Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017)

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Deals: Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017) $819 & EZBook 3 Pro $219 & Lenovo P8 for $149

Deals: Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017) $819 & EZBook 3 Pro $219 & Lenovo P8 for $149

Gearbest has their Autumn sale now on, with some nice discounts on many items. And Intel is also providing another sponsored set of discount coupons to use on the site. A couple of the better ones I’ve seen is the Mi Notebook Air 13, which is now $819 the lowest it’s been yet with coupon intel04. It’s the 2017 model with the Kaby Lake i5 7200U and Nvidia MX150 (Same as the the Nvidia 1030 GPU)

And the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro, the best of the Apollo Lake laptops I have seen is now on flash sale for $219 USD this was the price I first picked mine up for so the lowest it’s been since its release. Most of the recent comments from users here on the site said they got the V4 model with the new precision touchpad when they ordered in August, M.2 Hatch on the bottom and power limit setting in the bios. But there is no 100%guaranteee it will be the new revised V4 model. I’ve ordered one myself so fingers crossed I also get the new one. But I would have thought by now Gearbest would have sold all the older stock.

Lastly, Lenovo’s P8 an 8″ 1200p Hexacore Android 7 tablet with a fully laminated screen is also on flash sale for $149 here. This one turned out to be on of the best of the smaller Android tablets.


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  1. For anyone who sees the price at $229, the $219 price is email only. you have to be subcribed and get the email to get it at the $219 price. Hurry up, it will only stay at $219 for two more days

  2. I have a coupon for the previous gen Xiaomi 13 with i5-6200u – $619.99 with free premium shipping. Think this is the cheapest it’s been?

    Coupon is XM13Jo

  3. I asked if it was the version with the hatch, one message said yes, one said no!! When they say stock, it may just refer to how many they want to sell in the flash sale, who knows..

    • Well so far another guy in the forum got one and it was the V4. But I also worry that maybe it’s clearance stock of the V3 model. I’ll find out in 10 days or some when mine arrived. I took the risk.

  4. Gearbest having a sale? Will wonders never cease?!

  5. LENOVO P8 with nougat??

  6. I have ordered Ezbook 3 pro, 219$ today. I got confused as somebody saying there is M.2 hatch, and others having without. I like with M.2 opening door.

    • V4 has the door. I think this is a stock clearance so you won’t get it.

      • I don’t trust GB support but I ordered about 5 days ago. They say they have no stock and won’t ship for 10-15 days. Now their page says they have x number of items left so I’m not sure if they have refilled their stock or if they just lied to me or didn’t understand my question.

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