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Daily Deals: Cube Thinker $399 & Mi Air 13 2016 $637, Mi Air 12 7Y54 $509!

Daily Deals: Cube Thinker $399 & Mi Air 13 2016 $637, Mi Air 12 7Y54 $509!

Update #2 – Seems the stock at that price and the coupons have all been used up. You have to be quick. Try again tomorrow and see if they add more stock? If you spot any new deals please let us all know in the comments.

Update: Kalle has just pointed out the Cube Thinker i35 is only $399 over at Banggood. But only 15 hours left at this price. And the Mi Notebook 12 Core i5 7Y54 has already sold out at the $509 price.

Some really good deals spotted today. Cube’s Thinker i35 with a premium fully laminated Surface Book screen and Surface Pen N-Trig stylus support is now $498 down from $569 on flash sale here. The laptop has a 180-degree hinge, powered by a Core M3-7Y30 with 8GB of RAM, wireless AC, and type-c port. My review is below.

This one is at a great price, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 2017 Core i5-7Y54 3.2Ghz max and 8GB of RAM version is just $509. Crazy, I paid $999 for mine on release, then it dropped to $799 and now this. Very annoying for me. But that’s how it goes the prices always drop if you wait. The deal here is limited to just 48 hours. The laptop also has a 256GB SSD and wireless AC. My review is below, make sure you check it out for all the ins and outs!

And the 2016 Mi Notebook Air is now $637 USD. This version has the i5 6200U, 8GB of RAM and Nvidia 940MX dedicated GPU. While not as fast as the new 2017 model, it’s still a great machine if you don’t intend to game on it. If you do plan to game, you’re better of with the new MX150 GPU as it’s a good 30% faster than the old one. Coupon 725air13 lowers the price to $637 and the deal is here on GB. My review is below of that model.

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  1. Could anyone please let me know some coupon code or a deal for this model (7Y54 Mi Notebook Air 12) on GearBest or Geekbuying or Banggod etc.
    I have been watching the price for this one and it has never come any lower than $799 (USD).
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • I’ve not been able to find a coupon with a price like that since sorry.

  2. Livid I missed out on the Thinker for $399 – it’s my ideal laptop for the price.

    Has anyone seen any other similar deals pop up recently? Best I can find is $569 at GearBest (at that price I may as well just get a Xiaomi 13 2016 model)

  3. Please select the shipping option ” Germany Via Priority Line ” and use the coupon code: XM13Jo (you have to be logged in).

    from China warehouse, works again

  4. all expired

    • Oh well 🙁 You have to be quick. Limited amounts at that price.

  5. XM13Jo for xiaomi air 13 doesn’t work anymore. Was just about to buy it.

  6. Banggood has the cube thinker for 410 USD though!

    • $399 now, hell of a deal for a Surface Book screen Core M3 with 8GB of RAM.Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the post for our readers.

      • That’s shit, I just bought the Mi Notebook Air 12 7Y30 for $489 after users posted the EZBook 3 Plus has a shitty TN panel. I would have got that Cube Thinker if I had known! Why didn’t BG post this earlier! Is there some big sale on or something?

  7. A shame about the air 12, would have loved to have picked it up for that price.

    • Yeah not sure what happened. I was late posting this and then 10 minutes after I posted it the price doubled and then out of stock message. Seems they sold all of them for that crazy good price.

    • Me too… Shame the EZBook 3 Plus is a flop, I wanted that 8GB and the Cube has it, but I heard the Thinker i35 keyboard is bad on some units. There was a forum post about it.

      • Yeah, and some have flickering screens and it’s pretty heavy, don’t like glossy screens either so it’s not a machine for me. Still, really good price!

  8. Strange, depending on web browser and connexion price vary… on Edge :

    This one is at a great price, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 2017 Core i5-7Y54 3.2Ghz max and 8GB of RAM version is just $509.

    Is 709.99$ on edge
    1146.58 on chrome….

    • It was 509, but they changed it to 1146 now for me. Said it had 48 hours to do. Not sure what is going on with Banggood. Maybe the price was wrong or it’s for the 11th Birthday sale.

    • Okay, now it’s sold out!

  9. Well the 7Y54 Mi Notebook Air 12 was $509, but now for some reason, Banggoods website shows the price is now 1146.58! Not sure whats up with that.

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