

      Yes you can charge it with Type-C and a hub as long as the Type-C charger you have is a PD one with the correct output. I use a iVoler 60W one and no issues.

      The original Cube stylus I tested a while back and works like the N-Trig Microsoft Pen, but the tip isn’t as good so I highly recommend the surface pen if you’re going to be using it a lot. It just feels much better.

      • would a QC 3.0/QC4.0 perform a slow recharge (with the device switched on or in standby)? or it won’t work at all?
        About the Cube stylus: do you know if they developed a new model eventually fixing the old one cons?

        • Hi, No QC 3 or 4 doesn’t work. It has to be PD spec. No new stylus as far as I know. As I mentioned it’s best you get the Surface Pen if you want the best performance.

  9. Hi Chris,

    the Redmi Note 5 coupon is not working.

    I got this untypical error message “Sorry, the current item(s) can’t use this coupon”

    I used your link and I copied your coupon so maybe a typo or something else?

    • Seems as if it’s all been used up. I wonder how many units were at that price. No idea.

  10. I miss my thinker, it broke last month – the screen wouldn’t come on reliably due to too many knocks from children and travel, and so I have a Notebook pro on order. If this discount had been on last week I’d have bought the same device again, as no matter how hard I look I can’t find anything to match that beautiful screen this side of 1200 GBP – I’ve really been spoilt. Can’t justify the price of an XPS or similar given whatever I buy will likely suffer the same treatment!

    If only someone would pair the Thinker’s screen with the insides of the Xiaomi Notebook Pro, and I’d be made up 🙂

    • Yes, the screen is one of a kind and going to the Mi Notebook Pro screen is hard in the beginning. But I agree the Mi Notebook Pro internals with the Thinker i35 screen would be amazing. I really want Xiaomi to give it at least a 2560 x 1440 touch screen of course 4k would be even better. But what you loose on the screen resolution you can with a much better touchpad and keyboard on the Mi Notebook Pro.

      Now I also want Xiaomi to make their clone of the Razer Blade 15. 8th Gen 8705H, 1060 or 1070 maxQ options and keep it priced as low as possible of course.

    • If your i35 is broken would you sell me its battery? 🙂 My i35 was great until the battery failed. I can’t find a replacement anywhere, I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what I’m looking for or it’s only available to manufacturers.

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