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Teclast Master T8 – 8.4″ Version Of The Master T10

Teclast Master T8 – 8.4″ Version Of The Master T10

Teclast has just released the master T8, it’s a premium Android 7.0 tablet and basically a smaller version of the Teclast Master T10 I reviewed which turned out to be a great tablet. This one has a 2560 x 1600 resolution screen, but at a smaller 8.4-inches. The build is similar, fully laminated screen, thin fully metal unibody and the same chipset and 4GB of RAM. The MTK8176 with IMG GX6250 GPU handled gaming just fine at 2560 x 1600, even games that run that resolution and don’t upscale which surprised me. Games like Mortal Kombat had decent frames per second and looks great at 1600p.

It has the same 13MP front camera setup and 8MP rear camera. Dual-band wireless, MicroSD slot and front fingerprint reader. A much better location than the rear fingerprint reader on the Master T10.

Other features include stock Android 7.0 ROM, Type-C port, GPS, and MicroSD card slot. The battery is 5400mAH, smaller than the T10’s of course, but should be good for 5-6 hours. There is just one thing missing an HDMI Port which would have been great to have as I don’t think it supports HDMI out that type-c port.

Since I was impressed with the Master T10 so much I’ll also review this one. Interesting to note, that one of the press images show it looks to have an optional Gamepad designed just for the tablet.  The tablet is selling for $229 over at Banggood and ships in 24 hours.

The Teclast Master T8 also has an optional gamepad made just for the T8.

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  1. Hi,
    Do you know how to check current firmware version?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Chris/folks, I was waiting on this (T8), hoping to have a decent 8″ tablet for media & also GPS for the car.
    But no GPS on the T8 🙁
    I’d like to ask if you can recommend a tablet for this – needing a GPS, good bright screen, 4G connectivity (for Europe) data & voice would also be nice!
    Out of desperation now tending toward a Mi Max 2 or Uhans 6.44″

    • Lenvono P8 (Tab 3 Plus) has GPS and a compass, OGS bright screen but it lacks 4G. Yes, Mi Max or Mi Max 2 is another option.

  3. Chris, we waiting if your nice revewimz of 8″< Android tabs"@: Teclasy.. allDocube

    • Coming I have 3 more Android tablets on the way, one is the Alldocube freer X9

  4. Hello Chris G, how are you? I am looking for a windows 10, 8 inch tablet with good battery life. Thanks. Please help me out here.

    • 7.9″ Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows version, battery life, however, isn’t the great. None of them are due to the smaller size. But it’s the best 8″ one.

  5. That gamepad is an Ipega 9023 only with their (really bad) shopped logo.

    • Ah okay that explains it, thanks for the info!

    • I’ve looked and can’t find a teclast game pad. It must be a 9023, eh?

      • Must be, i’ll get one or ask the Teclast aliexpress store if I can buy one.

      • I have the Ipega controller, and it is terrible. For whatever reason, the thumb sticks are just calibrated so poorly that its pretty much impossible to use for any 3D games. I was looking for ways to try and improve their responsiveness, and I found that most people would just use it for the buttons and use the touchscreen instead of the thumbsticks

        • Really? It’s that bad. Oh nevermind then.

          • I tried it on a dual boot chwi for both android and windows games, as well as my note 3 phone. Its hard to describe, but the control was incredibly poor.

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